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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft operating system has been supported by intel and AMD processor from the day one but this time Microsoft has supported another processor called ARM with its new operating system Microsoft windows 8 will be shipped with metro style where you can have touch screen feature too and you may find and listen music under one roof.
ARM chip-set has been used in various mobiles phones, this processor's chip can also be used in other devices. Nowadays ARM architecture is supported by Android which is a famous OS by many smartphones.
If you want to know how many other devices are supported by ARM so they are Amazon Kindle, various smartphones by Acer, ASUS products, various BenQ products, different navigation devices used for pointing location are supported by ARM technology, different versions of blackberry devices are supported by ARM, different version of Motorola and Nokia are supported by ARM architecture.
Microsoft has released a developer preview version of windows 8 which is being tested as well official may be released by the end of fourth quarter of 2012- we believe public beta of Microsoft windows 8 will be available in start feb 2012.
Metro style screen is new type of screen where there is no start button to navigate through but all icons on screen are available as action command.
Microsoft probably add few more feature including bootable USB 3.0 support without loading drive just plug in USB to login. Microsoft is going to support css3 and HTML5 for better web experience with windows 8

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