December 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

You might have seen various websites having different animation or I should say rich effects and rich user interface – traditionally web designer has been using JavaScript for any dynamic effect and its client side technology that runs on client side, now people has been using different technology that handle events on client side and create animation too you can say advance animation and its application performance become fast. We call it JQuery- if you have question What is JQuery so- it’s  a client side scripting technology, jquery is totally free and it’s an open source model– you can use it in your website without any license fee. You can access DOM(document object model) using JQuery and also can create animation using it.
Very fine thing about this platform is – it supports mobile like you can view its forms and dialog boxes on smartphones as well.

There is another advanced version called jquery UI – you also can use it for advance animation, people are using JQuery UI for interactive or dynamic website.
I would recommend if you want to use JQuery- on your website just visit googlecode site.
And pass reference of jquery JavaScript file in your head tag and probably you are done.
And then use it inside your body tag of your HTML- these are simple hints how you can use JQuery initially and learn it using scripts.This is a very simple example for people  who wants to learn jquery.
If you want to see JQuery example where it’s being used – so JQuery has been used in office 365 online version where you see different dialog box is displaying on your screen and overall performance is quite fast of office online version because of this technology.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Before cloud orchestration you need to understand cloud computing or cloud architectures-Up till now with cloud computing everything is going great in the world, like infrastructure as service and platform as service and software as services , if you have selected infrastructure as services you probably be using any data center on cloud if you want to reduce infrastructure or cut cost – you can get on demand computing and storage using this service, and if you look at vendors which one is the best so there are many, we will outline IaaS from Microsoft – if you go ahead with this model so you definitely get on demand computing and storage to host on cloud.
And if you have selected platform as services which means you are going to get a platform as a services where you can find your online operating system because your application need an operating system too.
PaaS includes windows azure and from different vendor they may be different – there are other vendors just providing PaaS, basically they are providing you an operating system and database services for you to use them on cloud.
Software as a service layer is more like you are running your software on cloud as services – this can include your application to run on cloud – probably consist upon sharepoint online or exchange online or any software that is running on cloud for you.

So far the important layers are cleared in understanding, as you are familiar with the types of cloud available – private, bybrid and public cloud and managing all of them for one organization may be a tedious job, and managing different datacenter and managing networks may also be complicated task so there is need of orchestration in cloud so we could manage them easily. Ochestration is the function of arrangement and managing of these services, platform and software on cloud so you can easily manage them is called cloud orchestration.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How you can reduce number of physical servers in your organization to cut cost - whereas you need more physical server to fulfill your users need. If you need different servers mean -one is for windows server 2003 and  other you may require for windows server 2008– here we are talking about physical server solely, now what is the idea to implement such model- you have only option -you just purchase new hardware and install multiple operating system to make them different server, but we will outline some technology that will probably help you and run multiple server under one host.
Server virtualization is the technology -can help you reduce such cost as defined above and can give you multiple virtual server under one roof, let’s say you have one server and you want to have multiple server side by side, so from this physical server you can make more server- this technology is called server virtualization.

In this model you can virtualize the entire hardware/server or we can say you just virtualize the entire hardware with operating system- you just imagine you are making copy or cloning of your hardware that could run inside your host server we refer it as hardware virtualization.
If you are administrator and wanted to make different masks of your peripherals of computer you can use virtualization technology to make them virtual.
  You just need software to virtualize this entire environment. There are different ways to do server virtualization but we will focus virtual machine model here.

There are different software from different vendors can be used for server virtualization, you can consider Microsoft hyper v Server 2008 r2 and the other is Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 this is also a server virtualization tool that runs on windows server 2003.
We will add one liner again "hyper v is the technology to virtualize server" where you can make multiple server inside your physical server and you can have different operating system their too.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Organization are thinking to reduce cost in managing IT –how it is possible, how organization can control operation cost and its expenditure . You just imagine a scenario where you are required to manage 1000 computer network with different operating system and its application- simply you have to invest in server , compute, software and licensing of software or server.
And above all of this scenario you have to face a lot of difficulties while managing such a huge IT infrastructure.
In today’s IT business rule of game is changed – just simplify IT – but the question is how we can manage such a huge scenario or we should invest huge amount in IT, organization are seeking ways to reduce all that cost.
Today’s world virtualize environment is the answer to all that issues, virtualization is the technology that allows you to create multiple virtualized environment that can contain your hardware environment, multiple operating system, multiple storage devices environment and multiple network recourses under one host environment - and one more thing – what if you get all that virtual version under one roof to manage them easily- yes- all that component can be available if you work with virtualization technology.
If you are making virtualize environment you are just increasing your os server – you can have multiple os including windows 2008 or you can have multiple exchange and sharepoint for different servers in this virtualize environment.

There are many products in the market to manage virtualization and create virtualize environment but recently Microsoft has released System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 –although System Center is suite of product but virtual machine manager is the product can be used to have multiple operating system in one machine or to create enhanced infrastructure- we used MS VMM because application management is easy there. So system center virtual machine manager 2012 is used for managing services and used for provisioning and managing your virtual and private cloud environment and this Microsoft virtualization is becoming more famous because other vendors has other products but I think there is huge license cost involved in that model whereas Microsoft virtualization supporting other product as well as its own model is comparatively inexpensive.
Virtualize Environment
This illustration is for learning purpose only.

Microsoft system center virtual machine manager 2012 includes number of new and enhanced features- VMM has feature of clustering now where you can have other vmm server stand by when one server is fail so other could play role.
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