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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Email is rapidly becoming the main channel of communication between customers, partners and suppliers, it's also becoming a key part of many business processes.
An email is often the only tangible record of a discussion, an agreement, or the delivery of electronic document.
You will use sharepoint to use and manage email in a record center site.
To manage email in your record center site, you need to work on exchange server 2007, that includes various features of record management.
Like you can create folder in exchange and push these folder into user's mail boxes, we call it a managed folder.
You can assign policies to these manage folder like retention policy,
expiration schedule and so on.

This process of managing email to the folder can be managed by users manually, or automated when You create rules there.
These rules might allocate the email to a folder based on the subject line, or other properties like sender's email.
although you can get the real record management environment when you have established a record repository site in sharepoint and move manage folder from exchange 2007 to this site.

Please let us know if you need any further information on Record Management or how you can figure out RM site in sharepoint.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I would like to mention few facts about site provisioning - how it works with Sharepoint and WSS as well.

Site provisioning in sharepoint is the process of creating sites for your audience, but you can do it through administration model that is provided in Sharepoint. Site provisioning is the art of delivering usable sites for user.
Provisioning a single site is easy with WSS -you can create site template which can contains the information of the site to create and finally make it available for users to choose from a provisioning process from a web based provisioning dialog box.
With MOSS2007, instead of site template from which you can create site in WSS – you create a kind of portal site definition file that contains complete hierarchy of site provisioning process.
Here I have mentioned few tasks level in order to work with site provisioning.
Tier one Task:
This level of administration is used for administering server farm, and a tier one administrator must be responsible for creating new web application, you should have ample idea of creating web application why user create web application.
Tier 1 administrator will be responsible for managing site collection, managing incoming email and out going emails settings for the farm and also manage server farm topology.
Tier two  Task:
These tasks include administration of share services across server farm.
Tier three Task:
These tasks include administration of functionality for managing sites for within a server farm so administrator should know how many sites has been created in which department.
These types of administrator can create lists, and configure access permission for groups and users and modify site hierarchy.
With this hope you will glue to this blog if you visit again- you will see more detailed and insights of all relevant information about Sharepoint and its exam topics.

 Please leave any comments if you have any idea about site provisioning.