what is cloud orchestration

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what is cloud orchestration

Before cloud orchestration you need to understand cloud computing or cloud architectures-Up till now with cloud computing everything is going great in the world, like infrastructure as service and platform as service and software as services , if you have selected infrastructure as services you probably be using any data center on cloud if you want to reduce infrastructure or cut cost – you can get on demand computing and storage using this service, and if you look at vendors which one is the best so there are many, we will outline IaaS from Microsoft – if you go ahead with this model so you definitely get on demand computing and storage to host on cloud.
And if you have selected platform as services which means you are going to get a platform as a services where you can find your online operating system because your application need an operating system too.
PaaS includes windows azure and from different vendor they may be different – there are other vendors just providing PaaS, basically they are providing you an operating system and database services for you to use them on cloud.
Software as a service layer is more like you are running your software on cloud as services – this can include your application to run on cloud – probably consist upon sharepoint online or exchange online or any software that is running on cloud for you.

So far the important layers are cleared in understanding, as you are familiar with the types of cloud available – private, bybrid and public cloud and managing all of them for one organization may be a tedious job, and managing different datacenter and managing networks may also be complicated task so there is need of orchestration in cloud so we could manage them easily. Ochestration is the function of arrangement and managing of these services, platform and software on cloud so you can easily manage them is called cloud orchestration.

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Great overview on cloud orchestration.