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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Latest Adobe

If you really want to know what is latest in adobe – so adobe has recently released a preview 5 for adobe edge tool . If you are using apple safari browser on ios platform in ipad type devices such devices does not support browser plug ins- and as a result people who were using ipad could never see any flash animation in it, because browser need plugin to run flash content. And initially apple ceased flash bundling with ipad device, few other vendors like Microsoft decided not to go with flash and not bundled it with Windows phone 7.
After all this situation Adobe has already decided to launch another product that could run easily on ipad or mobile devices, so they had only technology available using that – Adobe could be able to survive using flash type application that could easily generate animation for html pages and run them easily on any mobile device as well as desktop, so recently Adobe has released a preview version called Adobe edge – a fantastic tools for creating animation that could easily run on ipad or any mobile device.
Why this become easily for Adobe, because they have used HTML5 and CSS3 technologies – these technologies are used to display animation content on any mobile device up till now
.Adobe Edge 5 – been released for review and given much more rich experience for people who have
been using flash for animation, Edge has the same user interface as flash had, you can create keyframes and create different object and animate them easily using timeline.

Different new objects have been added in adobe edge preview five – that will help people to animate object easily and make them available for called ipad or iphone or any mobile mobile device or desktop.
Adobe edge also generate javascript code, one more feature which is publishing has been added in edge 5 that help anyone to compact or optimize code so the final output would be more robust and fast.

Now you can get adobe and download adobe edge from adobe website which is in a preview release – we have made some animation using this tool and found it fantastic for such mobile devices- where you can animate object and make them available on mobile devices. Adobe edge is a html5 tools for animation.

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