How Facebook graph search functionality will work

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How Facebook graph search functionality will work

Facebook has newly launched another tool for finding content with different style called Facebook graph search. This functionality is in beta version and offered to U.S audience only and gradually it will be opened to the entire world as per invite – you can sign up to get this functionality working as you will be lined up to be given this feature in your Facebook world.

Your privacy choices will determine what content can be searchable on Facebook graph search.
You can find content you have shared them  with your friends so that can be  searchable using Facebook graph search tool as you know you can find places, people and things using  Facebook graph search tool easily.

 You can easily find photos where you were tagged with your friends or you have uploaded by just typing single query.
If you want to see listing of hotel where your family visited last year so you can use this graph tool – it will give you entire listing of hotels in New York where your family visited last year.

Another example is you probably have uploaded or liked thousands of pictures on Facebook, but technically there was no mechanism to find out those pictures before, but now you can just find those pictures on your fingertips like you just type the following query in the search box and you will find the picture listing in a matrix style picture boxes.
Sample query in Facebook graph search text box:
Photos I like

Another example if you want know about the people who like cycling you can type the following to get the result using Facebook graph search

Sample query for Facebook graph search:
People who like Boating
You will probably see result of people who shared information with you and they like Boating.

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