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Monday, March 15, 2010

SQL Server Management Studio has been released in another form that is for free which is called sql server management studio express edition, as you are familiar with the earlier released the same product for SQL Server 2005(express) and SQL SERVER 2000 were for free, but now in 2008 Microsoft has introduced new feature as well with the free version of SQL Server management studio express edition.
You need to install .net framework 2.0 and MSXML Parser if you want to install express edition on your server.
Let’s go through with the feature of SQL Server Management Studio Express edition only.
  1. You can not update the full text catalog with Sql server management studio Express edition, rather you will have to use command type utility sqlcmd or windows scheduler to update the text catalog.
  2. Free version of SQL Server management studio can not manage the analysis services, Integration services and reporting services.
  3. You can not resolve conflicts manfully during on-demand synchronization in Microsoft windows synchronization manager is not support in sql server management studio
  4. SQL Server Management Studio Express edition, object explorer only support DB instances, and connect to server dialog prevents connecting to other services like AS (analysis services)

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