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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Safari is mostly used browser in the world on mobile or smartphones almost 50-60% smartphone users used safari for browsing Internet world from their mobile.
Safari is developed by Apple, inc and it’s available on mac os and ios which is a operating system for ipad. You can download this browser for free from apple website for mac pc.
Online advertising is playing vital role in all aspect using such browsers, Many vendors need to understand their user if they are working with online advertising – because you need to know your user demographics in on-line advertising.
Technically Apple’s safari is configured to block user cookie, and if you block user’s cookie so basically you cannot know who the user is and where he/she is coming from which is very important in on-line advertising.
Recently Google a search giant and giant in online advertising recently identified by different researchers that Google has placed tractable cookie in Safari browser which is against the rule of game.
In future Google may face some legal issues- because this issue has been raised by U.S govt.
We hope this will be resolved soon in the best user interest and we believe NOW Google is a real giant in search advertising.