February 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

If you want to do something more along with Adsense for content so you can consider something which is handy too but you need to understand  Google Custom site search product ,  before using it and adding it into your website for more revenue  specially called Google custom search Adsense  - a search mechanism or a search text box by Google once enabled just placed on your site for finding content - you don't need to write any functionality for finding pages uploaded on your site,

Implement  Google Custom Site Search:
Use this ready made fabric Google custom site search - it's easy to implement  just do some tweaking inside your custom search interface and you are done- before starting with AFS you need to enable this feature into your Adsense account interface, so lets do one thing first and login your Adsense account and click on myads link on top navigation- and then  on left hand side you will find navigation saying Google product search  inside your Adsense account area and choose search as product. Once you enable that then Adsense will send you an email confirming it to you are suppose to enable this feature with your Adsense account for one of the your websites.

Site Wide Search or Searching the entire glob:
You just confirm this email and login to Adsense account and point your location to myads and Adsense for search link on left navigation will be there click on it and provide name of the search engine - you will see two more option there - whether you want this search engine to search your entire site or entire web. If you want only your site then search engine will only search content inside your site.

Next step will ask you to define text box style - you can define what type of text box you want on your site - define its width  color etc and then define ad style on next step.

Keywords for relevant ad for AFS
You also can define keywords - this option tells you how relevant add could be displayed if you mention keywords, for example if you want ad related to Microsoft should be displayed with your search results then mention keyword Microsoft in this section.

AFS Integration with your website
After this configuration it will ask you to define how you want to display result on your web site - you can select one of the following options there.
  • Display result  in  same windows
  • Display results in new window
  • Display result on my own site using IFrame
If have some html background then you could go with the last option because you need to create that html page where you want to display search results and once you have created that then copy past the search engine code in that page.

Tips to add Adsense for code script into blogspot/blogger:
If you have setup your blog on blogspot then you could consider adding blank page in navigation area of you blogspot template- once you created a blank page then you just have to copy and past the search engine code and then publish that page and you are done with Google search text box in your blog with separate page option.

Before finishing and getting code of defined configuration of Adsense for search you remember few things.
  • In any case you are not allowed to per-populate Adsense for search box
  • Do not create links to AFS results.
  • Do not frame AFS results.
  • Do not remove or make change in Google logo.
If you have considered all above points so you are ready to fly with ready made custom search powered by Google. Grab Adsense search engine script  and past it into your website.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adding author image in Google search result is super easy with blogspot
Now it's become super easy to add author information and image in Google search result to boost your site wide traffic, once you setup the author related information and your picture then you will see your picture along on Google search result with your profile.

For this - you need to create Google plus profile and  add your good photo, and then verify authoring of your content by associating it with your profile which is mentioned int the below procedure.

Recently I added image to the search result and I am using blogspot blog, it's easy to do few steps are given below. I think you also can setup your image in Google search result easily even if you are using different blogging platform.

If you are using Gmail email address then no issue you can go ahead with it.
  • Make sure you have e mail address on the same domain as www.sqlservermanagementstudio.net
  • Make sure you have all article published on this domain and which can identify you as author.

First verify your email address and visit the site to do it. Your email address will appear in contributor section of Google plus profile. Enter your email address and press verify button from contribution section of Google plus profile.

Syntax of the profile from your site should be like
Anchor tag href ="profile_url" ? rel=author anchor tag close
as a sample you can replace it with your one like :

Google Plus

You can add the above line in your blog head section in this case you will log in blogspot blog get the setting and then click html and you will get your template and get into the head section and copy past the link above.

This procedure is same if you are working with your own domain.
rel attribute of anchor tag is a mandatory to setup your picture in search result it tells Google here is my picture basically. Now it's time for testing.

If you have been through with the steps properly so you can check out the result on the fly.
click to check structured data is displaying in search result - type your URL and press preview button you will see your picture in the result below.


Once you are done with verifying email process from Google plus profile then you can check your picture is appearing in Google search result.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Everyone has this experience when you loose your valuable in public places, everyone has been facing various problems like this -  sometime you forget your phone in public places -  there was no way through which you could remember your valuables but now you can keep your belongings with you and no chance of loosing them by the help of technology.
If you have expensive iPhone or iPad so before there was no way to keep your eyes on these valuables but recently we just come across a device that will help you to track your iPhone or iPad and keep an eye on your valuable so you could not loose them.

That device is called hipkey it communicates via its application and when you move around and keep that device in your pocket and forget your valuables in public places or offices  like we discussed iPhone or iPad somewhere so that device will alarm once you turn it on with iPhone application.

There is a vice-verse mechanism either you keep your valuable in your pocket or hipkey in your pocket to keep an eye on your valuables.

You can turn child mode on to track your child in public places within specified range.  For other scenarios put hipkey in your briefcase or in bag and it will notify you if someone moves it away from you.
Idea is very simple you can not forget anything if you have placed hipkey with your valuables. hipkey mechanism is vice-verse and can be controlled via iPhone application so your iPhone will alarm once you turn it on with iPhone when someone is trying to move your belongings away.