Amazon Cloud Drive sync

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amazon Cloud Drive sync

Amazon is company has been working on cloud since long before, but recently after the launch of Google drive Amazon has broken the ice and made it clear that they want to do something on cloud and release a cloud drive like Google drive called Amazon cloud drive almost has the same functionality.

Google drive has supported many devices from which you can upload data or files or share them using different devices, but Amazon cloud drive which is also free up to 5 GB like Google drive is. And it also supporting few devices – if you are using different devices like ipad or mobile so you can upload , share your files , music or videos on cloud – it’s like mobile hard drive you can move anywhere do not carry your data but only devices and access files from anywhere- and you also can do amazon cloud drive sync to sync documents.

Google Drive is also free for 5 GB but after that you have to pay little amount as per your storage plan, but amazon cloud drive is also offering 5 GB free but after 5 GB there is more amount required to get extra storage on cloud.

Amazon has followed Google this time and just penetrated into this offering to give options to the entire audience so they could have choice to go with any technology whereas Google is a search giant tool and been working with latest technologies and been offering the same functionality since long before but just renamed a product called Google docs to Google cloud drive.

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