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Monday, October 24, 2011

Cloud computing is becoming more famous now a days- If you have decided to work with virtual private cloud model then you need to consider how you can increase control or customization from those dedicated resources. You can build your private cloud with hyper v and system center- there are number of other elements that will play different role.
And technically virtualization will reduce cost because you just improving your server utilization by adding virtual machine inside this environment. We will try to discuss its feature so you could be able to understand how private cloud can be built using it.
Hyper v allows you to create a virtual server computing environment using windows 2008 server technology – why I used this virtualized environment because I want to improve the efficiency of my resources by utilizing of my hardware resources.
For example – this virtualized hyper v environment will help you reduce cost of operating and maintaining physical server- another thing which is obvious it increases your test efficiency along with the development activities by just reducing the amount of time- it takes normally with physical server.
Once you setup your hyper v environment that supports up to 24 virtual processor if you run some hotfix from Microsoft with that. On the other hand logical processor can be one or multiple to manage environment.
Memory can be configured up to 1TB on physical machine whereas virtual machine with windows 2008 and DC edition can be configured with up to 24 GB of virtual machines.
We just have covered little about how private cloud can be build using hyper v- there are a lot of things you need to consider before configuring your private cloud data center.