Sunday, July 5, 2020


As name implies that it's  about forecasting cash, if you are working with Dynamics 365 and come across with a situation where you don't have any idea about how much cash your organization may have in future Cash flow forecasting is used for this task.

For this task to achieve in Dynamics 365 you need to know
You need to identify the liquidity account  details of your organization
Below is the details view of cash flow forecasting configuration as to how you actually achieve this using dynamics 365.
cash flow forecasting configuration in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation
Advance details configuration of cash flow forecasting in Dynamics 365
You must first define the liquidity accounts to track through cash flow forecasting. Typically, these
liquidity accounts are main accounts that are associated with the bank accounts that will receive
and disburse cash. On the Cash flow forecast setup page, on the General ledger tab, select the main
accounts to include for forecasting. If a bank account has been associated with the main account
on the Bank account page, it's shown in the Bank account field.
You can set up a dependent cash flow forecast for a main account that contains transactions that
are directly related to transactions in another main account. Each line that you add in the
 In the Dependent accounts section creates a cash flow forecast amount in a dependent main
account. This amount is a percentage of the cash flow amounts to the primary main account that
you selected.
First, set the Main account field to the primary main account where transactions are expected to initially occur. Set the Dependent main account field to the account that will be affected by the initial transaction against the primary main account. Set appropriate values for the other fields on the line. You can change the value in the Percent field to reflect the effect of the primary main account on the dependent main account. For a sales or purchase forecast, select a Terms of payment value that is typical for most customers or vendors. Set the Posting type field to the expected posting type that is related to the cash flow forecast

Thursday, March 19, 2020

A network of connected object be it car, smartphone, camera or device or sensor – can communicate with other electronic devices  to send and receive data called IoT.
what Internet network is that you are connected with all computer with each others, in mobile networks you can connect with other smartphone- but this internet of thing is actually a object of network connected with sensors etc and can connect with other objects that can include sensors or other devices can communicate with each others and all these sensors can transport data and actually can talk with each others.

How IoT works with Example:

Network of physical object or sensors network example includes google speaker, smart tv, c cooking appliances can communicate and understand your commands
This means that we are moving from traditional devices like mobile phone tablet to other sensors like temperature devices.

So once these sensors are communicating with other devices so must be transmitting data somewhere so it could be process so that area is called services in this connectivity. typically it could be on cloud.

IOT Summary:

In many fields it can be applied if you implement this IOT in manufacturing like car operation section then traditionally there are different mechanism to start and stop production line for purpose.
But understand that there is no replacement of human even if you automate entire production procedure using IOT technology in any operation procedure.

For example you have a manufacturing production procedure where any error occurs then red led bulb lights up and halt the operation so nothing could go wrong any further.

So ideally a solution can contain a IOT device where supervisor is not in operation line then how he will know production line has any super issue, so IOT can solve such issues as well, where error occurs on production line like your computer is connected with raspberry pi and  a sensor when something goes wrong employee attending activity can press a button connected with raspberry pi interface which is connected with your usb port as it required services layer to transport data – so finally this solution can halt the operation due to error issue and can also send SMS using IOT on your smartphone informing  line manager asking  him to take action.

What are security concerns related to IoT

Because any IOT solution or your IOT device communicating with sensors so it will not be done via TCP/IP so we can assume it’s not vulnerable or anyone can hack your IOT device or sensor and breach it so this is just close to impossible in solution based on IOT.

  • For this entire solution to be working you need azure services for iot, raspberry pi, IOT kit, and of course a computer connected with your solution.
  • In this typical example all devices and sensors connected with each other and there is no need for internet to transport data among these devices.

Hope this might help you to understand IoT - please stay connected with this site to learn more about IoT in details.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Actually phishing is activity used for stealing user id and password or credit card details by disguising some appearance- recently same thing has occurred through Google forms attacking on office 365 users.
If you are office365 users so this might has happened with you if not then beware of such stuff.
Phishers has deceived users using fake screen attacking office 365 suite on cloud– it’s been observed that phishing email generated from validate email account and trying to gather Microsoft credentials.

