April 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

 How to create custom task pane views to display full/long views name in Microsoft Infopath:
Custom task pan has been using for long to manipulate the entire infopath forms object and displaying  information on it. You will understand how to customize it and manipulate infopath object using javascript code when you need it- one of the requirement of using custom task pan is when you want to display full views name in view task pan – those view that have long names like invoice_view1_sharepoint_approval and another view invoice_views2_sharepoint_approval and you will see in this demonstration how user can view the full views names using some custom code.

Let's say- you have created 2 different views depicted in the picture below- view1 named-
  1. Invoice_views1_sharepoint_approval
  2. Invoice_views2_sharepoint_approval.
And You want to display its full name in the views pan.

To achieve this functionality you have to write some html code.

A Java Script function manipulating the infopath object.

In this JavaScript function you get the reference of XDcoument object for the infopath forms and declare the view object and iterate it and display the string.

  Please send us email or leave comment we will give you details how javscript file for this task can created.

Create custom task pan from a Tools menu and Form Options and then click advanced tab. And enter the Task pan name and its location in the task pan location text box with the drive letter like in the picture below.

Task pan name: Sample

Task pan location: Sample.htm

and assign a resource file / html file by clicking on a resource manager button and that file has been created earlier. (java script file)

Then finally click on a preview form button from infopath tools bar – you will see all views name with full description/name hyper linked .

Please leave any message related to a infopath problem with views  or if you are unable to create task pan in infopath to display full views name.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Microsoft has released a sophisticated platform for managing and designing reports using SQL Reporting Services 2008. Using this service you can create reports that cover all areas of businesses and bring them across the enterprise so all employees has real time access to the data and information which is relevant too and enables all employees to take good decision.
Other types of reports are called “Ad-Hoc reporting” which enables organization to build their reports on ad hoc basis as its name suggest provides them with the flexibility to instantly get the information they need.
In the format they want instead of submitting the request for little or a big customization to the IT Department and wait until they develop it for you.

Another mechanism help organization to build report and link them directly into portal area – now a days everything is going online. So organization can consume report within their business process. You also can use a web part and sharepoint directly render the report inside the workspace and use them in your BI Workspace so all information workers can use the centralize BI dashboard with the linked reports to enhance the performance or use it in the Webpart only.

There are three report authoring environment that are focused and released with SQL Server Reporting Services.

Report Designer tool: you can use this tool in combination of Visual Studio and develop report -this tool is for Developers.

Report Builder tool: Information worker can do authoring type activities using this tool and it has office type look and feel. Information workers and power user can use this tool.

Report Builder 1.0 has been widely used with SQL Server 2005.

Few components are same in all earlier versions of report builder like grouping pane, data pane and dialog.

Report Builder 2.0 UI: (SQL Reporting Services 2008)

You an create datasource and specify query you want to display data based on it, set the layout of the datafields in groups and columns, select layout and done.

Once you define datasource then you can select its table and select columns from the table and write complex queries too because you define parameters there to filter data based on the parameters defined in this report. Matrix format is the easiest format to display data in tabular format in the report with aggregated information.

 Report Builder 2.0 / SQL Reporting Services 2008

Please leave questions if you have.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


SQL Server  2008 Management Studio is free version from Microsoft you can access, manage and administer your database, there are some limitation as Microsoft has released  sql server  management studio for free, this tools solely used by sql server developer and administrator as they could see graphical user interface once they install it and they can easily work with the database.
Ideal scenario of using sql server management studio, you have sql server running on machine A and you want to access your database from developer machine B with visual studio like you want to view data before manipulation. Then you need to install sql management studio on machine B and access you data from there.

If you want to access data that has been stored in sql server 2005 then you need this version otherwise you need SQL Server 2008 express is also a free tool if your data has been stored in SQL Server 2008.

There are different version available on Microsoft site of this free tool but recently sqlserver management studio express edition can the best choice for anyone who is going to manipulate data using this tool,but before mentioning all details I will elaborate how you can make auditing done with SQL Server 2008 and then you can find fine more details on Microsoft site.

Why audit has been very prominent in the entire life of DBA- it gives them detail about who has accessed and attempted to access your data, I will also outline few more things about regularity compliance why they are related with audit and all this.

There are many acts in the world in relation with the audit mentioned here- it means how they can monitor data stored in databases – so these compliances ensure the real audit theory as per the organization type.
SSMS can help you audit on sql server database level and sql instance level when you configure audit you have option at what level you want to trace it.

This audit is life for DBA's because they can track many events with this functionality.
You can create audit object by using ssms just point your location to security folder and right click on audit folder and create new option, and it's done.

SQL Server 2008 R2 has been supported and compliance with HIPAA, please read other article on this site for HIPAA and PCI.

Various versions of sql server management studio

there are some other versions of sql server management studio you may find -
Latest version of SQL Server management studio 2016
Along with this there are various previous version of sql server management studio by Microsoft.
Sql server management studio 2014 sp1 having some azure feature and
Sql server management studio 2012 sp3 with full feature
Sql server management studio 2008 express
Ideally you can install this client tool with the sql server running on server and if you have confusion with that which sql server is installed so simply load sql server configuration manager and click property from there you can see which version of sql server installed then you can install any client tool on any client machine in order to hook up with DB’s and other object and perform tasks.
You can also try all previous version of sql server management studio like
You can manipulate various sql server instances means is simple there are many sql server hosted instances has been installed and sql server management studio is the only tool that will help you to manage other instances on the same sql server.
So if you have ended up with correct version of sql server management studio installed along with your sql server you can easily manipulate data and DDL, DML on you relational databases.

sql server management studio
sql server management studio

we will elaborate on audit feature of sql in our next articles.
I will outline more details about audit next time but now you can download SQL Server  Management Studio from principal vendor Microsoft.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

 SQL Server 2008 R2 (rtm) release to manufacturing was in the market in 2010,
SQL Server 2008 R2 is sophisticated released by Microsoft added number of new features and functionality in this version.
SQL Server R2 includes number of new and enhanced functionality without purchasing any new component license like other has been following this model,  I am just outlining such issue that might have been faced by number of IT guys, when they are going to select or decide such a strong database for their organization. You may consider other than SQL Server 2008 R2 but please do a good research and try to download free trial of such databases server. Like you can ask from IBM to deploy a trial version in your organization environment and you also can request Oracle to deploy or you can install it by yourself – and try to test full load on this test environment.

IBM also a big company and invested millions in research so do a good research when you are going to buy any database solution for your organization like IBM DB2 etc.

SQL Server 2008 R2 supports many feature in terms of total cost of ownership where as oracle may be missing somewhere in our opinion. What Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 supports with single license they are:
  • Column compression,
  • Module signing using certificate, 
  • SQL Server data services, 
  • Power Shell, 
  • Policy based management etc.
     For such feature you might consider paying more for oracle if you want to get such feature in oracle environment.
    Microsoft has also released sql management studio to manage database on client pc's.
If you are not agree with the information above so please accept our apologies.Content here is not against any individual or organization but for informational purpose only.