January 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 Have you ever experienced any site using smartphones you would probably know how the site is working and you may find static content of the site – many applications on internet or you can say site having application does not support smartphone.
Another journey was that when you browse internet world and you are browsing with your mobile and that site is designed in flash so probably you have very bad experience because many smartphone or ipad does not support flash as a result you see blank pages of that site. 

Issues for adding video in HTML has been resolved with HTML5–  there is no additional tagging or plugin required to add video/music on webpage just one element can add video/audio in webpage so you can see HTML5 Video on any HTML5 supported browser.

HTML Five Validation:

New forms level validation has been added in HTML5 using them you can restrict anyone to enter wrong data who is using your form, or you can say you add forms level validation using different element in HTML5 like if someone has not entered valid email address in your HTML form so you can send message to user screen to enter valid email.
You can add NAV element to define navigation on your page. You also need to define the html pages they could be displayed on that html page, inside the nav element define your html pages using anchor tag link- probably you are done.

HTML5 example Tags:

You just try the following code snippet with the matching closing tag for HTML5 example and see how HTML5 elements can work with your browser.
You can use <nav> element enclosed with angle bracket for navigation.
You can add music audio stream just adding element <audio>You do not need to write any script to display time on website just add <
You can add <search>(enclosed with angle bracket) type of input to search content on web.

HTML 5 sites with application:

You can develop application using HTML5 many elements can be used to design application for example you can develop a canvas where any user can make a sketch online using html5 technology and you add different filters to make your art more artistic. We have seen and used HTML5 application on [deviantart] you just browse it from Goolge and can use it. We cannot sum up HTML5 in one word – it’s also a tool to create application on mobile or smartphone additionally you can develop photo editor online using its API.
If you using kindle and reading book so there is another application designed in html5 to read book online – additionally you can use various script from github to make your html5 application.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If your organization has purchased SAP solution you probably have been facing issues like how to work with its module and its ERP or CRM etc, and SAP ERP is the mostly used by number of MNC in the world – but employees has always problem in performing task because sometimes they do not have any commerce background and if they have then they do not know how generate a PO from SAP ERP etc. So Datango is software – that can help you how to do simple or complicated task using SAP using simulation.

If you want to understand what is Datango we would say it’s tools for SAP training and simulation-Datango can demonstrate you how to use SAP application using training session .
You can use Datango in various aspects in using SAP modules – like you can simulate its CRM module and can understand how to work with CRM easily, accordingly you can get help how to use change management module and its documentation.

With datango you can manage and work with different SAP modules and understand  various tasks via training with easy steps. This software work like a recorder and user can understand what to do when on each module –it’s like training manual or documentation, you can see how to create setup using simulation  etc.
SAP has acquired software from Datanago including its training module based on SAP modules so users can easily understand and learn how to work with SAP and generate documentation etc.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Microsoft operating system has been supported by intel and AMD processor from the day one but this time Microsoft has supported another processor called ARM with its new operating system Microsoft windows 8 will be shipped with metro style where you can have touch screen feature too and you may find and listen music under one roof.
ARM chip-set has been used in various mobiles phones, this processor's chip can also be used in other devices. Nowadays ARM architecture is supported by Android which is a famous OS by many smartphones.
If you want to know how many other devices are supported by ARM so they are Amazon Kindle, various smartphones by Acer, ASUS products, various BenQ products, different navigation devices used for pointing location are supported by ARM technology, different versions of blackberry devices are supported by ARM, different version of Motorola and Nokia are supported by ARM architecture.
Microsoft has released a developer preview version of windows 8 which is being tested as well official may be released by the end of fourth quarter of 2012- we believe public beta of Microsoft windows 8 will be available in start feb 2012.
Metro style screen is new type of screen where there is no start button to navigate through but all icons on screen are available as action command.
Microsoft probably add few more feature including bootable USB 3.0 support without loading drive just plug in USB to login. Microsoft is going to support css3 and HTML5 for better web experience with windows 8

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If you are planning to develop your site and add functionality of search –this may be ending up with a tedious job- because if you are coder then you can think of such functionality in ASP and in some other technologies. But let’s not reinvent the wheel and try adding some of the solution available in the world.
On the other hand you add search box for images as well, if you want to search content and images side by side so we will recommend Google custom search engine very famous used by number of people in the world for various web sites.

Google recently added another feature in their custom search engine that is called image search will give you image based result too– now you can find images via google custom search with a  image tab if you enable this feature from custom search engine.
Steps are below:
1) Login Google custom search website (http://www.google.com/cse)
2) Provide search engine name and description
3) Select some of the layouts from the option given there
4) You can select different styles of your custom search from control panel area.
5) You can enable auto completion from control panel of custom search.
Once you are done with all changes then you get code from get code button inside cse (custom search engine)
And then past this all snippet into your blog or any site that you are working on to implement a search engine their and off course that is provided by Google.

