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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Google photo has also another assistant which is not that intelligent as Google assistant is but gives a lot feature like google assistant like it can collage all your pictures that you have already taken and do animation for all your stuff stored using google photo, but Google photo which has been used widely and recognized for storing photos online come up with new navigation and renamed its assistant navigation option from photo “Assistant” to “For You”

Google photo app 'Assistant' section replaced with ‘for you’:

Functionality of google photo app's 'for you'  is same as it was with assistant section like you can find effect from your photos in your phone etc but you will find this change on android, on your computer on any iphone has this app or ipad also. So this new section you will find “for you” instead assistant from now on-words once you update your google photo app. And in movie option there you will find some presets movies based on that you can develop your own animated movie.
You won’t get these changes until you update your google photo app as per latest version which is recently rolled out by google so you would see these changes on android.

Google photo app assistant section replace with 'for you' as you can see it in this illustration
Google photo app assistant section replaced with 'for you' as you can see it in this illustration

As this google photo app service  has been used by huge number of  users based and downloaded by more than 1B users for only android users has asked from google- is it safe to store photos using this app so google answer was, there is no entirely safe place and google photo is not exception,  many lost their photos by their own mistakes, many account get hacked because of users flaw but the best option is to take backup.
Hope this has helped you a lot to understand this update. you need to update your google photo app in order to see this change as you can see in this picture above - section includes 'Photo' 'Albums' 'For You' 'Sharing'

Saturday, March 14, 2015

If you have been working with Google code project where your project was being collaborated so you have to be careful because now Google code service is being discarded by Google – as Google said it was becoming more abusive or spam by people once they upload the projects there so it was very difficult to manage it from Google.
Entire community has been using Google code service now if you need to migrate your  project from Google code to somewhere else so you can collaborate on it-There are few other services for such kind of activity are there that includes github, bitbucket and source forge and another service which is Google code importer service by Google itself.
Google code importer service is taking too much time to import your code from Google code to somewhere else as mentioned above.
If your site is linking some code hosted on Google code service so you need to migrate that code using one of services mentioned on Google code -so you can easily migrate that code somewhere else easily.

Google Code service is being discarded how to move project:

Easiest way to migrate your code is – instead of using export service which is and move your code to github. But if it’s taking time so you can easily create your account in github and login and create repository there – simply by creating a link after verifying email from github and then you are done.

Now you need to import your code from Google code service to github so finally we have moved or imported our code from google code service by creating account in github and by using import option from github instead of using export service from Google code service.

Test case moved our code from Google Code Service to Github:

Our code was hosted at google code for blogger navigation which was moved  newly hosted or imported code at github and  url was
So if you or someone is using that source code and referring that URL at Google code service so change it to newly created URL that contains code at github with the URL mentioned above for blogger navigation from Google code to github.

You will  be able migrate issues, wikis and all other stuff along with your project which was there at Google code service but only number of times download type of metadata might be missing like we were unable to find how many times users has downloaded code etc which was 100 k times at Google code service.
Otherwise rest of the wiki or issues were migrated from Google code service to github.
If you are facing issues please comment we will reply.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

As you know xml sitemap is a file based on xml tags giving url information of your site to web crawler like googlebot or bing bot etc.
If your site is hosted on web server and ideally you can create xml file using any
 Online xml sitemap generator and you could upload that file in .htaccess file  and that’s it you are done. You are ready with xml sitemap which you have created online and now you have told web crawler that hey my entire list of urls are there uploaded once you crawl browse them and display them to audience based on keywords.
But problem occurs when you are not using complete web server or let’s say you are using free hosting space where you have limited access to web server and actually you can’t upload any .htacess file. There is another way to tell web crawler about your index pages that is atom feed which is supported in blogger.

Submitting xml sitemap to blogger using Google webmaster only:

Ideally you can work with atom.xml or actually you can create that file by specifying its name atom.xml in google webmaster in order to create complete sitemap for blogger– so you don’t need to create any extra xml sitemap from other online sources etc- means where you will see date, time and modified xml tags in it.
So now we are assuming you have created xml sitemap type atom inside your blogger blog and fortunately you are dealing with custom domain as well.

