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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

 How to create custom task pane views to display full/long views name in Microsoft Infopath:
Custom task pan has been using for long to manipulate the entire infopath forms object and displaying  information on it. You will understand how to customize it and manipulate infopath object using javascript code when you need it- one of the requirement of using custom task pan is when you want to display full views name in view task pan – those view that have long names like invoice_view1_sharepoint_approval and another view invoice_views2_sharepoint_approval and you will see in this demonstration how user can view the full views names using some custom code.

Let's say- you have created 2 different views depicted in the picture below- view1 named-
  1. Invoice_views1_sharepoint_approval
  2. Invoice_views2_sharepoint_approval.
And You want to display its full name in the views pan.

To achieve this functionality you have to write some html code.

A Java Script function manipulating the infopath object.

In this JavaScript function you get the reference of XDcoument object for the infopath forms and declare the view object and iterate it and display the string.

  Please send us email or leave comment we will give you details how javscript file for this task can created.

Create custom task pan from a Tools menu and Form Options and then click advanced tab. And enter the Task pan name and its location in the task pan location text box with the drive letter like in the picture below.

Task pan name: Sample

Task pan location: Sample.htm

and assign a resource file / html file by clicking on a resource manager button and that file has been created earlier. (java script file)

Then finally click on a preview form button from infopath tools bar – you will see all views name with full description/name hyper linked .

Please leave any message related to a infopath problem with views  or if you are unable to create task pan in infopath to display full views name.