Google changing its navigation bar

Friday, March 1, 2013

Google changing its navigation bar

Google is not only the search giant but also been penetrating in others fields as you could see its product on black navigational bar once you browse and can navigate somewhere else and select other offered services from Google.

Google is making a move and testing a new navigational bar probably a rich matrix style  icon interface for users to view and navigate through them – this idea might be taken from chrome style navigation where you see matrix style icons displaying link on your right hand corner -so here you probably see such icon for Google product pointing you to the gmail, video and other Google product and it will be unfolded once you click on it.

Previous Experience of Google Navigation Bar:
Basically this navigational mechanism will take less space on screen and will show you more icons/links once you click on matrix style grey icon then the entire product line will show up and unfold the entire products on the same screen.

previously some people has been annoyed by representing other Google products in different style but I think Google has decided to represent the entire product line in sophisticated manner this time, and probably once they will finish its test phase then people will like it.

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