People go somewhere if they want to generate xml sitemap blogger – you don’t need to go somewhere to get xml sitemap and do something with blogger. It’s a process of generating xml site map type atom using Google web master tool.
You are going to configure and create xml sitemap and configure it inside blogger using robot.txt which is used for customized entries-stopping Google to crawl some url.
Why we are using custom robot.txt file- because we don’t want some url to be crawled by Google or we don’t want to keep them in Google index. First you will generate xml sitemap using Google webmaster tool by entering simple atom.xml parameter in Google webmaster tool.

XML SiteMap for Blogger with custom urls:                      
Ideally your output could be one of the following: blog hosted on blogger
What you have done actually you have added atom.xml parameter using webmaster interface- in the sitemap section and added further parameters for all your blog posts to be indexed like in  the case above- these parameters can be used to index 500 url entries if you have 1000 or more posts entries in your blog so you can add them too – just define start index 501 and so on.
Now you have to test this sitemap too, you will do it in the same section in webmaster tool and you can define some posts that you don’t want to be indexed by Google and copy the entire chunk from there and go back to blogger.
Once you define and test your sitemap in webmaster robot.txt section so you will end up with the following chunk:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

It's clearly mentioned above that your xml sitemap added as xml with 500 posts on blogger. Now you can add some more post url that you don’t want to be indexed in Disallow section and copy that above snipped and past in the blogger.
You are ready with your xml sitemap for blogger without visiting any other site -only webmaster tool and go to blogger dashboard point to setting and search preferences and past that snipped into this section called custom robot.txt. You are telling Google this is my full xml sitemap crawl and index site and there are some custom url entries.
Hope you enjoyed learning here.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Search giant Google has been experiencing new things all the time and if you press the rewind button so would see Google has discarded Google reader but recently Google has acquired another service or application  called Wavii.
Facebook as social giant is very famous including its news feed service that lets you connect with your friends, but if you look at the people need so user wants something more than this and wants to see content from across the web you can think of something like organizations news, celebrities news could be in a centralized place under one roof.
So actually Wavii can give you content across the board.
What is Wavii:
Wavii basically is the solution for all that problem, it crawls many websites including rss feed and tweet and generate customize content for users which is absolutely fantastic, this idea has been acquired by Google – recently Wavii  has made official statement and said wavii is going to work wit Google.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Listing all your web pages available for users is easy you can do this by using any online tool that will convert your entire archive into html link listing that is called html sitemap -easy for any user to navigate through your site – but if you want all your web pages make available to search engine so it could crawl your site so then you need a xml sitemap.

Xml sitemap is type of sitemap used for webpages to register them for search engine, different types of sitemap  are there to entertain different content – video site map for video etc.

There are some other programs can be used for generating sitemaps online for your audience- you can write code for generating sitemap for your audience online.

There are different ways through  which you can intimate Google to crawl your site in the form of sitemap– one is mentioned above using xml sitemap as a file means you need to create xml file where you will list down all your web pages in that file and upload on your root web.

This can be achieved  by many online services available on internet – can facilitate you to create sitemap for your own site – and just upload that file.

If you have created sitemap in a format that is xml so you should be having the following URL:
Now you can tell Google this is sitemap.xml entry in robots.txt and and let Google crawl your all content.
Robots.txt is a file containing xml sitemap entries for Google and from then on Google reads that file.
Ideally this file can be uploaded in your root web or if you are using blogger blog so upload it there and check out the change in webmaster tool.

Know-how and difficulties of Multiple xml sitemap:
If you are familiar with Google Web Master tool and having only 26 listed url entries though you have more than humdreds posts so you can fix this issue now.

Basically sitemap are used to optimize sites if you have blog on blogger and have more than 100 posts or articles when you login Google webmaster area and you see only 26 pages are there and indexed too as you have more than 100 posts inside your blog but Google webmaster tool will show you only 26 entries.

How to create and submit xml sitemap:
If you are managing blog on blogger so you can create sitemap there too, just login your webmaster tool and click optimization and click add sitemap button and enter atom.xml  this is another format accepted by Google as sitemap – this is feed basically.
So finally you come up with creating a sitemap for blogger by just adding a parameter called atom.xml
You will probably face another problem when you will see only 26 pages are index after submitting this sitemap although you have more than 100 pages, so just type the following parameter to get all your pages listed and indexed.

