January 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

 Microsoft has flagship product in its life cycle called Microsoft Office people has been quite familiar with this product and used to it in their office routine work. Microsoft windows OS is major Microsoft product and after that Microsoft office is major product of Microsoft.
Microsoft has planned to release office 2013 in beginning of 2013 which is sophisticated product so far.
It has support of touch devices like tablet which can sense user interface and can work with office 2013 easily. Office 2013 requires or supported os is windows 7, windows 2008 server , other version will be coming on different devices like tablet or windows mobile with metro style user interface which has feature of multi touch screen.

 You can go through with different file formats which are supported in office 2013 – have been mentioned below if you are working with different operating systems like windows server 2008 r2 r later.

Office 2013 supported number  files type including doc for word 97-2003, .docm which is word macro enabled document-  this file type is supported in office 2013, default .docx which is xml based format supported in office 2013, .dot File type is supported which is used for templates in word 97-2003 files.

You can create and open html files word 2013 where you can easily preserve text appearance of those files you also can edit and open pdf file in word 2013 easily and find text inside pdf using word 2013.
Rtf file type is supported in word 2013, you want to create a file that could display text across different system you can use this type we call it rtf – rich text format, and Xml file type are supported in word 2013

In excel 2013 number of file formats supported including csv files- which save as comma delimited format and you can import or export data using this format using excel 2013. This format is very important to understand and very much important to transport data from excel or into excel.
This format also stores document mac operating system also.
Dbase iii and v user can open their database in excel 2013 easily and make different query on data and generate different reports even you can import data from dbaseiii or v and run pivot table feature on it to make complex report.

 Pdf document is supported in excel 2013 and you can easily open any pdf document in excel 2013.
Xlm excel macro, xml format are supported in excel 2013.
What Excel 2013 not supports:
Excel 2013 does not support any chart designed in excel 2.0 or 2.x or 3.0.
Microsoft work is not supported so any file created in Microsoft works will not be supported.

Dbase ii file format is not supported in office 2013, Quattro pro for dos and Quattro pro for windows file is supported in excel 2013.
Compatible file formats in power point 2013:
.bmp is supported as usual, gif and jpg supported format in power point 2013.
MP4 a video format is supported in power point 2013 – any video can be embedded and that file is supported in power point 2013.
.PDG and .PDF supported file format as usual including .pot which is power point template and is  supported file format in 2013.
.Pptm which stores macro- is supported in pp2013, pptx and .ppam also supported formats.
.Xml and .xps also supported as usual in 2013.

What file types are not supported in power point 2013:
Web page html file is not supported in power point and ppx pack and go wizard file is not supported in power point 2013.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Facebook has newly launched another tool for finding content with different style called Facebook graph search. This functionality is in beta version and offered to U.S audience only and gradually it will be opened to the entire world as per invite – you can sign up to get this functionality working as you will be lined up to be given this feature in your Facebook world.

Your privacy choices will determine what content can be searchable on Facebook graph search.
You can find content you have shared them  with your friends so that can be  searchable using Facebook graph search tool as you know you can find places, people and things using  Facebook graph search tool easily.

 You can easily find photos where you were tagged with your friends or you have uploaded by just typing single query.
If you want to see listing of hotel where your family visited last year so you can use this graph tool – it will give you entire listing of hotels in New York where your family visited last year.

Another example is you probably have uploaded or liked thousands of pictures on Facebook, but technically there was no mechanism to find out those pictures before, but now you can just find those pictures on your fingertips like you just type the following query in the search box and you will find the picture listing in a matrix style picture boxes.
Sample query in Facebook graph search text box:
Photos I like

Another example if you want know about the people who like cycling you can type the following to get the result using Facebook graph search

Sample query for Facebook graph search:
People who like Boating
You will probably see result of people who shared information with you and they like Boating.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Facebook is fastest growing social networking site in the world, and additionally it took the least time to reach 50 million of audience – internet has taken 4 years to reach 50 million audience and Facebook took 2 years to reach 50 million of audience.

Technically if you find a friend on Facebook and try to send message so that message will probably go into others folder as per Facebook spam filter policy,
Facebook  has been testing a feature that  looks quite interesting to send message to anyone’s inbox, now strangers can send message to Zuck – yes ,  this time your message will be seen by ceo of Facebook  and message will be dropped in his inbox folder.

If you want to approach any company’s ceo for job or any famous personality so you can approach them just send them a message straight to their inbox but there is cost involve in this practice.

This sounds excellent if you are looking for a job or you have seen some speaker in a giant technology event or you want to engage IBM ceo somehow so you can send a message using this feature but there is a cost you need to pay for this activity – and that message will be dropped in their inbox folder and you can communicate directly with them but cost may be vary as per Facebook profile but we are sure it’s starting from $1.