Thursday, August 24, 2017

Artificial intelligence is the future, many companies have been trying to invent some new ways to use it, recently Google Assistant which is Absolute example of artificial intelligence because when you say something using it can answer your query like finding music, play song and find place or restaurant, but google has gone further and trying new ways of artificial intelligence because recently bisto has found snippet showing google might use artificial intelligence assistant in its coming headphone – this idea is great assuming that you are using this headphone and using artificial intelligence you can give command using year headphone that plays music which would be great idea anyway – you don’t need to browse any music library just say something and google assistant will play it.
Google assistant history is very unique it has been very effective for any android phone because once you have android smartphone this means you have it, just need to tweak to use it. Google also has launched it for iphone where there is another artificial intelligence entity is already there called siri by iphone. And there are many other companies have worked in this artificial intelligence for enabling people to use it in their smartphone like blackberry also had its own artificial intelligence assistant.

Artificial Intelligence using Google Assistant 

But recently we have revealed it -you can invent some other ways to use artificial intelligence one of them is using headphone where you can give any command like find and play music without going inside the music library. So google has developed google assistant might be incorporating this AI technology in upcoming headphone.
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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Have you ever come across 404 Error or 404 Page not found if your answer is “yes” then you are in the right place,  this error causes when someone requests a page and that page is not there in your site or even if there then link is different. You will find details about how you can fix such webmaster 404 error using blogspot blogger because ultimately you have some url that pointing back to your site as error 404 in webmaster so you will end up fixing this 404 error or page not found in webmaster by redirecting it in blogger from custom redirect.

Whats Error 404:

One link is pointing back to your site for a page that does not exist or one of the possible reasons is - because someone has pointed your page and quoted wrong url for the correct page.
For example your correct or original URL is:
correct url page -https://www.sqlservermanagementstudio.net/2011/11/oracle-cloud-databse.html
but someone has linked your page by mistake as below:
incorrect page url- [https://www.sqlservermanagementstudio.net/2011/11/oracle-cloud-databse.html%22%3E]
this garbage url at end is causing 404 error in webmaster, then how to fix  404 error issue because it's pointing back to your page which does not exist in your site.
Google webmaster will intimate you for broken links anyhow you can see ion the pic below.

You could see google webmaster showing crawl error in the pic below which are broken links as well:
How to fix 404 error on google and its solution
Google webmaster error 404 how to fix screen illustration captured for learning purpose only

If you tap into link which is item 1 in above webmaster picture then you will see dialog for broken linked as below:

How to fix 404 error on google
Remove 404 pages from google and its fix, illustration is for learning purpose only

If you tap into further details then click on linked from tab in the webmaster picture above then you will know who has pointed you by mistake.
Now you need to fix this 404 error, we have fixed it in blogger blogspot so you can follow the instructions if you don't have blogger then you can have better idea as to how you can fix on 404 on any site.
You can remove 404 pages from google by using custom redirect option - if you are not using blogger then method is same I am sure you have far better understanding as to how to fix 404 error on google.
Tap into setting in blogger which is blogspot blog then click on custom redirect you have to pay great attention to this section as this is very critical.
Click on new redirect in custom redirect section and mention from source site  and to source site as mention in the picture below:

How to fix 404 error on googleand redirect url in blogger blogspot
Google Error 404 in webmaster and redirect url in blogger blogspot custom redirect section

Using this method you can fix as many issues of 404 error as you have in webmaster. Use back slash when mentioning second part of url as mention in the picture above in blogger from and to field custom redirect in blogger for google error 404 in webmaster.
When you created redirect for 404 then come back to webmaster and click mark as fixed button in the crawl error section.
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Monday, July 24, 2017


SharePoint designer and its  life can never end, if you are one of those who have been using it for designing sites here is bad news for you, Microsoft has discarded SharePoint designer 2016 so there is only supported version for SharePoint 2016 is SharePoint designer 2013.
 Ideal environment for Microsoft SharePoint designer is - ultimately first you get SharePoint 2016 and have windows server 12 r2 or windows 2016 and database sql server 2014 and finally you can have old SharePoint designer 2013 that you have been using  for SharePoint server 2013 sites.
As Microsoft announced So SharePoint designer is being removed from SharePoint 2016 but info path has been clubbed for  consultant to design any UI using InfoPath form designer as traditionally  it’s been used for it.
But when you spend time with technology so you get hands on and develop skill set which helps anyone to work with that technology easily and smoothly- there are number of people who has been attached with SharePoint designer technology so Microsoft says – anyone wanted to use designer for SharePoint so they can use SharePoint designer 2013 earlier version of designer with SharePoint 2016 so if you have installed SharePoint 2016 on premises version then you can easily use old SharePoint designer 2013 version with SharePoint 2016
Ideally you can design best workflow as you have been designing it with earlier workflow engine in 2013 you also can tweak with master pages that you designed in earlier SharePoint designer version now you can enhanced them too.