Submitting xml sitemap for Blogger with more than 26 URL entries:

You are sure your posts are more than 100 and pages has been listed only 26 by Google so login Google webmaster tool area and add the following parameter or create a new sitemap as the following entry.
tip: Create a new xml sitemap inside your webmaster tool for your blogger blog and add the following parameter while adding a sitemap in Google webmaster.

Final site map entry should look like:

You are telling this to Google that you have 100 pages in your xml sitemap and please index them and now  if you have 200 pages so enter another sitemap starting from 101.

Final site map entry:

So remember these steps|:
  • Creating xml site map in Google webmaster
  • Submitting xml sitemap in Google Webmaster
As of now you are clear with the type of sitemaps:
  • Xml sitemap 
  • Atom.xml sitemap 
  • RSS 2.0 
RSS 2.0 another type of sitemap in the form of  feed which is easy to configure inside your blogger, it's one step configuration in blogger.

You also have very clear understanding - how to configure your sitemap in Google webmaster for more than 100 pages and indexed them too.

Friday, March 15, 2013

 If you come across with a situation when you see duplicate URL entries of your site pages on Google  search engine and you do not know how to fix them so here we have a rundown as to how you can fix them, basically these duplicate URLs could be from  your session url or archive pages.
In other words you can call them duplicate content url that exits in your own site in the form of your site url and date archive format and sometimes your site url and session entries and sometime the same url with different parameter in url showing the same content with different url entries in search engine you can track them by just typing a command on Google:  and enter then you will see your site url entries with different parameters showing same pages.

If you are managing your blog with blogspot/blogger and creating post and side by side you see there are number of archive pages are being indexed against those new posts so search engine probably do not like these duplicate archive pages.
Blogger gives you option to remove those archive pages from Google index, basically you need to tell Google do not index them because these are the archive pages which are duplicate URL.

Fix the duplicate content URL entries from blogger:
If you are using old interface of blogspot/blogger then go to setting>> archive and set no archive and if you are using new interface of blogspot /blogger then you need to write some code and telling  Google not to index these archive pages which is pretty straight forward approach. you can write this code with the old interface as well - it's just a matter of code which is mentioned below - just copy code snippet and you past it in template.

Sample duplicate archive pages entries:
Some of sample pages are your url ending with date and archives or some special character like question mark etc.

To fix them just point your location to blogger template html section and find head> tag and add following code after head tag.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;archive&quot;'>
<meta content='noindex,noarchive' name='robots'/>

This can happen with your own website where you see duplicate url of your session URL
Once you fix this issue then Google will show you exact  number of published post in its index.

Once Google bot will crawl your site then it will show you exact number of html of web pages or post no extra pages from your own site having same content.
you will see boost in ranking after this classic SEO fix.

Some other attributes you can use for noindex:
Following sample will prevent all cached linked to appear on MSN search result:
<meta name="msnbot" content="noindex">

Thursday, May 17, 2012

In today's world searching on Internet is becoming difficult task because single query can give you millions results and  many people spend much time just finding little information and solve their issues.

More people feels that what information they are retrieving is the perfect –but reality is different everything can be displayed as result of your query so it's very complicated to distinguish between data and the right information.
If you are using Google so you will probably get the right information but still information is not intelligently displayed.

Let's understand the scenario, if you are googling item on the web and given a query to Google for famous painter so you will get the many painter information in the result pages saying different facts about painter including their different attributes. but you need to give another query to find out what they has painted.

Now Google has released another functionality to enhance its search and make it more intelligent and behave like human- this enhancement is called knowledge graph which will give you closely related object along with your query.
If you want to search how many people have won Nobel Prize so this feature knowledge graph will give you all collective information based on users experience. This functionality will give you broader range of your search query with more intelligence based on users data – what user has been searching that will come under one place right after your search engine text box in another column/panel. This panel will give you broader result in which listing of all people have won Nobel Prize will be displayed.

This feature will bundle all matching result of your query in another panel based on user's experience.
Currently this feature is available in U.S only and available on all smartphone devices. Technically this time Google will give bunch of things not only string as we call them bunch of links.