Initially it looks this email is coming from Microsoft and asking users to Update office 365 suite or user might face suspension of their account – and after looking at decisive email message – users just press panic button and start clicking on it where email message say ‘Update Your Office 365’ suite on cloud or your account will be suspended. As a result urging user to click on it so entire id and password information has been compromised.

 This is an absolute example of phishing where users is presented with the fake website  which matches the original site  where easily user can enter their password credential – now this time Microsoft user data – office 365 credentials has been compromised and “gone fishing” I mean phishing.

It’s difficult if you are working through mobile device because you have setup everything on your mobile where you see such altered screen which is difficult to recognize it as phishing message that urging you to click provide all confidential information and breaches whereas if you are working from desktop so might have this idea where that link is taking to provide such information whether that link is from Microsoft or not- this time Google forms has been used to gather all information and identical for office update message.

How to stay protected from Google docs form which says update office 365:

of course, don't click on such phishing messages
  • You can do some tweaking at your outlook level to mark such message as phishing
  • you also can do some tweaking at office 365 level
  • You can report such phishing message to Microsoft 
  • Make sure link is safe to click or not I mean is it coming from valid source
Google forms has been used for deceiving users and presented with screen where user could enter their password and email so entire stuff would be compromised.
You only  need to recognize it if that email is from legitimate site or not or let’s say-  is that email coming from Microsoft which says update your office 365 so user would not be clicking on it – this might be the only remedy for now.

if you have any other information how to stay protected from phishing message other than not to click on it then please leave comments

Friday, February 7, 2020

SharePoint can also be used to store list and libraries and save list item and document property's values also known as metadata which is also known as data about data –very powerful technique to use in search query so entire information can be accessed anytime about your items.  Thus creating a powerful search mechanism help you access specific information stored inside your document.

Metadata can also be used for accessing your media files or access assets once you associate them using keyword for browsing. You store files physical files or media files or any asset re so what if if you don’t need to remember media files location or document library so ideally you can define it for all these assets or files so you can access them via keyword that you have defined.

If you are familiar with content type technology which is available in SharePoint by using it anyone can store different information for different files using one document library which is beauty of SharePoint and automatically populate them via metadata.

Why use metadata with Record Center site:

Even when working with record management centre site you have ample room to define or classify data with your records which is traditionally hard to find and organize.
One flavour is to classify your record or even with your invoice you can define additional information about your invoice by adding  into it.

  • Other flavor is to enhance your search by defining it as keyword.
  • Many org and companies when storing document they store it into library.

And further create folder and then folder to store document in this document library- but main problem with this approach is difficult to find your documents from such structure – and if you define it at site level or document level so you can easily find your documents which will be auto populated too.

Why managed metadata so important:

As term employs that managed metadata is a place where you can manage your metadata centrally,
By enabling metadata service you can define managed metadata and termset and utilize them globally.

Don’t get confused with tagging – this technique is basically implementing it at specific list item
As final thought SharePoint provides central term management mechanism, so you can define common set of terms which can be used on entire site level. Once you define it then you can associate them with your list and libraries you also can take full advantage of auto populate metadata sharepoint and configured your portal based on this mechanism.

Friday, January 24, 2020

HIPAA can be defined as administrative provision of health insurance portability and accountability act practiced in United States and its implementing regulation, including privacy rule, breach notification rule and security rule also amended from time to time.

When it comes to implementation of HIPAA in azure then Microsoft keeps dual responsibility model between customer and azure container where Microsoft is fully liable for services offered on cloud and ensures that customers get security and privacy and compliance accordingly.

Where customer would be responsible for the services provisioned for them, also customers application and data and VM and regulatory requirement applicable to them.

How to make azure HIPAA compliant:

HIPAA encourage organizations to use cloud services whereas only security is real concern where customer data is fully protected.

As you know customer who are using cloud services for HIPAA is called BA (business associates such as cloud service provider, or IT Companies)  meaning business associates they process PHI on their behalf,  so first to understand that one thing is Microsoft offering cloud services another one is BAA business associate or organization practicing healthcare activity and another one is HIPAA act means healthcare insurance activity.

