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Friday, April 26, 2013

Search giant Google has been experiencing new things all the time and if you press the rewind button so would see Google has discarded Google reader but recently Google has acquired another service or application  called Wavii.
Facebook as social giant is very famous including its news feed service that lets you connect with your friends, but if you look at the people need so user wants something more than this and wants to see content from across the web you can think of something like organizations news, celebrities news could be in a centralized place under one roof.
So actually Wavii can give you content across the board.
What is Wavii:
Wavii basically is the solution for all that problem, it crawls many websites including rss feed and tweet and generate customize content for users which is absolutely fantastic, this idea has been acquired by Google – recently Wavii  has made official statement and said wavii is going to work wit Google.