Hope that this will work perfectly as Google engineer wanted to solve users queries.
Bing already released social functionality in the panel.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amazon is company has been working on cloud since long before, but recently after the launch of Google drive Amazon has broken the ice and made it clear that they want to do something on cloud and release a cloud drive like Google drive called Amazon cloud drive almost has the same functionality.

Google drive has supported many devices from which you can upload data or files or share them using different devices, but Amazon cloud drive which is also free up to 5 GB like Google drive is. And it also supporting few devices – if you are using different devices like ipad or mobile so you can upload , share your files , music or videos on cloud – it’s like mobile hard drive you can move anywhere do not carry your data but only devices and access files from anywhere- and you also can do amazon cloud drive sync to sync documents.

Google Drive is also free for 5 GB but after that you have to pay little amount as per your storage plan, but amazon cloud drive is also offering 5 GB free but after 5 GB there is more amount required to get extra storage on cloud.

Amazon has followed Google this time and just penetrated into this offering to give options to the entire audience so they could have choice to go with any technology whereas Google is a search giant tool and been working with latest technologies and been offering the same functionality since long before but just renamed a product called Google docs to Google cloud drive.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A sharing paradise is released now, it's a Google drive people has been hearing this buzz since long before – but now it's released by Google. But after the cloud invention things are getting tough and increasing competition all along. Many Applications in the world are being built for cloud – people are using them from cloud and recently Google has made its appearance in cloud with a fantastic experience of sharing files called Google drive.

We have seen few prominent features including that -it can recognize text from scanned documents this functionality is called OCR(optical character reader) – so if you upload any scanned document on your drive so it will have feature of recognizing text along and can search inside this document. Many file types are supported including adobe files type even Photoshop and illustrator drawing can be upload and view them easily. Yes without installing adobe illustrator you can open its document from Google drive and any pdf file can open using this drive space.

You can store up to 5 gb file for free, and easily sync your desktop folder on cloud space. Another prominent feature is- it can work on mac, windows and androids devices as of now.
There are vendors offering the same services in terms of space and functionality they are lacking somehow – applications are Skydrive, Mozy Stash, Spider Oak, AVGLive Kive etc.

But we found Google drive experience was the fantastic and easy on all devices.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Search is a basic component of today’s world specially when it comes online search in research or in any domain. If you are looking for any book that you want to read you always take Google approach means – you always use Google to find a resource; this is quite common approach by individual who are looking for books online.
There are many researcher out there doing research work and all the time they need to get information from different sources- what if you provide them a single platform that can help them find books from diversified resources so research become more easy handy and useful.

Library cloud is a mechanism for storing metadata –means data about data from different sources like from libraries and museum and other institutions and make such data available to any application that can be used there- and end user like researcher can use such kind of huge data for research purposes.

You need to understand a scenario to understand this service- assume that there are number of libraries available on net and what if all information comes under single umbrella using a web service called librarycloud, that makes pro-grammatically available meta data from diversified sources under single place- you can its API to give such functionality from your interface or website.

Ideally If you are end-user so will probably find different meta-data available under single place and if you are developer so would probably use its API to bundle this functionality in your application or site so anyone or researcher can take full advantage of this service.

Different sources like Harvard, Stanford university can upload their library data to any sit site if that site has bundled this functionality in their website and other researcher will doing research by taking help from that website,

Hope this has cleared a lot about what is librarycloud service there are few other vendors offering the same idea.
You can browse vendor's site and find out more about this services - just google libraryservices or contact us for this kind of idea.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

You need to understand few other terms in order to understand what is bandwidth limit of blogspot blog, If you are running a small business or mid-size scale, so you probably need to know many terms been used on Internet like traffic of your site, bandwidth etc.
Many hosting companies offering different bandwidth if you have purchased a domain so you would definitely understand the difference of bandwidth of your web page or website.
If you want to download a file from Internet to your computer let’s say that file is 4 mb- and probably it will take 4 mb bandwidth- so traffic basically is a people visiting your site and if there are number of people simultaneously accessing your site – so probably you need more bandwidth to give them a better experience – otherwise all your customer will stick somewhere in downloading those  files and finally they will leave site after spending hours.

