Google Drive Features in details

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Google Drive Features in details

A sharing paradise is released now, it's a Google drive people has been hearing this buzz since long before – but now it's released by Google. But after the cloud invention things are getting tough and increasing competition all along. Many Applications in the world are being built for cloud – people are using them from cloud and recently Google has made its appearance in cloud with a fantastic experience of sharing files called Google drive.

We have seen few prominent features including that -it can recognize text from scanned documents this functionality is called OCR(optical character reader) – so if you upload any scanned document on your drive so it will have feature of recognizing text along and can search inside this document. Many file types are supported including adobe files type even Photoshop and illustrator drawing can be upload and view them easily. Yes without installing adobe illustrator you can open its document from Google drive and any pdf file can open using this drive space.

You can store up to 5 gb file for free, and easily sync your desktop folder on cloud space. Another prominent feature is- it can work on mac, windows and androids devices as of now.
There are vendors offering the same services in terms of space and functionality they are lacking somehow – applications are Skydrive, Mozy Stash, Spider Oak, AVGLive Kive etc.

But we found Google drive experience was the fantastic and easy on all devices.

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