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Friday, April 6, 2012

Google Glass

Just imagine if you are enjoying life with your friends and wanted to capture that movement but do not have camera and wherever you go you need a camera to capture those move, what if you do not carry big camera box and take pictures – is this possible yes- it’s now possible with Google Glass.
Google glass is a project being tested by Google employee probably will be tested by public soon, Google testing a prototype of technology sun-glass that can help you to take or capture movement where you are.
Because that glass has camera fitted at corner, just wear that glass and have fun with taking picture.
This is not just camera to capture movement, but it has camera to record video and it listens command in voice form,  so it has tiny camera fitted in sun-glass corner which is quite fascinating for anyone to watch the world wearing glasses and take pictures if like.
If you are a news reporter in any tv so this innovated technology with built in sun-glass could dramatically help you boost your productivity and focus you to the story instead of taking picture of the story etc.
This glass technology is quite impressive and we hope this will be accepted soon by audience.

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