Saturday, December 25, 2010


Today’s world is more visual – in early days people has been using text  to analyze data – but still there is no way to analyze data based on images – I think this is where our software come into picture and  may perform some role in future – but there are few software in the world just give you image based analysis of data.
   When you are searching hotel on web only one way you find your favorite hotel is to type in Google search box or if you want to search your favorite book so you just type your favorite book in Google search box and hit search button then rest is your task to click on valid link and find best hotel or best book and start reading the details.

google image swirl
Understand Google Image Swirl by example
Note:Understand Google Image Swirl  by example

If you imagine you start your search with images, let say you wanted to find Eiffel tower and you just type Eiffel tower in search box and hit the search button so instead of text link displaying below, there is new way you are finding Eiffel tower picture in spinning form, like all relevant links are coming in pictorial format – that’s all, we will give you such information where Google is working on it’.
Google is going beyond because web is changing very fast, every day there is a new invention, Google is experimenting visual search instead of traditional text.
Google started a project in 2009 called Google image swirl basically gather various similar images as per your query with metadata –it’s a data about image and display them in hierarchy of image result.
When Google was doing its test – so 4,00,0000 queries were supported in image search text box, now probably they have increased number of queries.
 In  September 2010, Google research has added links to video in a given clusters with image similarities, if you are find your favorite hotel so all picture will be displayed some may be video links in the result set with Google image swirl.
You also can try image swirl (try Googleling term image swirl) and tell us how you found information, visually or traditionally.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Work with MS Office in cloud  "Microsoft announcing office 365 as cloud"

Everything is becoming a cloud nowadays; Microsoft has changed the strategy to rule the software world and now come up with cloud computing technology in Office suite called office 365.

Microsoft will launch Microsoft office 365 in 2011 bundling number of technologies under one roof.
Microsoft empowered office suite with cloud functionality so you can access email anywhere online, outlook calendar on any device including mobile- and Microsoft is going to offer all functionality with subscription model not with the license model as it’s been happening traditionally.

Sharepoint 2010 in cloud with office 365:

Office 365 provides office and server suites online to utilize them as a cloud- including this Microsoft is going to offer lync, exchange and sharepoint online so user can full advantage of these services- using sharepoint user can store documents online, using

If you are running small business and do not want to invest in licensing so office 365 could be best option for you to work with all software online and just pay for as you use these software in the form of subscription not for licenses.

You can create mysite and share documents among your colleagues, you also can share calendars and task list with others online.

Understand office 365 by example
Above illustration is copyrighted to www.sqlservermanagementstudio.net and informational purpose only.

Microsoft Lync:

Using lync you can communicate effectively with users and partners, and have great video and audio communication with your partners.

Exchange online with exchange 2010 using cloud technology.

Microsoft office 2010 Plus:

Microsoft has bundled all functionality using cloud.

Office 365 includes Sharepoint online, Lync Online, exchange online and office professional plus desktop version.

Office 365 with different flavor:
Office 365 for small business
Office 365 for enterprise
Office 365 for Education

What software do I need if I want to work with office 365?
One thing is very important when you want to use office 365 so do not need to install it – you need to access it from your browser – and then all these system requirement comes into picture and see if your browser supports such features etc.
System requirements:
Operating System Requirements
Windows XP (SP3 Version)
Windows Vista SP2 Version
Windows 7
You need office client when working with office 365 and Office Client requirements are:
Office 2007 sp2 or 2010
.net 2.0 framework or later
Lync 2010
Browser requirement:
Outlook for web access
Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox 3.x, Safari

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recently, Microsoft and Temenos prove scale of supports for large scale banking- if you are new to core banking software so -A class of system for banks and its branches for all their activities/operation including a system that process domestic and international payment is called core banking system - Temenos represent largest core banking product in the world –it’s a Temenos Group AG basically based in Switzerland founded in 1993 and Temenos is one of the biggest companies providing core banking best practice banking solution, they have various modules in core banking system-T24 runs on J2EE application server and also support Microsoft tools and technologies. Moreover, Temenos databases were supported by three different giant DB vendors.
Temenos has also been known as Globus and the Canadian Servus Credit Union, that manages nearly U.S. $ 10 billion in assets” is now Temenos customer.
“IBM DB2” and “jBase” and Oracle has been supported as database for banking industries using Temenos as a core banking system, but Microsoft is in financial services now, and join hands with Temenos and now Temenos the world largest banking software T24 available as a fourth option as database with SQL Server 2008 R2.

