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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SQL Server  2008 Management Studio is free version from Microsoft you can access, manage and administer your database, there are some limitation as Microsoft has released  sql server  management studio for free, this tools solely used by sql server developer and administrator as they could see graphical user interface once they install it and they can easily work with the database.
Ideal scenario of using sql server management studio, you have sql server running on machine A and you want to access your database from developer machine B with visual studio like you want to view data before manipulation. Then you need to install sql management studio on machine B and access you data from there.

If you want to access data that has been stored in sql server 2005 then you need this version otherwise you need SQL Server 2008 express is also a free tool if your data has been stored in SQL Server 2008.

There are different version available on Microsoft site of this free tool but recently sqlserver management studio express edition can the best choice for anyone who is going to manipulate data using this tool,but before mentioning all details I will elaborate how you can make auditing done with SQL Server 2008 and then you can find fine more details on Microsoft site.

Why audit has been very prominent in the entire life of DBA- it gives them detail about who has accessed and attempted to access your data, I will also outline few more things about regularity compliance why they are related with audit and all this.

There are many acts in the world in relation with the audit mentioned here- it means how they can monitor data stored in databases – so these compliances ensure the real audit theory as per the organization type.
SSMS can help you audit on sql server database level and sql instance level when you configure audit you have option at what level you want to trace it.

This audit is life for DBA's because they can track many events with this functionality.
You can create audit object by using ssms just point your location to security folder and right click on audit folder and create new option, and it's done.

SQL Server 2008 R2 has been supported and compliance with HIPAA, please read other article on this site for HIPAA and PCI.

Various versions of sql server management studio

there are some other versions of sql server management studio you may find -
Latest version of SQL Server management studio 2016
Along with this there are various previous version of sql server management studio by Microsoft.
Sql server management studio 2014 sp1 having some azure feature and
Sql server management studio 2012 sp3 with full feature
Sql server management studio 2008 express
Ideally you can install this client tool with the sql server running on server and if you have confusion with that which sql server is installed so simply load sql server configuration manager and click property from there you can see which version of sql server installed then you can install any client tool on any client machine in order to hook up with DB’s and other object and perform tasks.
You can also try all previous version of sql server management studio like
You can manipulate various sql server instances means is simple there are many sql server hosted instances has been installed and sql server management studio is the only tool that will help you to manage other instances on the same sql server.
So if you have ended up with correct version of sql server management studio installed along with your sql server you can easily manipulate data and DDL, DML on you relational databases.

sql server management studio
sql server management studio

we will elaborate on audit feature of sql in our next articles.
I will outline more details about audit next time but now you can download SQL Server  Management Studio from principal vendor Microsoft.