  In the new custom search interface you will see image search option and you need to enable this option from basic setting, and select layout for image search and finally you are done- you definitely will be having a image search option for your entire site.
Give it a try and we hope you will get a dashing google custom search with image search option -will give you image based results.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

 Google plus has drawn a lot of attention and gathered much more audience and this show was going great but Facebook knew what could happen if they do not work hard and then they made a lot changes and given more features to Facebook users and people started sticking to facebook with more features on board.

Now Google has made a move to draw people attention from Facebook to Google plus and played its trump card which is obviously Google tool –the search tool – Google has made drastic changes in search and now if you are just searching content beside this -you can find a lot, this time giant search tool will find people and other things, which was being transformed from social search – now just few more features has been added.
 You can find personal results too if you have photos on Google plus and post like if you are finding any travel detail and you have post on Google plus about this category then you will probably find them altogether under one search tool that is Google search.

You can find profile in search result with google now, if you have friends with profile on Google plus then you can find them with Google search tool.
On the other hand Bing has become the second search in United States after Google, whereas Google still has 69% share in search.

Monday, January 9, 2012

If you want to know how secure your data is so – we could tell you there are many surveys that has been conducted and revealed that 48% of data from organization are stolen or many employees they do not follow the organization’s code of conduct just steal data– and sometimes that data is leak out to the competitors.
There are many ways people can steal data usually people uses sql injection technology to do such stuff.
Data can be stolen from inside and this percentage is getting doubled every year, application and data-ware house are becoming critical place for this activity, if you are using encryption technique and storing user privilege inside database which is very impressive too but this technique may not work if someone is approaching database with sql injection.

Oracle has introduced a technology called oracle database firewall that monitors your data access, enforces policies who has accessed your data with permission or without permission, it will protect network based attack originating from inside and outside too, it can protect you from any kind of threat and best part of this technology is- it support different databases, New release of oracle database firewall is supported to non-oracle database including my SQL, this means simple, this tool not only provide security to oracle databases but also SQL Server database and other RDBMS databases. It also supports IBM DB2, Sybase and SQL Anywhere databases.

You will find a white list policy feature that allows anyone to release only approved sql statement, for example you have mentioned approved sql statement and only such statement can be sent to database otherwise nobody can execute any other statement. In other words you can block as many sql statement as you want so any person approaching your database with select statement –if he/she is not allowed to execute such statement he cannot use them.

This tool is shipped with different reports – supported standards are Sarbanes Oxley and PCI DSS II.

Friday, January 6, 2012

If you want to understand what is windows phone so we can help you out there, so windows phone is a mobile operating system developed by giant Microsoft for different mobile devices.
Currently there are number of devices supported by windows phone including HTC, DELL, SAMSUNG etc. If you have such devices then you can enjoy with windows phone and use many Microsoft software with that and all features are quite impressive that we have seen so far.

You can use IE for your browsing session, and calendar and people contact and email, you can use office mobile option and use Microsoft one-not there using your windows mobile phone.
There is an option for people who wants to know “what’s that song” quite interesting feature just play a song and then press search will tell you who is the artist and where you can buy this song, you just need to press search button on you mobile and press music button to know all this.
You can find something while speaking let’s say you want to know “what is Microsoft sharepoint” just say this on your windows phone and done, the rest will fetched from search option and will display you the answers down the line.

In this process whenever you need anything related to updated software from Microsoft mobile update site so they always notify you and you get updated version of your software but now Microsoft has changed decision and discarding software updates site for windows phone where you get notification about update software and new updates will be available for those who will request it.

By the way this option was quite helpful for people who were just using windows phone and all the time whenever new information or updated software information is available so Microsoft notifies mobile users by a dialog box but now people will not be able to see such notification in future.

Hope this was quite helpful for you please stay connected to get more.

If you are power user of ipad and use it frequently in your life where you have desperate need to manage word document and excel sheet and power point, there are many applications you can create document and presentation online –but it always take time to use so many applications for managing files online and probably you switch your application too later on- if you are not happy with the application, this ends with time consuming process where if you have anything like professional online application or Microsoft office for ipad so you can create documents and power point presentations online using Microsoft word and create excel sheet and power point documents using cloudon service.

Microsoft has also released different versions of office, but this time it’s  available on cloud via ipad. Just get drop box account if you are not familiar with this drop box service – so we have used it and found it impressive- it is used to manage your files online- you can get an account on dropbox and then done and yes you need iPad too- if you want Microsoft office for ipad- you can try this version of office which is quite impressive to access service just visit or google cloudon. And you will get the best office application for ipad.