Microsoft has penetrated in banking sector and joined hands with the largest core banking software called Temenos, and tested its availability on SQL Server 2008 R2 so now you can run core banking software on SQL Server. Microsoft has tested theT24 environment with windows server with SQL Server 2008 R2 and done successfully this testing using 25 million accounts with 15 million customers over 2000 branches.
Microsoft team test results:
Task                     Average     SQL-T24
Funds transfers     500,000     697,920
Security trades     240,000     323,534

Technically-  Temenos stores information in SQL Server in XML format and user also can take advantage of SQL Server BI services once you are working with huge data store.
 In this entire game Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is going to play a vital role, Windows OS 2008 is the most advanced OS and most secure for such kind of activities.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google Instant Search Feature is released by Google, and Google is a search giant – and there is no doubt saying about that when Google was planning to launch its search tool there were many other giants already exist like altavista, lycos and yahoo in 90’s when Google launched its search tool then it became a world leader in search. Google recently added a search enhancement in its search tool that is to save your time when searching for things,  Normally it takes 9 second to type a search query as per Google research and sometimes it took 90 second and with Google instant search feature it can safe 2-5 second to type single query.

Imagine demo -as you type query it will give you related text- before typing your text will be displayed.

Another fact about Google instant Search feature is – you can turn this feature off if you don’t like this, just click preference page.
Google instant Search feature is rolled out to US, UK, France, Germany, Italy Spain and Russia and only for people using chrome, IE8, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for MAC. And if you are in India or Ghana or other than the countries mentioned above – you can not use this feature you need to log in to Google account to access this feature.
 Good news for SEO Experts that is – this feature will not affect ranking
Google instant search is not available for mobile user so please use office pc or desktop one.

Please leave comments if you like this feature because Google engineer has done a lot to develop this feature – they might get a kind of feedback on this feature to enhance it further.

Monday, August 30, 2010

If you look at the history of Business Intelligence at a Glance so as per the bi tools the oldest Business intelligence tools is  nQuire Inc – software called nQuire- initially  focused on data access and come up with their first product for analyzing structured data from diversified system.
nQuire is the software that has been used for BI in late 90’s and after 2 years it was acquired by Seibel and marketed as Seibel Analytics now this product finally acquired by Oracle and become an Oracle BI Enterprise Suite.

Before acquiring ProClarity by Microsoft - this tools was also a very old tools of BI and now Microsoft is marketing and further enhancing this tool as Performance Point Services with Sharepoint server 2010 although there is drastic change in the product that is called Performance Point Services 2010.

Our team had analyzed data based on market trends for business intelligence tools.

Different BI tools and its market share:

Specially- if you are going to select the BI tool so you can at least find out which one has high sales in a year, we have evaluated few BI tools specially Performance point Server, Oracle BI and IBM’s Cognos. But on a small architecture – we could not have the high end architecture to evaluate these products but the best thing is – when you are going to buy any of the BI tool so you can figure out its sales by year – it is obvious if product sales is higher than the other product – this means one product with the high volume of licensed soled – is the good one.

Please review the BI Tools by market share%:

                                                              Market share %

Microsoft BI:                                           7.7 %

IBM Cognos:                                           10.0 %

Oracle BI:                                               3.2 %

Please let us know if you have any thought about the idea above or you have any information about the oldest Business Intelligence Tool please leave text in  comments area.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 enables dashboard authors and users to easily view and use a variety of report types, including analytic charts and grids, Excel Services reports, strategy maps, and many others.

After releasing Sharepoint 2010- Microsoft has also released a merged Application that is Performance Point Services – that is also a BUZZ now days.

If you have selected Microsoft BI tool to design dashboard so then you need to identify the organization’s requirement and then select the appropriate report type using Report Designer.

