May 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

In today's world searching on Internet is becoming difficult task because single query can give you millions results and  many people spend much time just finding little information and solve their issues.

More people feels that what information they are retrieving is the perfect –but reality is different everything can be displayed as result of your query so it's very complicated to distinguish between data and the right information.
If you are using Google so you will probably get the right information but still information is not intelligently displayed.

Let's understand the scenario, if you are googling item on the web and given a query to Google for famous painter so you will get the many painter information in the result pages saying different facts about painter including their different attributes. but you need to give another query to find out what they has painted.

Now Google has released another functionality to enhance its search and make it more intelligent and behave like human- this enhancement is called knowledge graph which will give you closely related object along with your query.
If you want to search how many people have won Nobel Prize so this feature knowledge graph will give you all collective information based on users experience. This functionality will give you broader range of your search query with more intelligence based on users data – what user has been searching that will come under one place right after your search engine text box in another column/panel. This panel will give you broader result in which listing of all people have won Nobel Prize will be displayed.

This feature will bundle all matching result of your query in another panel based on user's experience.
Currently this feature is available in U.S only and available on all smartphone devices. Technically this time Google will give bunch of things not only string as we call them bunch of links.

Hope that this will work perfectly as Google engineer wanted to solve users queries.
Bing already released social functionality in the panel.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Competition always make you be more motivated and keep you working on different ideas, this idea goes with Bing this time because Search giant Google already has more than 66% of market share in search industry, Microsoft has made a move and launching a new service with Bing to shake Google’s empire and decided to launch another mechanism tied up with Facebook suggestion.

Bing is working on a feature that will be linked with Facebook - this means you will spend less time in searching and more time on doing things , basically the idea behind this approach is – how people start searching, many peoples spend much time on searching but once they try to finalize their decision so they ask from their friend – if you are going to buy shoes or shirt or computer from Internet you would finally ask from your friend about this.

What if you are searching item and there should be another column right after your search box and that column is integrated with Facebook experience and tells you about your friend who has brought those shoes already and having fun with it.

So Bing is going to introduce a suggested search functionality bundles with Facebook friend or pages that will help you to take decision instantly – idea is rocking – if I am searching best restaurant in town and on a Bing page there is another column side by side and tell me about my friends or social world who already visited and had fantastic lunch there – so this will reduce my time on searching best hotel in town. This stream will not just show you experience from Facebook but also from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media site.

Hope this idea will be making changes in terms of time people spend using search engine like Bing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

People has been using different cloud services for storing files on Internet but if you look at the space so many vendors may be charging for up to specified size like if you store files on cloud so probably some vendor would like to give you some free space but after some space they will charge you for extra space .
Microsoft released cloud service called Microsoft Skydrive becoming more popular because of its free space offering, we have found this as a fantastic service on Internet and free for up to 25 GB for limited time but 7 GB is free– this is the largest free space we have seen so far on cloud.

And Microsoft has made another move and released application –if installed – will give you very handy mechanism for sync your files from your desktop to cloud computing mechanism called Microsoft skydrive.
It’s easy to install after installing it on our notebook we found this application is more like a folder on your desktop which can be used for you to store your all Microsoft docs, excel sheets and power point presentation on cloud by just selecting it from your windows tray panel and dropping them in this folder and sync will be done automatically.

You also can do little tweaking to specify any other folder and then map that drive too, if you have mac os or ios enabled device so changes will be sync in all those folder too.

If you install skydrive application so your experience will be a fun on cloud, and if you want to use its Skydrive API so you can do it and integrate your sharepoint document library with Microsoft skydrive using Skydrive API. So ideally you should be able to store your document instead of sharepoint document library but you will store them on cloud.

We have seen few gadgets for skydrive – if you use it so you can just have option inside outlook that will help you to manage your files and you can add files using this gadget and include them in your email message using outlook.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amazon is company has been working on cloud since long before, but recently after the launch of Google drive Amazon has broken the ice and made it clear that they want to do something on cloud and release a cloud drive like Google drive called Amazon cloud drive almost has the same functionality.

Google drive has supported many devices from which you can upload data or files or share them using different devices, but Amazon cloud drive which is also free up to 5 GB like Google drive is. And it also supporting few devices – if you are using different devices like ipad or mobile so you can upload , share your files , music or videos on cloud – it’s like mobile hard drive you can move anywhere do not carry your data but only devices and access files from anywhere- and you also can do amazon cloud drive sync to sync documents.

Google Drive is also free for 5 GB but after that you have to pay little amount as per your storage plan, but amazon cloud drive is also offering 5 GB free but after 5 GB there is more amount required to get extra storage on cloud.

Amazon has followed Google this time and just penetrated into this offering to give options to the entire audience so they could have choice to go with any technology whereas Google is a search giant tool and been working with latest technologies and been offering the same functionality since long before but just renamed a product called Google docs to Google cloud drive.