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Monday, September 7, 2009

You will understand what is Sharepoint templates and WSS Site templates,  We will outline what type of templates are available in Sharepoint and how to create sites which template is best for your organization need. As per format I have mentioned few sites which will be helpful for you to understand sharepoint and proceed further.
What Types of Sites Can You Create? -SharePoint is bundled with a set of templates that you can use to create web sites without any hurdle right out of the box, and many more are available as downloads or from third-party vendors sites.
Before we discuss those templates, following is the category of the templates given.

Publishing sites type
It helps to provide corporate communications (newsletters, press releases, events, holidays,
announcements) through one or more web pages. This category also
includes communication managed by employees through blogs and Wikis,
which may or may not fit in your corporate environment.

Document controlling mechanism
It Manages version and change control for standard forms such as leave request, vacation
requests, and other types. This category also includes repositories for executed
agreements or instances that can be scanned in as PDFs and other supported formats.

Workflow applications classification
Encompass any multistep task that follows a defined process. A common workflow
example is Issue Tracking, where a problem is reported, assigned to a team
member, resolved, approved, and then published to a knowledge base for future
reference with a workflow enabled tracking type.

Dashboard is management type application where related tasks and reports are centralized
for easy access, you can create customized report as well based on BI.

Extranet portals
Provide a contact point among your business, customers, and partners. You can
use these to provide external access to your corporate information in a limited
and secure way.

  Combination of these types are common; when we talk about an application type,
we’re really identifying its primary purpose, not its sole use. You will find list of template below few are available in WSS free version given by Microsoft and few are the pure feature of MOSS/Sharepoint.
You will have a brief overview about site templates and its categories classification:

Publishing Category:
In this category Sharepoint has number of templates given below as per your organization need.

Site templates and List templates
• Wiki Site • Web Pages
• Blog • Announcements
• Meeting Workspace • Wiki Page Library
• Collaboration Portal • Discussion Board
• Publishing Portal • Survey
• News Site • Links

Document control Category: In this category you have following Site and list templates available.

• Document Workspace • Document Library
• Document Center • Picture Library
• Document Workspace • Document Library
Report Center • Slide Library

Workflow category: In this category you have templates based on workflow technology, you can publish site with workflow etc. You have following Site templates and List templates below:

• Publishing Site with Workflow • Form Library
• Decision Meeting Workspace • Issue Tracking
• Project Tasks

Dashboards category has following site templates and list templates:
• Personalization Center • Report Library

• My Site Host • Contacts
• KPI List
Data Connection Library
Extranet portals category has number of site given below, they are exclusively used for publishing site like publishing site template and search template to search document and content and resource on site:

• Publishing Site
Search Center

Navigation category has different tendency to work with, idea is to navigate back and fourth from one place to other or a centralized place for sites that has been created to be displayed:

• Search Center
Search Center with Tabs
• Site Directory