What web hosting bandwidth is- basically how your web page or post will be accessed by number of users simultaneously? If you have enough bandwidth then all users will be having very good experience on your site and can view web pages properly.

If you come across with blogging and specially blogging using blogspot blog and after few posts you want to know the bandwidth- so there are number of free blogging platform they probably ask you for extra payment if you access more than the specified bandwidth, but if you are using blogspot blog like we discussed – so there is no bandwidth limit on blogspot blog – so as many posts you create and you can accommodate as many traffic if you have. All users will be experiencing all post simultaneously.

Blogspot blog storage limit:

If you have 100000 visits per day like people are visiting your site per day so your site or blog will not down with such kind huge traffic- so all users will be having great experience –so blogspot has unlimited bandwidth and you are lucky one who are managing blog on

Picassa webalbubum storage limit:

After all those limitation you have many images on your post so there is limit on picassa to store images, whenever you add images in your blog or you templates contains images so if you cross that limit like 1 GB for storing images on picassa, have crossed that so no image will be displayed on your post – and if you want to know total consuming space on picassa so login and check out setting.

  Initially people has been facing such issues in their mobile while typing- they cannot type word properly or somehow they type them so words just jumble upon because of less space available on the mobile keyboard, after times- QWETRY keyboard layout released where everything was done without any absolute hurdle, and now you can see today's mobile devices has half qwerty keyword which is absolutely handy for anyone to use full keyboard easily on small mobile devices. 

You still have much rooms to use full keyboard on your mobile without using QWERTY keyboard layout, or if we say this- typing without looking  is possible -so recently Google has released a Gmail tap -  this is a kind of development  in the keyboard layout, and it's a  binary type keyboard where you have only 2 keys to write entire message.

If you want to know how to work  with two keys which are dot and dash and compose a  complete message, this is not a fantasy – this is reality Google tap is the idea of an application – if installed – will give you 2 keys on your screen –dot and dash and a space bar. With these two keys you can replace entire keyboard 26 keys on your mobile set.

How to type with Gmail Tap:
Basically Gmail tap is a binary language to make different character on your mobile screen.
A • −
If you want to type A on your mobile screen you need to press keys combinations .-

We will published a picture to clear understanding for learning purpose of Gmail TAP about this process and see how keys combination could be pressed

 You need to download gmail tap application which is free and done, you should have android phone or any device have ios like ipad etc- so are probably under the right way to experience it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Just imagine if you are enjoying life with your friends and wanted to capture that movement but do not have camera and wherever you go you need a camera to capture those move, what if you do not carry big camera box and take pictures – is this possible yes- it’s now possible with Google Glass.
Google glass is a project being tested by Google employee probably will be tested by public soon, Google testing a prototype of technology sun-glass that can help you to take or capture movement where you are.
Because that glass has camera fitted at corner, just wear that glass and have fun with taking picture.
This is not just camera to capture movement, but it has camera to record video and it listens command in voice form,  so it has tiny camera fitted in sun-glass corner which is quite fascinating for anyone to watch the world wearing glasses and take pictures if like.
If you are a news reporter in any tv so this innovated technology with built in sun-glass could dramatically help you boost your productivity and focus you to the story instead of taking picture of the story etc.
This glass technology is quite impressive and we hope this will be accepted soon by audience.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Safari is mostly used browser in the world on mobile or smartphones almost 50-60% smartphone users used safari for browsing Internet world from their mobile.
Safari is developed by Apple, inc and it’s available on mac os and ios which is a operating system for ipad. You can download this browser for free from apple website for mac pc.
Online advertising is playing vital role in all aspect using such browsers, Many vendors need to understand their user if they are working with online advertising – because you need to know your user demographics in on-line advertising.
Technically Apple’s safari is configured to block user cookie, and if you block user’s cookie so basically you cannot know who the user is and where he/she is coming from which is very important in on-line advertising.
Recently Google a search giant and giant in online advertising recently identified by different researchers that Google has placed tractable cookie in Safari browser which is against the rule of game.
In future Google may face some legal issues- because this issue has been raised by U.S govt.
We hope this will be resolved soon in the best user interest and we believe NOW Google is a real giant in search advertising.

