August 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

ECM canvas has been expanded today's world if you want to know ECM feature in  Microsoft Office Sharepoint Portal Server 2007 then this is the right place for you. I won’t go into such details how others are doing in this domain like IBM’s FileNet, I might consider writing something about it in other posts.
Just focusing on Microsoft ECM(Enterprise Content Management)-Content Management includes managing business information in managed repository for web browser delivery , Content management provides a controlled authoring environment, branding, publishing environments. Now the term Content management is very clear to understand.
Now when you include Record management, Web Content Management and document management under one roof that is called Enterprise Content Management where Web Content Management is purely content authoring activity, that includes internet, extranet and intranet environment, as with ECM you can use workflow to manage ECM processes, however – these workflows focus on only content authoring and approval activity.
I have exploited many ECM features provided by Microsoft Sharepoint Server. I have used many feature where I didn’t change my environment I just had to define my content schedule in sharepoint, and I can get my authored content in draft version and then published version and automatically once content authoring activity is done then after final approval the entire site collection was automatically dumped on another site collection which was a online portal, it was user facing area.
I will show you few screenshots, which was completed while I was doing this activity.

First you need to create content deployment path in which you will mention from here to there means very simple, from one site collection ideally it’s a local intranet portal to another site collection means internet facing site path.

You can more important topic about sharepoint certification

Friday, August 21, 2009

Following is the list of accreditation that has been achieved with exceptional score- although we encourage people to go through with various books which are available in the market and then prepare for certification, we can help you and we can mention many books released by Microsoft towards the certification, please read them and prepare for certification accordingly, the certification we have achieved so far:
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Certified Professional (VB)

Microsoft Certified Professional (VB Distributed)

Microsoft Certified Professional (SQL Server)
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist MCTS (MOSS 2007)

We are authorized to use Microsoft Logo’s including MCTS, MCSD, and MCP, so the content  produced here are claimed to be authenticated.

We have a team of  Sharepoint Certified (MCTS MOSS 2007) and  Software Engineers on board, discussing Microsoft's the Giant product Sharepoint/MOSS2007 Certification process. We have honored to work for Microsoft Corporation and conducted Expression Web Training for Microsoft Academia for the region.

How did I certify and How received Sharepoint Certification along with MCSD

I started working for Sharepoint when Microsoft has Released Team Services in 2001, it was the first release by Microsoft to gauge the idea and help people to work on documents and sites as a team.

Now about certification, Sharepoint certification is not as easy as people are trying to explore things, it might give you tough time, I have passed this certification in July 2009, I achieved exceptional score and I strongly believe that Microsoft will not change its policy towards MCTS Exam questions until 2009 Ends, and they will remain unchanged, but in 2010 I will guarantee you Microsoft already started considering the type of questions candidate faces, because Microsoft is planning to launch exhibit based Questions and its answer. Where candidate has to perform some activities based on Sharepoint, like you will be given clean sharepoint installed area and ask you to create site collection underneath another, underneath another, and define SSP separately for the second site collection which you have created earlier.

I have done 4-5 deployment and implementation experience with Sharepoint, you just see I have been working for sharepoint only from 2001 and team services, then sps 2003, then MOSS in 2007. So altogether if you are working for sharepoint since such long tenure you can not have any issue in passing this exam.

I also have been through with Study Guides, thanks to James pyles who has written such a great book for MOSS. Hoping that you will be reading these lines.

MCTS MOSS exam will give you tough time, if you do not have any experience, my advice is to have some hands on, as much as you do hands on, you will have more grip to the Sharepoint.

After all if you don’t hands on and anyhow pass this exam which is impossible, then another trouble will be waiting for you that will be at your job, that might give you trouble in completing task using sharepoint and specially if you don’t work well with Sharepoint 2007, and remember don’t assume this if you know SPS 2003 then you don’t need to learn MOSS, there is a hell of a difference between SPS 2003 and MOSS2007 (Look and Feel level). Even some administrator can not even configure Record Center Site of MOSS 2007 because there was no Record Center in SPS2003.

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You can also read more material about sharepoint certification  will give you more idea of the type of topic you can face.