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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adobe Creative Suite 6 avaialble on cloud

You probably have used dropbox service for managing and storing files on cloud or skydrive from Microsoft for storing files on cloud too, but still there are many vendors motivating to use cloud computing in any form, recently Adobe has made a move to be in cloud and released its creative suite cs6 but you can download it from cloud space which is provided by adobe – number of adobe applications can be downloaded from cloud space and you can also  do content publishing using difference devices like ipad etc.

What you have to do is – download adobe creative suite application on your desktop from its cloud space and these applications will be installed on your desktop as on your subscription taken. But then what is the use of its cloud- so adobe cloud will help you to share your files among colleague or co-workers so finally you could publish your content.
Hope this has cleared a lot of concept of adobe creative suite on cloud.

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