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Friday, February 7, 2020

SharePoint can also be used to store list and libraries and save list item and document property's values also known as metadata which is also known as data about data –very powerful technique to use in search query so entire information can be accessed anytime about your items.  Thus creating a powerful search mechanism help you access specific information stored inside your document.

Metadata can also be used for accessing your media files or access assets once you associate them using keyword for browsing. You store files physical files or media files or any asset re so what if if you don’t need to remember media files location or document library so ideally you can define it for all these assets or files so you can access them via keyword that you have defined.

If you are familiar with content type technology which is available in SharePoint by using it anyone can store different information for different files using one document library which is beauty of SharePoint and automatically populate them via metadata.

Why use metadata with Record Center site:

Even when working with record management centre site you have ample room to define or classify data with your records which is traditionally hard to find and organize.
One flavour is to classify your record or even with your invoice you can define additional information about your invoice by adding  into it.

  • Other flavor is to enhance your search by defining it as keyword.
  • Many org and companies when storing document they store it into library.

And further create folder and then folder to store document in this document library- but main problem with this approach is difficult to find your documents from such structure – and if you define it at site level or document level so you can easily find your documents which will be auto populated too.

Why managed metadata so important:

As term employs that managed metadata is a place where you can manage your metadata centrally,
By enabling metadata service you can define managed metadata and termset and utilize them globally.

Don’t get confused with tagging – this technique is basically implementing it at specific list item
As final thought SharePoint provides central term management mechanism, so you can define common set of terms which can be used on entire site level. Once you define it then you can associate them with your list and libraries you also can take full advantage of auto populate metadata sharepoint and configured your portal based on this mechanism.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

There is no doubt in that people are using SharePoint 2013 for designing website especially local intranet portal and extranet facing site. As a platform it can not only be used to design extranet portal or local intranet portal but also used to achieve other goals of organization. You can design internet facing sites as well and you can find document stored in your repository, you can manage document and records, it also provides collaboration, enterprise content management, business process management, search content and much more.
Microsoft says –it’s for Share, organize, discover, build and manage.
Where you can share content and documents in your enterprise, you can organize task and projects, and off course you can discover content in your enterprise where content can be searched very fast and result would be more relevant and organize with search engine is built in SharePoint. In designing or build part you can go beyond the limit and design any custom app with SharePoint 2013, and this time you can also manage your solution on cloud – SharePoint has different flavor means you can go and install it on cloud office 365 for example some services on cloud and manage your solution easily.
What is collaboration if SharePoint 2013 is collaboration platform?
For enterprise collaboration means - you allow your colleague to work on the same document side by side while others are working and SharePoint creates different version of that document but when you check in then your changes would be visible to others.
What is SharePoint 2013 definition simplified:
If your organization wants to design website so they can use SharePoint to design it, if enterprise wants to create intranet portals then – can go ahead with SharePoint and like if someone wants to design extranet portal then SharePoint would be right choice.
Organization wants to share content or document –can use SharePoint and collaborate on it, can do enterprise content management, document management and business process management activities with this server suite of tools.

what is sharepoint 2013
What is SharePoint 2013 understanding and Concepts with animated infographic
Above animated inforgraphic will help you to understand what is SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is being offered as different version by Microsoft:
1) SharePoint Foundation 2013
free version with limited feature but of course you need windows server to run it.
2) SharePoint 2013 Standard server 
A server for designing business solution but again some feature would still be missing.
3) SharePoint 2013 enterprise server
Designed for large enterprise to design large business solutions.
4) SharePoint 2013 online version:
if you don’t want to create SharePoint so you can go ahead with option – SharePoint as hosted service.

You can browse this site more to find out difference among these versions.

Monday, December 9, 2013

When you want to upload a video file in flv format but that format is too big and SharePoint is not allowing you to upload that video on you portal so you have some options to fix such issues.
You can convert that video flv or flash video into .wmv format and then try uploading that video on portal when you convert that video into wmv format using tools available there so you would see format is wmv but file size is extremely reduced.
If you want to upload that video using content editor web-part so you can just upload that wmv resource which is reduced file size on your portal but again you might be facing one more issue there,  that video would not be displaying or playing automatically when user would visit your video page.
Actually you want a video player should be there to play that video inside portal when you upload that video using content editor webpart.
Here are few techniques that would help you to upload video from content query web-part easily and this technique would show/display video on portal page and play it accordingly.
You can try copying the following code in content editor web-part in html source area - just edit your sharepoint webpage and modify content editor web-part , you would see text area , from there you can select html code and write the following there:

<object classid="CLSID:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95" width="600" height="400" id="mediaplayer1" title="Win Media Player">
  <param name="FileName" value="http://testserver /English/TS%20Strategy%20English%20ImageFilm2.wmv">
  <param name="AutoStart" value="False">
  <param name="ShowControls" value="False">
  <param name="ShowStatusBar" value="True">
  <param name="ShowDisplay" value="False">
  <param name="AutoRewind" value="False">
  <param name="DisplayBackColor" value="True" />
  <param name="BufferingTime" value="6">
  <embed src= http://testserver /English/TS%20Strategy%20English%20ImageFilm2.wmv" width="500" height="400" autostart="True" type="application/x-mplayer2"
pluginspage="" filename=" http://testserver /English/TS%20Strategy%20English%20ImageFilm2.wmv" showcontrols="True" showstatusbar="False" showdisplay="False" autorewind="True" displaybackcolor="True" bufferingtime="6">