There might be some feature they don’t work of SharePoint designer 2013 while working with SharePoint 2016 but ultimately you can use design manager,  vss tools to manage master pages and other pages. Microsoft might release some more updates regarding this and you need to upgrade the entire mechanism.

SharePoint Designer 2016 is Dead:

1)      SharePoint designer 2013 is supported with SharePoint server 2016 so no more SharePoint designer 2016 for SharePoint server 2016
2)      You can use Visual studio as SharePoint designer 
3)      InfoPath 2013 is still supported with SharePoint 2016 if you had designed UI in InfoPath 
       so these are supported  with SharePoint  2016

So final line is SharePoint designer 2016 alternative is SharePoint designer 2013 and InfoPath 2013 because InfoPath is supported as of now.

Sharepoint designer 2016 is being removed but design manager is there
Microsoft SharePoint designer 2016 is not being released but design manager is there, animated illustration depicting info about SPD

SharePoint Designer 2016 Discarded but few more things:

If you are working with SharePoint online then you have very few chances to customize that portal, you can use app to brand you online site.
There is not much option you have with SharePoint online customization as well using SharePoint designer.

You will see this page will be updated with latest details of SharePoint designer 2016 if there is any so please keep visiting this page for latest info.
You can reach out for any SharePoint designer consultancy support or help.

Alternatives to sharepoint designer

You can use powerapp to design custom form within sharepoint, power app is suite of apps will help you design custom forms using list and design custom app on top of it. there are many connector ready to connect your data with other apps and manipulate it using sharepoint

If you are working on windows and sharepoint then you need to install powerapp studio you can browse Microsoft site to download it.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It’s been so messy earlier for everyone to store photos on cloud and taking backup of photos – this was everyone’s issue when people using smartphone and struggling with cloud storage like icloud or drop box, because they wanted to store their photo on cloud so they could access them from anywhere and another issue was photo has never given you that freedom to store high resolution images using any service you have been struggling with – for example professional photographer might be ending up with space issue on different service after storing such photos on cloud like icloud or dropbox etc.
Google has been so successful with a service called photo cloud google, absolute service from google to manage your photos from different devices like android phone, any smartphone or tablet or ios as well.
And these photos would be sync from your smartphones and would be stored automatically online making a photo cloud on google. If you are looking for online photo storage with high res so this option is absolute answer of your all troubles because photos sync automatically and backup on cloud with unlimited space online.

Google photo album app:

Google photo is a smart app that can recognize your photo content using algorithm somehow, and  google photo can generate auto album so eventually this service will give you Google photo album app with albums automatically where photos would be stored. And all photos will be sync automatically from your smartphone having  photo app on your devices, basically it’s a default on any android phone and recently google has release this app stable release  for iso, additionally you can browse and sync photos from your pc desktop after downloading app which we have done for you as shown in picture below.
Google photo app is giving you Google photo backup storage with unlimited free space,

Eventually you are uploading all your photos online which can be shared with others and videos also could be stored online.

photo cloud google and google photo absolute service so far
photo cloud google app version for desktop

How to access Google photo backup storage or photo cloud Google or google photo:

1) You can access Google photo directly from photos.google.com
2) You can tap into your smartphone having and android  os and tap into google tool icon and then photo
3) Tap into your ipad or iphone and tap into photo in g tools.
4) If you want to store photo online from desktop so you can download Google photo app for desktop as shown in picture above.

Some shortcut keys sequences to access and manipulate google photo or google photo backup storage area or photo cloud google:

1) [<--- nbsp="">]  : arrows key for previous or next photo
2) [X ] : key to select photo or video
3) [ESC]  escape key for back close or deselect photo
4) [/] slash key to search your photo
5) [#] hash key to delete photo
6) [e] key to edit photo
7) [Z or +-] z key or +- key to zoom
8) [d] key to download photo

Conclusion photo service:

We have seen this photo cloud Google as google photo service so far the best service against the other services like dropbox, apple icloud, amazon etc.