Microsoft Skydrive

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Microsoft Skydrive

People has been using different cloud services for storing files on Internet but if you look at the space so many vendors may be charging for up to specified size like if you store files on cloud so probably some vendor would like to give you some free space but after some space they will charge you for extra space .
Microsoft released cloud service called Microsoft Skydrive becoming more popular because of its free space offering, we have found this as a fantastic service on Internet and free for up to 25 GB for limited time but 7 GB is free– this is the largest free space we have seen so far on cloud.

And Microsoft has made another move and released application –if installed – will give you very handy mechanism for sync your files from your desktop to cloud computing mechanism called Microsoft skydrive.
It’s easy to install after installing it on our notebook we found this application is more like a folder on your desktop which can be used for you to store your all Microsoft docs, excel sheets and power point presentation on cloud by just selecting it from your windows tray panel and dropping them in this folder and sync will be done automatically.

You also can do little tweaking to specify any other folder and then map that drive too, if you have mac os or ios enabled device so changes will be sync in all those folder too.

If you install skydrive application so your experience will be a fun on cloud, and if you want to use its Skydrive API so you can do it and integrate your sharepoint document library with Microsoft skydrive using Skydrive API. So ideally you should be able to store your document instead of sharepoint document library but you will store them on cloud.

We have seen few gadgets for skydrive – if you use it so you can just have option inside outlook that will help you to manage your files and you can add files using this gadget and include them in your email message using outlook.

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