Tips to imrpove google ranking

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tips to imrpove google ranking

If you claim you know SEO and on the other hand you do not know 3 things- Google Panda, Google Penguin and Matt Cutts, this means you are not familiar with SEO techniques, so we are going to tell you how you fix and cop up with the scenario where you are being affected by these 2 updates.
Either you dealing with small business or working with large vendors you need to know the strategies to be employed to handle such impact on your site so anyone could not loose ranking by these updates and understand how to improve Google ranking.

Here is rundown as to how you can take such measure so you business could not affect by penguin and panda.
Little background about  Panda and Penguin updates – these are two algo  update in  Google which can affect your website ranking in Organic search result.

Panda is algorithmic  change which will affect sites if site does not employ full information or site having low content. This has already been released by Google throughout U.S affecting 12%queries.

I want to know what is Penguin update:

Whereas penguin algo is going to focus on websites having content against Google webmaster guidelines which means site with keyword stuffing will be affected by this update.
If you are in link buying network so penguin is going to come at your door, if you have used keyword excessively then penguin is going to come to your home and let it build a natural profile of your website links otherwise penguin is going to visit your site your site will be out of the universe.
 Panda will affect the sites having content farm, high click bounce rate means people are visiting your site and going to other site and nobody have taken interest in your site and moved somewhere.
If your site have very little content then panda is going to give you lesson – very simple you will be pushed back and may not by found on Google search result.

Tips to improve ranking of sites affected by Panda or Penguin:

Do not worry if you are under serious attack by these update with the clean mindset just analyze your pages using a tool called Google analytics and check which pages has low page-views either you have written no value content or just update them with valuable content – the only solution to your problem.

Penguin 4 updates:
And last but not least Matt Cutts – if you do know anything about this person so you do not know SEO we call him a spider man of the Search world. So stay connected with him on social media and read his blog update as he announces anything so follow the instruction.
Matt Cutts has announced there is another update of algo called Penguin they probably call it Penguin 4- when it will be rolled out then will affect many website involved in spamming.

Penguin 4 may be releasing on Friday or Monday 2013 affecting many sites specially spammer sites so user could have better experience while searching with Google.

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