Friday, February 10, 2012

If you are searching content on web using Google and wanted to do something on cloud like dropbox,icloud is doing where people can start uploading their files or content and they can use them anywhere where they have Internet connection and they can manipulate those files anywhere.

If you ever used SkyDrive and used it and manage your files on Internet so be ready to work with your files on line with search giant Google, a new service is going to be released by Google –we do not have any information what is the charge of Google drive –normally Google provide things free – like if you ever used Google doc so that is totally free. This time Google is coming with cloud technology which will help anyone to upload and store content on cloud called it Google drive so you can manipulate them easily.

But Google drive is coming on smartphones and other devices if you have such mobile so you can use Google cloud technology and it’s our guess -this will be free services from Google.

Little details about other vendors currently offering free space:
Drop box 2 GB free (attempted to acquire by Apple)
SkyDrive 25 gb free space up till now by Microsoft

We will have to see how things will be working with Google drive but probably they will face huge competition in the market.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If you are planning to develop your site and add functionality of search –this may be ending up with a tedious job- because if you are coder then you can think of such functionality in ASP and in some other technologies. But let’s not reinvent the wheel and try adding some of the solution available in the world.
On the other hand you add search box for images as well, if you want to search content and images side by side so we will recommend Google custom search engine very famous used by number of people in the world for various web sites.

Google recently added another feature in their custom search engine that is called image search will give you image based result too– now you can find images via google custom search with a  image tab if you enable this feature from custom search engine.
Steps are below:
1) Login Google custom search website (
2) Provide search engine name and description
3) Select some of the layouts from the option given there
4) You can select different styles of your custom search from control panel area.
5) You can enable auto completion from control panel of custom search.
Once you are done with all changes then you get code from get code button inside cse (custom search engine)
And then past this all snippet into your blog or any site that you are working on to implement a search engine their and off course that is provided by Google.

  In the new custom search interface you will see image search option and you need to enable this option from basic setting, and select layout for image search and finally you are done- you definitely will be having a image search option for your entire site.
Give it a try and we hope you will get a dashing google custom search with image search option -will give you image based results.
Please stay connected with the site to learn more on custom search engine.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

You might have seen various websites having different animation or I should say rich effects and rich user interface – traditionally web designer has been using JavaScript for any dynamic effect and its client side technology that runs on client side, now people has been using different technology that handle events on client side and create animation too you can say advance animation and its application performance become fast. We call it JQuery- if you have question What is JQuery so- it’s  a client side scripting technology, jquery is totally free and it’s an open source model– you can use it in your website without any license fee. You can access DOM(document object model) using JQuery and also can create animation using it.
Very fine thing about this platform is – it supports mobile like you can view its forms and dialog boxes on smartphones as well.

There is another advanced version called jquery UI – you also can use it for advance animation, people are using JQuery UI for interactive or dynamic website.
I would recommend if you want to use JQuery- on your website just visit googlecode site.
And pass reference of jquery JavaScript file in your head tag and probably you are done.
And then use it inside your body tag of your HTML- these are simple hints how you can use JQuery initially and learn it using scripts.This is a very simple example for people  who wants to learn jquery.
If you want to see JQuery example where it’s being used – so JQuery has been used in office 365 online version where you see different dialog box is displaying on your screen and overall performance is quite fast of office online version because of this technology.
We hope you learned little about JQuery for beginners if you want to learn JQuery more so please stay connected with our site. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google CEO, Lary Page recently announced that Googlers are going to have another member in their family  "Motorola", everyone has to get ready for better user experience in mobile world, recently giant search tool Google has mad a biggest move and agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility and  Motorola has history of 80 years of innovative technologies in communication and its peripherals.
Lary Page explained that we are acquiring Motorola because we want to strengthen our Android that are built in smartphones and its devices.
Google also wanted to protect Android from anti-competitive threat that they have received from Microsoft, Apple and some other companies.

Google Supercharging combination and acquired Motorola:
This engagement will supercharge Android ecosystem in the mobile world and provide excellent user experience for Mobile users.

[Editor's Note: Content here are solely for informational purpose and learning purpose only and this site is a learning paradise]