SAP is acquiring Sybase and its BI offering is becoming a threat for Microsoft Performance Point Services:

It might be alarming situation for Microsoft when the news is around for SAP has signed agreement to acquire Sybase” and its BI tool might be a problem for Microsoft Performance Point Services- but “tension not” and see what is going to happen next.
But Microsoft SQL Server Power Pivot is the answer to all these BI vendors along with Microsoft BI tools. But if you want to use this bullet you need to have Sharepoint 2010 enterprise and SQL Server 2008 R2 licenses under your arms.

Other Low Cost Business Intelligence Tools:
If your budget is not allowing you to go for expensive solution and  seeking some low cost  BI analysis tools rather than to buy a huge tank like Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, Cognos and SAP solution - so you can think of Tibco Spotfire , QlikView and Tableau- these are low cost BI Solution for your enterprise- but frankly speaking – our team has NOT evaluated them we might give you some technical insights or loophole of these low cost BI tools next time but we are sure they are less functional bi tools.

Now – we will elaborate some more functionality and Microsoft BI tools specially Microsoft Performance Point Designer is used to configure and deploy dashboard

Dashboard designer is tool to create bi and kpi inside sharepoint 2010, and If you want to know how to install dashboard designer so you can – Navigate to Business Intelligence Center in Sharepoint 2010 and then Click Performance Point Services and then click Run Dashboard Designer see the picture below for details:

Analytic reports are available from tool bar options to see report in different type -run time only -this means once you select Pie Chart type – so it’s for run time..

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Sunday, May 30, 2010


You may have heard that PerformancePoint Services has been merged with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010  for better BI or for better business decision making.
Although there are many other BI tools available under Microsoft shelves- but it all depends which is the best for your organization’s need, other tools you use for your business entirely depend on your business problems that you are going to solve using these-
You can use Visio services, performance point services, excel services etc for BI Dashboards..

Performance point illustration to understand it by example

We will outline performance point services – although every BI service has different tendency to work with.

Performance point services- this service has been bundled/merged in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – and its dashboard tool to develop KPI, you can develop KPI from diversified data sources like SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server and Excel services and Sharerpoint list.

If someone asks that what is "PerformancePoint Services in Sharepoint 2010"- so basically it enables the organization to create aggregate information for analysis of organization’s data.

It is all about performance monitoring and analyzing business data so on time decision could be taken.
Performance point services now bundled with sharepoint 2010 so you can design fully customize dashboard, scored cards and KPI for your enterprise. Take a look at performance point designed dashboard in sharepoint 2010.

New Facts About PerformancePoint Sevices integration with sharepoint 2010:

        •    Strong filter capabilities given using sharepoint 2010 BI- you also can use dynamic   
           time filter to analyze data.
     •    You can use multiple performance point services web part on single page and its 
      •    Authoring tool “Dashboard designer” help users to build rich Dashboard user 

PerformancePoint in Action Under Sharepoint 2010 Umbrella: (see picture with this)

In the picture below you can see Sharepoint 2010 and PerformancePoint Services and its “Quick launch” -allow you to navigate and click on the item available.

BI Webpart which contains reports and scorecards there -See the picture for detail.

Breadcrumb in Sharepoint BI DashBoard: you could see in the picture has some option there to go and navigate your current site. (See picture’s arrow for details)
This breadcrumb bar had some filter this time to filter data by geography and Year (see picture’s arrow for details).
Picture above displaying PerformancePoint Services Bundled with Sharepoint 2010  and with Quick Launch on your left, BI Webpart and ScoreCards and Filter Nav and Excel services has been used to analyze this report.

You can fully customize your BI Dashboard using this technology.

Use PerformancePoint Services with sharepoint 2010 when you want to create dashboard, scorecards, and KPI to analyze your business performance.
Performance point services for Sharepoint 2010- does not support trend charts, pivot table report, pivot chart report, ODB data sources, analysis services 2000 and 32 bit server architecture- are no longer supported by.
You can read more about PerformancePoint and Sharepoint 2010 at Microsoft site,
Please leave your comments to tell us – we would like to hear anything from you.

