July 2020

Sunday, July 5, 2020


As name implies that it's  about forecasting cash, if you are working with Dynamics 365 and come across with a situation where you don't have any idea about how much cash your organization may have in future Cash flow forecasting is used for this task.

For this task to achieve in Dynamics 365 you need to know
You need to identify the liquidity account  details of your organization
Below is the details view of cash flow forecasting configuration as to how you actually achieve this using dynamics 365.
cash flow forecasting configuration in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation
Advance details configuration of cash flow forecasting in Dynamics 365
You must first define the liquidity accounts to track through cash flow forecasting. Typically, these
liquidity accounts are main accounts that are associated with the bank accounts that will receive
and disburse cash. On the Cash flow forecast setup page, on the General ledger tab, select the main
accounts to include for forecasting. If a bank account has been associated with the main account
on the Bank account page, it's shown in the Bank account field.
You can set up a dependent cash flow forecast for a main account that contains transactions that
are directly related to transactions in another main account. Each line that you add in the
 In the Dependent accounts section creates a cash flow forecast amount in a dependent main
account. This amount is a percentage of the cash flow amounts to the primary main account that
you selected.
First, set the Main account field to the primary main account where transactions are expected to initially occur. Set the Dependent main account field to the account that will be affected by the initial transaction against the primary main account. Set appropriate values for the other fields on the line. You can change the value in the Percent field to reflect the effect of the primary main account on the dependent main account. For a sales or purchase forecast, select a Terms of payment value that is typical for most customers or vendors. Set the Posting type field to the expected posting type that is related to the cash flow forecast