Note: Code is written by

Object tag has classid attribute that is for media player class id so you don’t worry let it be as it is. You can change some other attributes if you want like auto play, buffer time etc.
You need to change the source file in value attribute of object tag.
Finally when you write this code in content editor weppart so you would see video is displaying and playing inside sharepoint portal.
We have assumed this you have uploaded video in sharepoint video library and just referring it here inside object tag.
You can leave any comment if you are having issues in fixing while uploading video in sharepoint using content editor webpart.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Work with MS Office in cloud  "Microsoft announcing office 365 as cloud"

Everything is becoming a cloud nowadays; Microsoft has changed the strategy to rule the software world and now come up with cloud computing technology in Office suite called office 365.

Microsoft will launch Microsoft office 365 in 2011 bundling number of technologies under one roof.
Microsoft empowered office suite with cloud functionality so you can access email anywhere online, outlook calendar on any device including mobile- and Microsoft is going to offer all functionality with subscription model not with the license model as it’s been happening traditionally.

Sharepoint 2010 in cloud with office 365:

Office 365 provides office and server suites online to utilize them as a cloud- including this Microsoft is going to offer lync, exchange and sharepoint online so user can full advantage of these services- using sharepoint user can store documents online, using

If you are running small business and do not want to invest in licensing so office 365 could be best option for you to work with all software online and just pay for as you use these software in the form of subscription not for licenses.

You can create mysite and share documents among your colleagues, you also can share calendars and task list with others online.

Understand office 365 by example
Above illustration is copyrighted to and informational purpose only.

Microsoft Lync:

Using lync you can communicate effectively with users and partners, and have great video and audio communication with your partners.

Exchange online with exchange 2010 using cloud technology.

Microsoft office 2010 Plus:

Microsoft has bundled all functionality using cloud.

Office 365 includes Sharepoint online, Lync Online, exchange online and office professional plus desktop version.

Office 365 with different flavor:
Office 365 for small business
Office 365 for enterprise
Office 365 for Education

What software do I need if I want to work with office 365?
One thing is very important when you want to use office 365 so do not need to install it – you need to access it from your browser – and then all these system requirement comes into picture and see if your browser supports such features etc.
System requirements:
Operating System Requirements
Windows XP (SP3 Version)
Windows Vista SP2 Version
Windows 7
You need office client when working with office 365 and Office Client requirements are:
Office 2007 sp2 or 2010
.net 2.0 framework or later
Lync 2010
Browser requirement:
Outlook for web access
Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox 3.x, Safari

Hope you enjoyed everything here- please stay connected to get more information on office 365
And if you want to share some idea or information  on office 365 please leave text.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

You may have heard that PerformancePoint Services has been merged with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010  for better BI or for better business decision making.
Although there are many other BI tools available under Microsoft shelves- but it all depends which is the best for your organization’s need, other tools you use for your business entirely depend on your business problems that you are going to solve using these-
You can use Visio services, performance point services, excel services etc for BI Dashboards..

Performance point illustration to understand it by example

We will outline performance point services – although every BI service has different tendency to work with.

Performance point services- this service has been bundled/merged in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – and its dashboard tool to develop KPI, you can develop KPI from diversified data sources like SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server and Excel services and Sharerpoint list.

If someone asks that what is "PerformancePoint Services in Sharepoint 2010"- so basically it enables the organization to create aggregate information for analysis of organization’s data.

It is all about performance monitoring and analyzing business data so on time decision could be taken.
Performance point services now bundled with sharepoint 2010 so you can design fully customize dashboard, scored cards and KPI for your enterprise. Take a look at performance point designed dashboard in sharepoint 2010.

New Facts About PerformancePoint Sevices integration with sharepoint 2010:

        •    Strong filter capabilities given using sharepoint 2010 BI- you also can use dynamic   
           time filter to analyze data.
     •    You can use multiple performance point services web part on single page and its 
      •    Authoring tool “Dashboard designer” help users to build rich Dashboard user 

PerformancePoint in Action Under Sharepoint 2010 Umbrella: (see picture with this)

In the picture below you can see Sharepoint 2010 and PerformancePoint Services and its “Quick launch” -allow you to navigate and click on the item available.

BI Webpart which contains reports and scorecards there -See the picture for detail.

Breadcrumb in Sharepoint BI DashBoard: you could see in the picture has some option there to go and navigate your current site. (See picture’s arrow for details)
This breadcrumb bar had some filter this time to filter data by geography and Year (see picture’s arrow for details).
Picture above displaying PerformancePoint Services Bundled with Sharepoint 2010  and with Quick Launch on your left, BI Webpart and ScoreCards and Filter Nav and Excel services has been used to analyze this report.

You can fully customize your BI Dashboard using this technology.

Use PerformancePoint Services with sharepoint 2010 when you want to create dashboard, scorecards, and KPI to analyze your business performance.
Performance point services for Sharepoint 2010- does not support trend charts, pivot table report, pivot chart report, ODB data sources, analysis services 2000 and 32 bit server architecture- are no longer supported by.
You can read more about PerformancePoint and Sharepoint 2010 at Microsoft site,
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