As per the real information gathered from Market we have published a list of famous Vendors of the technology although this list is not completed and being updated all the way. Please send us your site our team will evaluate them and then will publish them here.
 Following is the list of directory that contains list of dod certified record management vendors, these software are dod certified record management software there may be more software,  as of now we could gathered the list below.
If you want to know more please contact principle vendor or contact us for any further information as per our experience.

Most of the software below support out look as email client but you can contact directly to the vendor for any further information. And some of the software fall into document management category too.

Vendor                                  Product                                            DB                           OS
IBM                             IBM Enterprise Record Manager                IBM DB2, SQL Server   IBM AIX, WIN2008
Autonomy Corp.          Autonomy Rec Manager                            SQL Server, Oracle      Win2008
Open Text                   Open Text Rec Manager                            SQL Server                 Win2008
Laserfiche                  Laserfiche Record Management                 SQL Server, Oracle       Win2008
EMC                           EMC Record Manager                                 SQL Server, Oracle      Win2008
Vignette(OT)              Vignette OpenText                                     SQL Server                  Win2003
Alfresco                     Alfresco Record Management Module           MySQL, Oracle             Linux, Windows
HP                             HP TRIM                                                 SQL Server, Oracle, HP IAP      Windows
Below you will find Document Management System. If you want to know anything further about them please Google the term you will get the principle vendor site.
        Oracle (UCM)
        Xerox DocuShare included with scanning
     WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services (Microsoft)
Some Business Process Management software they are famous too.
            K2 Blackpearl 


            Vignette (Open Text)

Gathered Business Intelligence software.
               Cognos: Acquired by IBM 
               PerofrmancePoint (Microsoft)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is all about Sharepoint 2010 Features-Microsoft has provided a lot of new sharepoint 2010 features including the rich ribbon Interface- and much more functionality bundled with it.
We will try to cover many sharepoint 2010 features please stay connected to read more if you do not find your desired topic.
Sharepoint 2010 cross the boundaries of browser and reach at mobile desktop – so you can enhance the employee productivity while they are away from office.
With the enhanced mobile access with sharepoint 2010 employees can access information from different location share and edit the presentation or docs and comments on all instances to make them run faster including word docs and power point presentation etc more than the previous version –sharepoint 2007 that focused on infopath forms on mobile only.

You will be going through with the sharepoint 2010 features and its comparison with sharepoint 2007

 There is a drastic change in user interface of sharepoint 2010 that is- many options are available on ribbon style interface, so user does not spend much time to go further to do single task, it can be related to view web application properties or make any changes on web application level or if user is working on document workspace then the commands are available on Ribbon- make changes on the fly and get going or any task you do using ribbon in sharepoint2010 is fast than sharepoint 2007.

You do not need to create a webaprt zone to add a webpart for your site in sharepoint 2010, in earlier version people needs to add a webpart zone to add a webpart in your site, so finally editing content and adding functionality been more easy in SharePoint 2010.

Inline editing :

another new feature, you can edit list item on the fly like list item can edited instantly. So user does not need to navigate back and fourth to edit item just single click using AJAX Dialog things are done. 

Quick Upload: 

this is another improved feature in sharepoint 2010, if you want to upload content in document library so content upload functionality become too fast - only dialog box is changed and speed of upload is increased and the rest of functionality is same as it was in sharepoint 2007.

Different theme for branding:

 in sharepoint 2010 has been provided and functionality is  improved and made more easy like you need to do a lot of work if you just want to change header color of sharepoint 2007, but in sharepoint 2010 you just tweak with the theme option and you will see the same color and change it from theme setting.

Create new List option:

from all content type will display the screen which is more handy and more rich interface . Where you can create new list, custom list, external list etc.

BCS: Business Connectivity Service(Sharepoint 2010)-:

old BDC Sharepoint2007
You can access data from LoB application and manipulate it using sharepoint 2010, In sharepoint 2007 BDC had some different tendency to work with -where you need to write code a lot to add new item into your LoB application, but with SP2010 you can manipulate data without any difficulty and item can be manipulated using BCS Service- now Microsoft has released it as a service. And you can host this service on different server to make your application much faster.

