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Friday, January 6, 2012

If you are power user of ipad and use it frequently in your life where you have desperate need to manage word document and excel sheet and power point, there are many applications you can create document and presentation online –but it always take time to use so many applications for managing files online and probably you switch your application too later on- if you are not happy with the application, this ends with time consuming process where if you have anything like professional online application or Microsoft office for ipad so you can create documents and power point presentations online using Microsoft word and create excel sheet and power point documents using cloudon service.

Microsoft has also released different versions of office, but this time it’s  available on cloud via ipad. Just get drop box account if you are not familiar with this drop box service – so we have used it and found it impressive- it is used to manage your files online- you can get an account on dropbox and then done and yes you need iPad too- if you want Microsoft office for ipad- you can try this version of office which is quite impressive to access service just visit or google cloudon. And you will get the best office application for ipad.