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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SQL Azure Reporting Services

You can develop and deploy report online with sql azure reporting services –it can give you business intelligence - Just imagine a scenario where you are working with your application and getting reports but everything is on cloud, idea is very simple and been implemented and used by Azure reporting services, SQL Azure reporting is basically cloud based reporting mechanism build on sql server reporting services and Microsoft azure technologies. This cloud based reporting is easy for provisioning, cutting cost, highly available and reduced administration and management for reporting server – whereas traditionally everybody is managing report server for all reports to be available and working.
If you have confusion with SQL Server reporting services on which sql azure reporting is based, sql server reporting services- is basically a tool-set that allows anyone once installed on physical machine to create and manage and maintain reports after installation whereas sql azure reporting service is cloud based hosted serves for anyone to use it anywhere online in a cloud environment where Microsoft data-center is hosted where you do not need to focus on anything but on your main objective.
sql azure reporting services cloud based
understand sql azure reporting by example

You need to sign up/subscribe for sql azure reporting services.
You will be having business intelligence design studio for designing report online
Or you will be having report builder where you will be authoring report to azure reporting online.
You will store all report data in sql azure online
You can manage report online sql azure report portal where you render these report into different formats xls, pdf etc.
Your authentication model will not be windows based but it will be online username/password.

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