Document Set:

Another sharepoint improvement is Document Set feature that allows you to manage docs as a set. Documents set versions as a whole and downloaded as zip file and they share same meta data. In sharepoint 2007 it was a major issue you can not have multiple docs attached with a single doc(by design you can only attaché docs as a  links)- Now using Document Set feature you approve single document set where you have stored 5 more related documents. Major difference in Doc Workspace and Document set is that it shares same metadata.

Visio Process Repository:

Microsoft has introduced few new template based on different functionality and that is called Visio process repository template in collaboration section, 

Using this template you can track your visio diagram and find out how many guys had made changes in which versions etc. And all the processes designed in Visio can be stored in process diagram document library in SharePoint 2010.

We have not covered all Sharepoint 2010 Features in this article, stay connected to read more.
If you want to read more on Sharepoint 2007 please visit: Sharepoint Certification the most famous article on this site.

We have not covered all new features in this article, stay connected to read more.

If you want to read more on Sharepoint 2007 please visit: Sharepoint Certification the most famous article on this site.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

 How to create custom task pane views to display full/long views name in Microsoft Infopath:
Custom task pan has been using for long to manipulate the entire infopath forms object and displaying  information on it. You will understand how to customize it and manipulate infopath object using javascript code when you need it- one of the requirement of using custom task pan is when you want to display full views name in view task pan – those view that have long names like invoice_view1_sharepoint_approval and another view invoice_views2_sharepoint_approval and you will see in this demonstration how user can view the full views names using some custom code.

Let's say- you have created 2 different views depicted in the picture below- view1 named-
  1. Invoice_views1_sharepoint_approval
  2. Invoice_views2_sharepoint_approval.
And You want to display its full name in the views pan.

To achieve this functionality you have to write some html code.

A Java Script function manipulating the infopath object.

In this JavaScript function you get the reference of XDcoument object for the infopath forms and declare the view object and iterate it and display the string.

  Please send us email or leave comment we will give you details how javscript file for this task can created.

Create custom task pan from a Tools menu and Form Options and then click advanced tab. And enter the Task pan name and its location in the task pan location text box with the drive letter like in the picture below.

Task pan name: Sample

Task pan location: Sample.htm

and assign a resource file / html file by clicking on a resource manager button and that file has been created earlier. (java script file)

Then finally click on a preview form button from infopath tools bar – you will see all views name with full description/name hyper linked .

Please leave any message related to a infopath problem with views  or if you are unable to create task pan in infopath to display full views name.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Microsoft has released a sophisticated platform for managing and designing reports using SQL Reporting Services 2008. Using this service you can create reports that cover all areas of businesses and bring them across the enterprise so all employees has real time access to the data and information which is relevant too and enables all employees to take good decision.
Other types of reports are called “Ad-Hoc reporting” which enables organization to build their reports on ad hoc basis as its name suggest provides them with the flexibility to instantly get the information they need.
In the format they want instead of submitting the request for little or a big customization to the IT Department and wait until they develop it for you.

Another mechanism help organization to build report and link them directly into portal area – now a days everything is going online. So organization can consume report within their business process. You also can use a web part and sharepoint directly render the report inside the workspace and use them in your BI Workspace so all information workers can use the centralize BI dashboard with the linked reports to enhance the performance or use it in the Webpart only.

There are three report authoring environment that are focused and released with SQL Server Reporting Services.

Report Designer tool: you can use this tool in combination of Visual Studio and develop report -this tool is for Developers.

Report Builder tool: Information worker can do authoring type activities using this tool and it has office type look and feel. Information workers and power user can use this tool.

Report Builder 1.0 has been widely used with SQL Server 2005.

Few components are same in all earlier versions of report builder like grouping pane, data pane and dialog.

Report Builder 2.0 UI: (SQL Reporting Services 2008)

You an create datasource and specify query you want to display data based on it, set the layout of the datafields in groups and columns, select layout and done.

Once you define datasource then you can select its table and select columns from the table and write complex queries too because you define parameters there to filter data based on the parameters defined in this report. Matrix format is the easiest format to display data in tabular format in the report with aggregated information.

