October 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cloud computing is becoming more famous now a days- If you have decided to work with virtual private cloud model then you need to consider how you can increase control or customization from those dedicated resources. You can build your private cloud with hyper v and system center- there are number of other elements that will play different role.
And technically virtualization will reduce cost because you just improving your server utilization by adding virtual machine inside this environment. We will try to discuss its feature so you could be able to understand how private cloud can be built using it.
Hyper v allows you to create a virtual server computing environment using windows 2008 server technology – why I used this virtualized environment because I want to improve the efficiency of my resources by utilizing of my hardware resources.
For example – this virtualized hyper v environment will help you reduce cost of operating and maintaining physical server- another thing which is obvious it increases your test efficiency along with the development activities by just reducing the amount of time- it takes normally with physical server.
Once you setup your hyper v environment that supports up to 24 virtual processor if you run some hotfix from Microsoft with that. On the other hand logical processor can be one or multiple to manage environment.
Memory can be configured up to 1TB on physical machine whereas virtual machine with windows 2008 and DC edition can be configured with up to 24 GB of virtual machines.
We just have covered little about how private cloud can be build using hyper v- there are a lot of things you need to consider before configuring your private cloud data center.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Microsoft has released a cloud version of office called office 365 live or office live and few new features also have been released with office live, where you can access mail, manage documents, and you need only browser to create and edit documents using Excel, PowerPoint, word and Outlook for mail. This will give you total web experience to manage emails, and contact, calendars, and you communication via messaging.
Once you registered with office 365 cloud then you will have office admin workspace environment where you can manage settings for outlook for communication messages, lync for instant message and video services, you also can manage team site and documents for your team to work. There will be header inside your office 365 workspace where you will find links for Home, outlook, team site.
You also can design website inside the office 365 live workspace environment.
Whereas Outlook configuration is quite easy and ready to go, you just login and start working and send email and received e-mail via exchange, it’s same User interface like you have in outlook web mail but few new functionalities are bundled inside.
You can manage your team site from office admin workspace, you can edit your team site for your team to work, you also can administer your team site from this workspace, there are number of templates available for people to design their team site as per requirement template includes announcement, assets web database, basic workspace, basic search center, blank meeting, blank site, blog, calendar, contact, custom list, document library, form library, project task, Visio process library etc- this is partial list.

Inside office 365 login screen you will have main navigation where you can point your location to team site, it’s a sharepoint team site version where you can store docs inside the workspace.
By clicking site action menu you can edit main page and its look and feel,  just edit your team site on the fly.

office live
Office live connected account feature 
Another new feature has been added in office live, that is connected account feature which help people to just use single account to check all other emails like yahoo, opened, Msn and Gmail ids can be checked by one click using connected accounts – all these email id can used inside outlook web access Microsoft Office 365 environment and reply using one single environment – you can sync cloud based 5 account and these 5 accounts can be used inside outlook web access and inside your office cloud environment and you can reply using office account.
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Monday, October 10, 2011


Private cloud attribute enables on-demand self service mechanism which means peripherals including memory, network, computer and resources should be available from a portal /website so finally whenever anyone wants to access private cloud service they can access it. So anyone is going to access such services does not require any intervention from cloud service provider.

Wide network:
Another aspect of private cloud is- it should be available throughout multiple devices like smartphone, PC, laptops, tablet/tab and any other device available in the market.

Dedicated area for resources:
Dedicated area for Resource - is another aspect of private clouding, if someone is going to provide you private cloud services then it should provide you dedicated area for resources where computer, network, memory. Disk /tap should be allocated to consumers from shared area.

Sudden change in resource utilization:
Another aspect of private cloud id it should have tendency to change its position from utilization if someone is using resources from private cloud then consumer should be able to reduce its resources as per requirement. Tendency to release or use resources on demand should be there for all private cloud consumers.
private cloud
Understand Private Cloud

Rented resources:
One more aspect of private cloud is- it should provide your cloud services as it has been used – means whatever you have used you pay for it, if consumer has used some resources then they should be bill for such resources. These recourses utilization is monitored by cloud services provider via policy and its billing should be transparent to consumer and providers.

Private cloud provides changeable, dedicated area of resources that consumer of cloud services can access through self -services mechanism in such environment where all that is dedicated to your organization.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You might be facing such kind of scenario where you are having issues in managing your network when you are scaling out and may be facing issues for memory when application needs more space to run, and load balancing, and managing environment and patching type of issues.
You can think of one scenario where you do not have to think about your application which is design on your pc or you do not need to take care of your application in desktop environment,. The only way to interact your business will be Internet – and you do not need to think of your hardware/software etc- that scenario is called Windows Azure cloud is a platform from Microsoft for design , build and host web application and this application will be accessed via cloud OS that is Windows azure.
One major advantage we could see here is reduced hardware cost – traditionally you need to manage a server and clients in order to your entire client should access that application, configuring client and its support might be another issue.
Windows azure platform includes cloud services for operating system and developer services that provide a functionality to develop application that span from small to enterprise entities.
Windows azure and sql azure are the major components of windows azure platform. Whereas windows azure provides storage, networking and content delivery feature and scaling web application feature on Internet.
Microsoft sharepoint on-line, exchange on-line, office communication on-line and net meeting already released before windows azure where as these are sharing common operational element like datacenter, provisioning and identity infrastructure.
Windows azure platform also provide test staging and different testing environment in software developer life cycle where they can move their application from test to production environment this environment is based on subscription. We have made it very simple  to understand what is windows azure if you still have any issue to understand it please let us know.