May 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

You may have heard that PerformancePoint Services has been merged with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010  for better BI or for better business decision making.
Although there are many other BI tools available under Microsoft shelves- but it all depends which is the best for your organization’s need, other tools you use for your business entirely depend on your business problems that you are going to solve using these-
You can use Visio services, performance point services, excel services etc for BI Dashboards..

Performance point illustration to understand it by example

We will outline performance point services – although every BI service has different tendency to work with.

Performance point services- this service has been bundled/merged in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – and its dashboard tool to develop KPI, you can develop KPI from diversified data sources like SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server and Excel services and Sharerpoint list.

If someone asks that what is "PerformancePoint Services in Sharepoint 2010"- so basically it enables the organization to create aggregate information for analysis of organization’s data.

It is all about performance monitoring and analyzing business data so on time decision could be taken.
Performance point services now bundled with sharepoint 2010 so you can design fully customize dashboard, scored cards and KPI for your enterprise. Take a look at performance point designed dashboard in sharepoint 2010.

New Facts About PerformancePoint Sevices integration with sharepoint 2010:

        •    Strong filter capabilities given using sharepoint 2010 BI- you also can use dynamic   
           time filter to analyze data.
     •    You can use multiple performance point services web part on single page and its 
      •    Authoring tool “Dashboard designer” help users to build rich Dashboard user 

PerformancePoint in Action Under Sharepoint 2010 Umbrella: (see picture with this)

In the picture below you can see Sharepoint 2010 and PerformancePoint Services and its “Quick launch” -allow you to navigate and click on the item available.

BI Webpart which contains reports and scorecards there -See the picture for detail.

Breadcrumb in Sharepoint BI DashBoard: you could see in the picture has some option there to go and navigate your current site. (See picture’s arrow for details)
This breadcrumb bar had some filter this time to filter data by geography and Year (see picture’s arrow for details).
Picture above displaying PerformancePoint Services Bundled with Sharepoint 2010  and with Quick Launch on your left, BI Webpart and ScoreCards and Filter Nav and Excel services has been used to analyze this report.

You can fully customize your BI Dashboard using this technology.

Use PerformancePoint Services with sharepoint 2010 when you want to create dashboard, scorecards, and KPI to analyze your business performance.
Performance point services for Sharepoint 2010- does not support trend charts, pivot table report, pivot chart report, ODB data sources, analysis services 2000 and 32 bit server architecture- are no longer supported by.
You can read more about PerformancePoint and Sharepoint 2010 at Microsoft site,
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As per the real information gathered from Market we have published a list of famous Vendors of the technology although this list is not completed and being updated all the way. Please send us your site our team will evaluate them and then will publish them here.
 Following is the list of directory that contains list of dod certified record management vendors, these software are dod certified record management software there may be more software,  as of now we could gathered the list below.
If you want to know more please contact principle vendor or contact us for any further information as per our experience.

Most of the software below support out look as email client but you can contact directly to the vendor for any further information. And some of the software fall into document management category too.

Vendor                                  Product                                            DB                           OS
IBM                             IBM Enterprise Record Manager                IBM DB2, SQL Server   IBM AIX, WIN2008
Autonomy Corp.          Autonomy Rec Manager                            SQL Server, Oracle      Win2008
Open Text                   Open Text Rec Manager                            SQL Server                 Win2008
Laserfiche                  Laserfiche Record Management                 SQL Server, Oracle       Win2008
EMC                           EMC Record Manager                                 SQL Server, Oracle      Win2008
Vignette(OT)              Vignette OpenText                                     SQL Server                  Win2003
Alfresco                     Alfresco Record Management Module           MySQL, Oracle             Linux, Windows
HP                             HP TRIM                                                 SQL Server, Oracle, HP IAP      Windows
Below you will find Document Management System. If you want to know anything further about them please Google the term you will get the principle vendor site.
        Oracle (UCM)
        Xerox DocuShare included with scanning
     WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services (Microsoft)
Some Business Process Management software they are famous too.
            K2 Blackpearl 


            Vignette (Open Text)

Gathered Business Intelligence software.
               Cognos: Acquired by IBM 
               PerofrmancePoint (Microsoft)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is all about Sharepoint 2010 Features-Microsoft has provided a lot of new sharepoint 2010 features including the rich ribbon Interface- and much more functionality bundled with it.
We will try to cover many sharepoint 2010 features please stay connected to read more if you do not find your desired topic.
Sharepoint 2010 cross the boundaries of browser and reach at mobile desktop – so you can enhance the employee productivity while they are away from office.
With the enhanced mobile access with sharepoint 2010 employees can access information from different location share and edit the presentation or docs and comments on all instances to make them run faster including word docs and power point presentation etc more than the previous version –sharepoint 2007 that focused on infopath forms on mobile only.

You will be going through with the sharepoint 2010 features and its comparison with sharepoint 2007

 There is a drastic change in user interface of sharepoint 2010 that is- many options are available on ribbon style interface, so user does not spend much time to go further to do single task, it can be related to view web application properties or make any changes on web application level or if user is working on document workspace then the commands are available on Ribbon- make changes on the fly and get going or any task you do using ribbon in sharepoint2010 is fast than sharepoint 2007.

You do not need to create a webaprt zone to add a webpart for your site in sharepoint 2010, in earlier version people needs to add a webpart zone to add a webpart in your site, so finally editing content and adding functionality been more easy in SharePoint 2010.

Inline editing :

another new feature, you can edit list item on the fly like list item can edited instantly. So user does not need to navigate back and fourth to edit item just single click using AJAX Dialog things are done. 

Quick Upload: 

this is another improved feature in sharepoint 2010, if you want to upload content in document library so content upload functionality become too fast - only dialog box is changed and speed of upload is increased and the rest of functionality is same as it was in sharepoint 2007.

Different theme for branding:

 in sharepoint 2010 has been provided and functionality is  improved and made more easy like you need to do a lot of work if you just want to change header color of sharepoint 2007, but in sharepoint 2010 you just tweak with the theme option and you will see the same color and change it from theme setting.

Create new List option:

from all content type will display the screen which is more handy and more rich interface . Where you can create new list, custom list, external list etc.

BCS: Business Connectivity Service(Sharepoint 2010)-:

old BDC Sharepoint2007
You can access data from LoB application and manipulate it using sharepoint 2010, In sharepoint 2007 BDC had some different tendency to work with -where you need to write code a lot to add new item into your LoB application, but with SP2010 you can manipulate data without any difficulty and item can be manipulated using BCS Service- now Microsoft has released it as a service. And you can host this service on different server to make your application much faster.

Document Set:

Another sharepoint improvement is Document Set feature that allows you to manage docs as a set. Documents set versions as a whole and downloaded as zip file and they share same meta data. In sharepoint 2007 it was a major issue you can not have multiple docs attached with a single doc(by design you can only attaché docs as a  links)- Now using Document Set feature you approve single document set where you have stored 5 more related documents. Major difference in Doc Workspace and Document set is that it shares same metadata.

Visio Process Repository:

Microsoft has introduced few new template based on different functionality and that is called Visio process repository template in collaboration section, 

Using this template you can track your visio diagram and find out how many guys had made changes in which versions etc. And all the processes designed in Visio can be stored in process diagram document library in SharePoint 2010.

We have not covered all Sharepoint 2010 Features in this article, stay connected to read more.
If you want to read more on Sharepoint 2007 please visit: Sharepoint Certification the most famous article on this site.

We have not covered all new features in this article, stay connected to read more.

If you want to read more on Sharepoint 2007 please visit: Sharepoint Certification the most famous article on this site.