May 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Leader in Internet voice and video communication skype has been acquired by Microsoft - this is the biggest news of 2011 up till now - Microsoft may have made a good move, but Microsoft have to do a lot of struggle to manage its customer based who are using skype already.
Now having big customer base with million of existing user are under Microsoft umbrella is called Microsoft Skype.
 Microsoft skyp is available on Android, symbian operating system of mobile phones.  You also can do video communication on Panasonic tv using Skype.
If you are working with your own software and want your software should work like skype so use its API called Skype API, that enables third party application to communication with skype.

There are many vendor already in this business, one example is Google, already doing and having their own software in voice and video communication.
Another video conferencing technology available in the market is CISCO-also have good video and voice technology. Microsoft may use skype in windows phone.

Editor's Note: All technology having different features and mechanism.