Email Management with Sharepoint or Sharepoint Records Management

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Email Management with Sharepoint or Sharepoint Records Management

Email is rapidly becoming the main channel of communication between customers, partners and suppliers, it's also becoming a key part of many business processes.
An email is often the only tangible record of a discussion, an agreement, or the delivery of electronic document.
You will use sharepoint to use and manage email in a record center site.
To manage email in your record center site, you need to work on exchange server 2007, that includes various features of record management.
Like you can create folder in exchange and push these folder into user's mail boxes, we call it a managed folder.
You can assign policies to these manage folder like retention policy,
expiration schedule and so on.

This process of managing email to the folder can be managed by users manually, or automated when You create rules there.
These rules might allocate the email to a folder based on the subject line, or other properties like sender's email.
although you can get the real record management environment when you have established a record repository site in sharepoint and move manage folder from exchange 2007 to this site.

Please let us know if you need any further information on Record Management or how you can figure out RM site in sharepoint.

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