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Friday, May 11, 2012

Competition always make you be more motivated and keep you working on different ideas, this idea goes with Bing this time because Search giant Google already has more than 66% of market share in search industry, Microsoft has made a move and launching a new service with Bing to shake Google’s empire and decided to launch another mechanism tied up with Facebook suggestion.

Bing is working on a feature that will be linked with Facebook - this means you will spend less time in searching and more time on doing things , basically the idea behind this approach is – how people start searching, many peoples spend much time on searching but once they try to finalize their decision so they ask from their friend – if you are going to buy shoes or shirt or computer from Internet you would finally ask from your friend about this.

What if you are searching item and there should be another column right after your search box and that column is integrated with Facebook experience and tells you about your friend who has brought those shoes already and having fun with it.

So Bing is going to introduce a suggested search functionality bundles with Facebook friend or pages that will help you to take decision instantly – idea is rocking – if I am searching best restaurant in town and on a Bing page there is another column side by side and tell me about my friends or social world who already visited and had fantastic lunch there – so this will reduce my time on searching best hotel in town. This stream will not just show you experience from Facebook but also from LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media site.

Hope this idea will be making changes in terms of time people spend using search engine like Bing.