Azure service fabric HIPAA:

We hope you have better understanding about the term used in HIPAA rule called PHI which is patient health information – so covered entities includes doctors, health insurer or other healthcare companies at any point of time can disclose protected information to law enforcement personnel as required by act or for administrative request where azure services comes into picture where you are allowed to use HIPAA in azure.

To be very precise HIPAA regulation actually needs covered entities and their business associates here as you understood when Microsoft providing cloud services to covered entities means (health insurer) gets into contract to ensure PHI is protected.

All customers must have their own compliance mechanism policies and procedure in place according to the HIPAA requirement where customer has to verify it independently with their own legal entities that their needs meet the HIPAA requirements.

HIPAA has different security policies so Microsoft azure ensures that audit for such services is done by external auditor under ISO 27001 standard where all security standard are required to implement.
Many security item will be identified by application controlled by customer itself, few you can check as you design and implement solution on azure.

Microsoft does not monitor application or services on azure and data what customer wish to use on azure cloud. So as customer you should check VM(virtual machine) log, azure portal itself and azure storage,  here things are very clear Microsoft is giving you a platform to implement HIPAA act in terms of services - and it's you making it HIPAA compliant actually- then only you can say -Azure is HIPAA compliant.

 Customer is solely responsible for mitigating suspected or unknown incident which could cause harm application and ultimately azure database services.

Customer is also responsible for using any cluster environment and patching software if customers want to implement HIPAA with it or customer want to make it HIPAA compliant.

In terms of application data which is critical for functionality such as user access to entities or user access to patient health information will be controlled by design and customer’s application itself.
Customer also responsible for securities’ breaches and responsible for data being used by app to database to ensure unauthorized access should not be given.

As you understood that when customer are fully liable to secure their own app and that app accessing and sql databases in order to prevent unauthorized access.  This will cover any t-sql statement used inside their application through databases for improper use of data -customer is fully responsible for that.

Concluded observation:

As mentioned earlier its your organization responsibility to ensure compliance act in place followed by internal process and programs which aligns you and particular services  synced with HIPAA.

VM: virtual machine
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
PHI: Patient Health Information
BAA: Business Associates

Assuming it here you will be using number of services:
Azure Container - you can get it free for a month from Microsoft site.
you will store patient information including patents diseases and medical record in sql azure databases.
you will configure Azure AD which will help enhance security to implement role based access directory.
Technically- you will have to go deeper in order to implement solution which is HIPAA compliant.

Thursday, January 2, 2020


If you reached at the point where you think someone is causing you defame or causing your prestige at stake in the form of creating content hurting your site or content causing your site in trouble or your web reputation is in danger when we say content this means text, article, website media file etc. so here we will elaborate course of action how to remove negative articles from Google.

How to discard negative articles from Google:

If you are living in a bad neighbourhood then what will happen actually your reputation will be damaging because of it-especially when you can’t control that information or article or link.

We are assuming that we are dealing with article here and will guide you through the procedure as how to remove negative articles from google using google public removal tool.

Straightforward approach:

Step one is to identify those articles and try to reach out those site owners who has published them on their sites – request them to remove them from their sites.

Category of articles:

There are different type of content which can be removed from google, initially you learned articles and those articles must be published somewhere on other source sites, so eventually its pointing back to your site hurting your site – surprisingly  our site is becoming so spammy day by day.

Paid type content or articles:

If those articles are paid articles then it’s a bad practice for Google and eventually google targets those sites which have paid links.

Article link exchange:

If particular link or article is pointing back to your site as link exchange then it’s a bad link Google will take action against it.
  • Any site that is setup only for links goes into bad link or negative
  • Any comments that is pointing back to your site goes into spam category
  • Another type of article or link that is pointing back to you or your site but coming from non-targeted region means your site is English and link coming back to you from German site.

Good articles or links can make your site more powerful whereas bad negative article can do opposite so you need to handle bad article or remove it from source so google could protect you from link related penalties.

