April 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Search giant Google has been experiencing new things all the time and if you press the rewind button so would see Google has discarded Google reader but recently Google has acquired another service or application  called Wavii.
Facebook as social giant is very famous including its news feed service that lets you connect with your friends, but if you look at the people need so user wants something more than this and wants to see content from across the web you can think of something like organizations news, celebrities news could be in a centralized place under one roof.
So actually Wavii can give you content across the board.
What is Wavii:
Wavii basically is the solution for all that problem, it crawls many websites including rss feed and tweet and generate customize content for users which is absolutely fantastic, this idea has been acquired by Google – recently Wavii  has made official statement and said wavii is going to work wit Google.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

After penguin update many organizations trying to cope up with the current situation where their website ranking is suffering, if you have never analyzed your inbound links profile so probably is going to face more worst scenario  in regard to SEO of your site.

This penguin update has affected many small organizations to be on a backstage but now the tends of seo has changed and now you need different approach in regard to SEO.
You can follow the steps given below if you want to understand what is natural link building in regard to enhanced seo, If you have decided to rank high your site so you need some measure to take, one of them is to analyze your anchor text –you can start off with anchor text which we call them Naked Anchor text.

Strongest signal of natural links:
You can browse any online tool to analyze your site and if you see there is no naked URL then you should be curious, Naked anchor text is the root URL entry or any url page referring to your site  for instance:
  • www.sqlservermanagementstudio.net
  • sqlservermanagementstudio.net
  • https://www.sqlservermanagementstudio.net/2013/03/tips-to-imrpove-google-ranking.html
Naked url entries are the strongest signal of natural link building you can analyze such url using any seo tools and check how many URLs are there what percentage it has. If you have more naked url referring to your site as mentioned above is a good signal of your seo strategy.

Branding anchor text:
Includes referring your web site with a branded keyword for instance.
  • sql server management studio
  • SSMS
  • SQLServerManagementStudio.
Mix of anchor text:
This type of anchor text includes some additional word in anchor text for instance.
  • SQL Server info
  • SQL Server tips
Junk link tag:
In seo world if you are referring your site with the keyword like click here, visit site, more so you are calling trouble to your home, so ideally you should avoid this segment while doing seo.
Ideally you can follow the given techniques to enhance your site ranking after penguin.
  • Develop quality content for your site.
  • Use YouTube
  • Post images on social media platform
  • Write guest post

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There is no design view in SharePoint Designer 2013 only code view is available for you to just insert your code and develop workflow.
If you look back and see what type of IDE SharePoint Designer 2010 had so it was quite easy for people to customize such stuff, user had code view, design view and split view for customization in SharePoint Designer 2010 where as design view and split view have no standing in SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has discarded design view in SPD 2013– this removal including design view and split view affecting people who are editing web parts and master pages in spd 2013.
How you can cope under such circumstances so the solution is- Microsoft says you could use visual studio for such kind of activities means for branding you need to work with VS.

Why SharePoint Designer 2013 does not have Design View:

As you know Microsoft have removed design view from SharePoint Designer 2013 but there is another solution for this problem, Microsoft says – if you want a WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) editor for branding in SharePoint designer 2013 so you can use expression web and expression design and once done with branding then import that html files into SharePoint 2013 server  using new design manager and further you take it from there.
We have not used data driven control in expression web but you will find data source control in expression web. So people who are feeling that SPD 2013 does not have any design view for data view web part can try expression web where you will find various web parts. Though you can do many things by inserting code in a code view windows in SharePoint Designer 2013 but design view had different features as per power user point of view.

Reasons for Discarding Design view from SPD2013:

Microsoft says- SharePoint Designer 2013 does not have a design view because it’s obsolete technology and has no more support of HTML5 tag and some css tags so it’s better to discard it. So now using sharepoint designer 2013 you can edit UI and change master page but with code, you can do a lot.

Tip: you can design Visio diagram and give life to that diagram by importing it into SharePoint designer 2013 and build business rule using SharePoint Designer 2013 with that diagram.

If you find something new in expression web so please comment and let us know.

A web designer can use Dreamweaver as  SharePoint WYSIWYG tool. because you can edit your header or navigation there and SharePoint designer can generate .master file against these html versions side by side.

Alternatives to sharepoint designer

As of now there is only solution if there is no design view and still want to design no-code forms then you left with one choice which is powerapp. It's a part of office 365 or you can download it from microsoft its name is powerapp studio which is used to design custom forms using lists in sharepoint.

Power app is sophisticated service from Microsoft to create manage custom business app across different platform. Power app can be used to develop workflow form, apps using sharepoint list you can do a lot in it.

Power app is a suite of app or collection of apps, services and data platform that help you design rapid app using it.you can hook up with your underlying data be its online or on-premises it will connect you and design app for using that data.

If you are dealing with online sharepoint or on-premises then power app will help you design business app using it..

you can browse our site to learn more about power app and microsoft workflow and form and automate your business processes.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Workflows are used for designing business processes, you design workflow based on document -means document centric  or sometimes complex human approval workflow using SharePoint, how people has been using workflows in SharePoint 2010 basically there is a old school of thought exist which is workflow engine starts automatically once you install SharePoint 2010, nothing special you need to do, and SharePoint stores all data in sql server related to workflow as a rule of thumb.

SharePoint 2013 has support of previous workflow -that model exist so using SharePoint 2010 platform you can start your work and that mechanism is available in SharePoint 2013, additionally you can design workflow based on new model this mechanism has a new concept called workflow manager - you need to install it separately this mechanism is not available when you install SharePoint 2013.

So basically there are two different procedure to design workflow, one- you can design workflow based on your previous mechanism as you have been designing using SharePoint 2010 we call it old procedure.

Understanding Workflow Manager:
 And second mechanism is new service you need to install it and you will see option showing you a platform to choose when you create a new workflow in SharePoint 2013 either based on SharePoint 2010 or newly introduced mechanism SharePoint 2013.
Windows workflow manager is new mechanism of authoring and hosting workflow in SharePoint 2013 newly introduced component you need to install it separately.
  • You can manage your activities using this mew concept.
  • You can do tracking and monitoring for workflow
  •  You can do workflow instance management and much more.
Workflow Development environment for SharePoint 2013:
Workflow development using the following for SharePoint 2013 are below:

You also can use Visual Studio 2012 to design workflow based on SharePoint 2013, as you can define here custom actions for workflows ,  another option you have vision 2013 to design workflow and then import them using SPD 2013 and start designing UI.
Infopath 2013 is another option for you people to design UI and then design workflow.

You can use SharePoint designer 2013 to deign end-end workflow you can give it a try after downloading and installing it then create SharePoint site using designer and start working with workflow.
Actions are object placeholder to represent activities and display them using SharePoint designer 2013, please review a  partial list of new actions available in SharePoint designer 2013 Workflow:

  • Assign a Task
  • Start a Task Process
  • Go to This Stage
  • Call HTTP Web Service
  • Start a List Workflow
  • Start a Site Workflow
  • Build DynamicValue
Above are example of available action for your workflow to start  with and design your workflow and use them in it.