 Report Builder 2.0 / SQL Reporting Services 2008

Please leave questions if you have.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


SQL Server  2008 Management Studio is free version from Microsoft you can access, manage and administer your database, there are some limitation as Microsoft has released  sql server  management studio for free, this tools solely used by sql server developer and administrator as they could see graphical user interface once they install it and they can easily work with the database.
Ideal scenario of using sql server management studio, you have sql server running on machine A and you want to access your database from developer machine B with visual studio like you want to view data before manipulation. Then you need to install sql management studio on machine B and access you data from there.

If you want to access data that has been stored in sql server 2005 then you need this version otherwise you need SQL Server 2008 express is also a free tool if your data has been stored in SQL Server 2008.

There are different version available on Microsoft site of this free tool but recently sqlserver management studio express edition can the best choice for anyone who is going to manipulate data using this tool,but before mentioning all details I will elaborate how you can make auditing done with SQL Server 2008 and then you can find fine more details on Microsoft site.

Why audit has been very prominent in the entire life of DBA- it gives them detail about who has accessed and attempted to access your data, I will also outline few more things about regularity compliance why they are related with audit and all this.

There are many acts in the world in relation with the audit mentioned here- it means how they can monitor data stored in databases – so these compliances ensure the real audit theory as per the organization type.
SSMS can help you audit on sql server database level and sql instance level when you configure audit you have option at what level you want to trace it.

This audit is life for DBA's because they can track many events with this functionality.
You can create audit object by using ssms just point your location to security folder and right click on audit folder and create new option, and it's done.

SQL Server 2008 R2 has been supported and compliance with HIPAA, please read other article on this site for HIPAA and PCI.

Various versions of sql server management studio

there are some other versions of sql server management studio you may find -
Latest version of SQL Server management studio 2016
Along with this there are various previous version of sql server management studio by Microsoft.
Sql server management studio 2014 sp1 having some azure feature and
Sql server management studio 2012 sp3 with full feature
Sql server management studio 2008 express
Ideally you can install this client tool with the sql server running on server and if you have confusion with that which sql server is installed so simply load sql server configuration manager and click property from there you can see which version of sql server installed then you can install any client tool on any client machine in order to hook up with DB’s and other object and perform tasks.
You can also try all previous version of sql server management studio like
You can manipulate various sql server instances means is simple there are many sql server hosted instances has been installed and sql server management studio is the only tool that will help you to manage other instances on the same sql server.
So if you have ended up with correct version of sql server management studio installed along with your sql server you can easily manipulate data and DDL, DML on you relational databases.

sql server management studio
sql server management studio

we will elaborate on audit feature of sql in our next articles.
I will outline more details about audit next time but now you can download SQL Server  Management Studio from principal vendor Microsoft.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

 SQL Server 2008 R2 (rtm) release to manufacturing was in the market in 2010,
SQL Server 2008 R2 is sophisticated released by Microsoft added number of new features and functionality in this version.
SQL Server R2 includes number of new and enhanced functionality without purchasing any new component license like other has been following this model,  I am just outlining such issue that might have been faced by number of IT guys, when they are going to select or decide such a strong database for their organization. You may consider other than SQL Server 2008 R2 but please do a good research and try to download free trial of such databases server. Like you can ask from IBM to deploy a trial version in your organization environment and you also can request Oracle to deploy or you can install it by yourself – and try to test full load on this test environment.

IBM also a big company and invested millions in research so do a good research when you are going to buy any database solution for your organization like IBM DB2 etc.

SQL Server 2008 R2 supports many feature in terms of total cost of ownership where as oracle may be missing somewhere in our opinion. What Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 supports with single license they are:
  • Column compression,
  • Module signing using certificate, 
  • SQL Server data services, 
  • Power Shell, 
  • Policy based management etc.
     For such feature you might consider paying more for oracle if you want to get such feature in oracle environment.
    Microsoft has also released sql management studio to manage database on client pc's.
If you are not agree with the information above so please accept our apologies.Content here is not against any individual or organization but for informational purpose only.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

You will understand Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Supported Operating System-
In the last post I have mentioned details of SQL Server Management Studio- and here you will find the detail of supported operating system - when you install SQL Server on server operating system so try to install Latest Windows server if you are installing SQL Server 2008- this is very clear now – to install SQL Server on a Windows OS you should have latest windows Server by Microsoft like Windows 2003 see the compatibility issue on Microsoft site.
Only one point I want to mention here – if you have installed Windows CE as OS then go for SQL Server CE edition if you want to work with.

