HipHop for php defined

Thursday, March 21, 2013

HipHop for php defined

Millions lines of code always makes your application slow and messy specially if you are working on internet and designed and developed application using any technology but if you come across million lines of code with php so definitely you are in a fix now.
If you look at social sites or any web based application usually been written in PHP but when it goes on long routes then hurdle starts – mean more code then more hurdle  on web server and eventually scale out of web server more expense.

Your code written in PHP and  becoming more complex and business logic taking much time to process simple or complex functionality you also want to retain some of fantastic PHP features and on the other hand your application is becoming very slow- you need to find some solution for that.

PHP is a scripting language and easy to understand because it has resemblance with java and c++ even function variable declaration style all are same in all these  three platform.

What is HipHop for PHP:
Hiphop for php is a technology that describe number of other technologies inside in it including HPSPc, hphpi, HPHPD AND hhvm.  Technology is developed by Facebook to boost up their application performance. Now it's released as an open source so you could also use it and convert your slow application into fast application.

HipHop as open-source:
HipHop for PHP is open source project can be used by anyone has desire to boost up php application performance in other word , anyone having Facebook like application wanted to speed up the application performance – the choice would be HipHop for PHP.

You can work with your project and start scaling your application into c++ code and keep enjoying with PHP – this is the basic idea of this project.

Browse github site an check HipHop project only available for Ubuntu right now. You can find the installation procedure and the entire configuration details.

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