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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sophisticated SQL Server Management Studio has many features we have outlined few new features added in SQL Server Management studio with latest release of SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2.
Microsoft has introduced many features in it but few mentioned below.
In SSMS with 2008- Microsoft has introduced Intellisense for Query Editor Interface.
Query Editor with Intellisense functionality is oxygen for people who are writing complex queries in the editor.
This feature will make DBA’s life easier while writing query based on 100 lines; I mean lengthy query can be written easily with the intellisense functionality in Query Editor.
If you point your location in SQL Server Management Studio’s EDIT menu and then Intellisense and further you will find 5 more options there.
List Members, parameter info, quick info, complete word, refresh local cache.
MultiServer Query: a good one option for those DBA who has been facing dame problem when they have been working on multiple server, means one DBA managing more than 50 Server instances and run various queries to get the right information of each server now U need to open 50 different windows to run same command on each server, so MultiServer Query feature has made your life more easy and under one roof you can manage 50 different sql server instance and run various commands simultaneously.

Object explorer is another feature added in SQL Server Management Studio with many more options available there including this, OE result can be copied to excel and review there at later for a report type activity.

So far I could explore such feature in SQL Server 2008, please stay tuned to get to know more.

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