Now you will see some others Operating System supported by SQL as a client- it means you are going to install SQL’s client software to query Database. Some details are mentioned below.

Operating Systems supported by Microsoft SQL Server:

Novel Netware, UNIX, AppleTalk, OS/2, Banyan VINES- these are the operating systems supported by Microsoft if you want to work with SQL Server as a client.

Protocols for SQL Server:

Now I will mention details of protocol supported by SQL server.

NW Link(Netware Link) is a protocol, supported by SQL Server- Microsoft has written this protocol.

NWlink for compatibility with Novell’s native protocol – so if someone wants to interact with SQL server using different operating system then you should have NWlink protocol working and installed on your system so user could run queries on SQL server Database.

TCP/IP: The one artistic protocol and HERO protocol supported by SQL Server and developed by ARPA.

NetBUI: Supported by SQL Server but written by IBM- mostly runs on all Microsoft operating system, it is very fast protocol, but suited to organizations with few computers in the enterprise.

Appletalk: Developed by Apple, Microsoft SQL server works with the protocol properly.

Banyan VINES: It is used in Banyan VINES networks- if you have installed SQL Server you have different Operating System and Banyan VINES protocol then U can go ahead and executes Queries and talk SQL Server.

Please stay connected with the site and leave your question or comments - our team has expertise of Sharepoint and SQL Server technology- so we will try to answer your query as per our experience.

Monday, March 15, 2010

SQL Server Management Studio has been released in another form that is for free which is called sql server management studio express edition, as you are familiar with the earlier released the same product for SQL Server 2005(express) and SQL SERVER 2000 were for free, but now in 2008 Microsoft has introduced new feature as well with the free version of SQL Server management studio express edition.
You need to install .net framework 2.0 and MSXML Parser if you want to install express edition on your server.
Let’s go through with the feature of SQL Server Management Studio Express edition only.
  1. You can not update the full text catalog with Sql server management studio Express edition, rather you will have to use command type utility sqlcmd or windows scheduler to update the text catalog.
  2. Free version of SQL Server management studio can not manage the analysis services, Integration services and reporting services.
  3. You can not resolve conflicts manfully during on-demand synchronization in Microsoft windows synchronization manager is not support in sql server management studio
  4. SQL Server Management Studio Express edition, object explorer only support DB instances, and connect to server dialog prevents connecting to other services like AS (analysis services)

 Please stay connected to know more from this site or leave comments about this activity.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sophisticated SQL Server Management Studio has many features we have outlined few new features added in SQL Server Management studio with latest release of SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2.
Microsoft has introduced many features in it but few mentioned below.
In SSMS with 2008- Microsoft has introduced Intellisense for Query Editor Interface.
Query Editor with Intellisense functionality is oxygen for people who are writing complex queries in the editor.
This feature will make DBA’s life easier while writing query based on 100 lines; I mean lengthy query can be written easily with the intellisense functionality in Query Editor.
If you point your location in SQL Server Management Studio’s EDIT menu and then Intellisense and further you will find 5 more options there.
List Members, parameter info, quick info, complete word, refresh local cache.
MultiServer Query: a good one option for those DBA who has been facing dame problem when they have been working on multiple server, means one DBA managing more than 50 Server instances and run various queries to get the right information of each server now U need to open 50 different windows to run same command on each server, so MultiServer Query feature has made your life more easy and under one roof you can manage 50 different sql server instance and run various commands simultaneously.

Object explorer is another feature added in SQL Server Management Studio with many more options available there including this, OE result can be copied to excel and review there at later for a report type activity.

So far I could explore such feature in SQL Server 2008, please stay tuned to get to know more.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

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