Beware of such activities:

There is warning from Google if someone is trying to remove article from Google so take great care of such activity when trying to remove negative articles from Google.
This procedure is bit techy and one of its kind  we hope you can do it if not then find and hit contact us form and we will love to help you in this procedure for free and inform Google about it on behalf of you.

Procedure to remove negative link is straightforward compile list of articles where you are sure links are pointing back to your site and causing issues for your site.

Discarding negative articles from Google using Google public removal tool:

There are various services out there can give you a list of those articles and you need to format those links into manageable format which is allowed by Google because Google has sophisticated mechanism to discard article from web which are used for damaging your site or reputation.
We are assuming it you have list of article and want to compile into manageable format. So for example you can download those links from webmaster tools – login your site in webmaster tools if you are doing it for the first time then verify your property in webmaster dashboard property is your website in webmaster tool.

how to remove negative articles from google
How to remove negative articles from google search

Then you will see console as seen above.
then you need to navigate to link from left hand navigation then you will see the screen below

amazing procedure how to remove articles from google
amazing procedure how to remove articles from google

And then you can  click on download sheet so you can compile list of articles
Excel sheet snapped while removing article from google search using google tool
Excel sheet snapped while removing article from google search
they are pointing back to your site as spammy link. It depends how you have extracted links- these links will be downloaded in different format.

These articles link are spammy and you have to format it according to google guideline so let’s add ‘http://’ for entire column so all entries should be complete url starting with http:// you can add column at first by placing pointer on header sheet as illustrated in the snap below and click right mouse on header you will see insert column pop up as shown below
amazing procedure to remove articles using google tool
amazing procedure to remove articles using google tool

And click insert 1 left column so you can enter ‘http://’ text in that column so articles could be formatted as per google guideline which would be starting as complete article url.

Add ‘http://’ text at first cell and drag it down to copy past it for entire articles entries then you will see complete url as shown below in picture for site.

List of articles needs truncation to submit them using google
List of articles needs truncation to submit them using google
We are assuming it -you have number of articles which includes url as shown spammy pointing back to your site as spammy article.

Now you need to trim this sheet to copy this urls data.

Now you need to concatenate  A4 and  B4 CELL and past it in new cell as illustrated in picture below to make it as complete article url starting with 'http://'  

trim urls to submit negative articles to google
trim urls to submit negative articles to google

You just need to write formula concatenate in excel to combine these two column and making it complete article url.
Write excel formula at I4 as shown in picture above and drag it down for entire article entries of urls.

Now you need to copy the entire cells not formula from this pop up menu as illustrated in below picture

Remove negative article using google
Remove negative article using google

And then past these values into new cell or sheet and making it a new file and save it as UTF -8 or ASCII format type while saving it as sheet file when you will save it as file it should be txt and UTF-8 or ASCII so all values from this sheet will be copied in new file as txt extension which will be acceptable by google.

As you can see below my copied values in new sheet and now I will save them as new txt file which has UTF-8 or ASCII type I will select this option while saving it through save dialog box.

how to remove articles using google tool
how to remove articles using google tool

As of now we have copied all article urls which were spammy and we have formatted as per google guideline. 

Removing article domain from google search:

Google says if you are marking any bad article then it should be starting with 'http:// ' and the entire url as you have gone through above example and if you are going to mark entire domain then there is different mechanism.

It depends on you whether you want to compile it as article file or you can compile it mentioning all articles from one domain

Once you decide which way you want to inform google about spammy  links just mention domain or article url.

Example of spammy article for a domain.
Article example to discard from google.

Domain example to remove articles from google search you review it in the snapped above.

Now you have text file ready to inform Google about bad articles you want them to be removed from Google search it's your choice you discard entire domain or one by one article urls.

if you think this entire procedure is lengthy then don't worry we are here to help you free,  hoping this help you out which is a procedure to discard article from google search.

Now you click link to upload this file here

Once you submit that file you will be able to remove negative google results using google public tool we believe so. If you have problem in identifying spammy domain or entire article then hit contact us form and we will help you out.