December 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If you come across K2 smartforms which is a latest technology released by SourceCode,  It’s a BPM tool for designing processes spanning people which can design end to end process based on complex business logic.
If you are installing k2 smartforms then you need to understand few more technologies in order to work with K2 designer which is a main component to design end to end processes using k2 Smartform technology like you have to understand Smartobject, views etc.
You will understand the software and hardware requirement for K2 Smartforms and better if you install it on different server and name it as smartform server – and installation process will ask you to identify K2 blackpearl server on this network. But if you are doing some testing then I would say go ahead with existing K2 blackpearl server and run smartform setup from there.
Remember one thing – there is a major component in smartform life-cycle that is K2 Designer you need to remember this component required for smartform technology to run and design process.

Below are hard and software requirement for smartform technology.
In order to install k2 smartforms you need to have K2 Blackpearl 4.6 or greater already installed in your environment.

You need 200 mb to have K2 design time site environment, and for smartform server you need 200 mb of hard drive space.

Software perquisites for K2 smartform server  are , you need to have blackpearl 4.6 or greater already installed.

Microsoft .net framework 3.5 sp1 and Silver-light and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 web development project- these component are required for K2 Designer to be installed which is component requirement for smartform .

To configure K2 databases you need SQL Server 2008 express, Standard, Enterprise or its sp1 or sp2 or SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM or  SP1 or Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

To configure K2 smartform webpart you need sharepoint foundation, standard, enterprise RTM  or its SP1 or MOSS 2007 Standard, enterprise sp2.

For K2 Designer you need only internet explorer 8 or 9 as a client component and Firefox and Safari or Chrome browser are also supported for K2 designer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In today’s world bpm is a big must technology in the organization, but if you want to adapt this technology you need to understand the feature it provides.
Basically it’s for automation of business process where people require approval mechanism inside applications.
K2 blackpearl is latest release of K2 bpm suite – it’s been in market since long before and recently Sourcecode has released a blackpearl version and more recently Sourcecode inc, has released a front end interface technology for bpm called K2 Smartforms technology, so Sourcecode is the name of company they have developed a product called K2 blackpearl the entire workflow engine responsible for handling workflow request and if anyone wanted to design rich user  interface bundled with bpm tools they also can do that.
Traditionally it’s been very much complicated for any organization that where they have designed workflow then they need interface for that. If you are working with .net application so K2 is ideal tool for BPM.
And k2 smartforms can give you more power to your interface and business logic where you will be designing end-end process based on bpm technology.
K2 smartforms will give you very handy mechanism for designing interface for your workflow, if you have designed workflow in K2 workflow designer then you can easily design its UI using smartforms technology for that you need to install smartforms server along with K2 server whereK2 Server will be responsible for handling request for workflow or process and smartforms will be presenting UI attached with the workflow that you have designed.
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