March 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If you have been managing blog or content under Posterous platform so just continue your work but Posterous has been acquired by twitter. Probably twitter has been increasing its canvas for their own users so people could do much more on twitter platform.
Posterous is a micro blogging platform where you can create your own blog for free, but if you have been using blogspot so you probably have some issues with it if you are updating your blog from mobile or smartphones devices but it’s fun with Posterous - they have provided rich text editor etc. But blogspot has much more feature than Posterous.
Up till now users of posterous will be using its services as it is with twitter – if there is any change users will be notified from posterous platform so continue with Posterous but under twitter umbrella.
You can manage your content on Posterous via email or iphone .
If you already redirected you’re domain to Posterous so do not worry – posterous management will inform you about any update.
So now on words posterous is under twitter umbrella we hope to see much more fun on twitter.