Google Search tool with new feature using Google plus

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Google Search tool with new feature using Google plus

 Google plus has drawn a lot of attention and gathered much more audience and this show was going great but Facebook knew what could happen if they do not work hard and then they made a lot changes and given more features to Facebook users and people started sticking to facebook with more features on board.

Now Google has made a move to draw people attention from Facebook to Google plus and played its trump card which is obviously Google tool –the search tool – Google has made drastic changes in search and now if you are just searching content beside this -you can find a lot, this time giant search tool will find people and other things, which was being transformed from social search – now just few more features has been added.
 You can find personal results too if you have photos on Google plus and post like if you are finding any travel detail and you have post on Google plus about this category then you will probably find them altogether under one search tool that is Google search.

You can find profile in search result with google now, if you have friends with profile on Google plus then you can find them with Google search tool.
On the other hand Bing has become the second search in United States after Google, whereas Google still has 69% share in search.

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