Now Googling things with intelligence

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Now Googling things with intelligence

In today's world searching on Internet is becoming difficult task because single query can give you millions results and  many people spend much time just finding little information and solve their issues.

More people feels that what information they are retrieving is the perfect –but reality is different everything can be displayed as result of your query so it's very complicated to distinguish between data and the right information.
If you are using Google so you will probably get the right information but still information is not intelligently displayed.

Let's understand the scenario, if you are googling item on the web and given a query to Google for famous painter so you will get the many painter information in the result pages saying different facts about painter including their different attributes. but you need to give another query to find out what they has painted.

Now Google has released another functionality to enhance its search and make it more intelligent and behave like human- this enhancement is called knowledge graph which will give you closely related object along with your query.
If you want to search how many people have won Nobel Prize so this feature knowledge graph will give you all collective information based on users experience. This functionality will give you broader range of your search query with more intelligence based on users data – what user has been searching that will come under one place right after your search engine text box in another column/panel. This panel will give you broader result in which listing of all people have won Nobel Prize will be displayed.

This feature will bundle all matching result of your query in another panel based on user's experience.
Currently this feature is available in U.S only and available on all smartphone devices. Technically this time Google will give bunch of things not only string as we call them bunch of links.

Hope that this will work perfectly as Google engineer wanted to solve users queries.
Bing already released social functionality in the panel.

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