Thursday, December 24, 2009


Remote desktop is a famous technology/term - You don’t need to worry about this technology jargon, it’s very simple to understand and USE. Remote desktop is the way of managing computers on network, distribute software and its plug in and provide online support to end-user without leaving your desktop means you can solve your customer problem anywhere in the world without leaving your office.
Remote Desktop Scenario:
You are working as a technical support person in organization based in NY, US and organization has offices throughout the world. Your organization branch office based in Denver, US using an application and they have some configuration problem, and they need support staff to solve the problem. Now support staff as a rule of thumb should travel across the region and reach branch office and solve the customer problem.

Remote desktop by example picture-for learning
In this case you will have to bear cost and other expenses in mind but if you want to reduce cost and provide on time support to your branches so you have one obvious solution to resolve this entire problem, you can consider many solutions for remote desktop available in the market.

Solution to a problem: (solution to a remote desktop)
Yes, you need a solution that could solve your problem, the solution is called remote desktop solution will resolve your issue.
But before going for any remote desktop solution, you should consider few things, its security whether solution or remote desktop tool is secure or not, second its support, how they support you after selling the solution.
There is a very convenient and effective  remote desktop solution available in the market, you can securely do the entire activities online and provide on line real time support to your branches or provide support anywhere in the world with REDUCED COST.

This is the ideal situation where you can use remote desktop technology to access remote desktop from you pc.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

In the last post you have seen Sharepoint Records Management technology – I will detail more functionality and feature of DoD in this post too. At end- few facts about RM policy and its planning.
Some other standard I been so familiar with are Sarbanes –Oxley, HIPAA.
Sarbanes-Oxley: solely for publicly traded companies.
SB 1386: For any company doing business in California, to ensure Records protection.
GLBA: Applies to all financial institution like Bank etc to regulate the information.
DoD: For department of Defense.
 Again I am focusing on who should use DoD- first department of defense (DoD ) act is used in highly regulated environment where you need to monitor each and everything precisely.
If you think your organization needs some sort of software where you can monitor each and every activity in organization in the form of document or information – so the right solution could come from Record Management vendor. Now – you need to do a lot of stuff if you want to implement RM solution, but in short you recognized NEED and now find out if  you use sharepoint Record enter site to have the same functionality – you can do it by the way. So what to do with DoD 5- it’s standard for compliance.
If you have ambiguity to understand the need of Records Management so I will give you another example, everyday there are many documents they are created in organization and keep in folder – so Think if you are working as a team on a document that is a backup policy document –it has to be approved first in order to make document as policy and accidentally someone deletes it- so you might face a disaster because the document has been deleted on which people were working to make a finalize policy.
So RM Software will not let anyone delete or at times to retain the document once you declare it as records. It all depends what your RM policy is all about.
I also have seen few other vendors supporting these acts are following. (Chapter 4 included)
Meridio: Widely used fully DoD compatible – used in USAF. Now it’s acquired by Autonomy.
EMC Documentum:  Widely used and famous too but quite expensive.
HP TRIM:  Recently acquired by HP – DoD enabled.
Chapter 2 Included
Sharepoint with DoD kit.

I have tried to give you the perfect information in this post –  Now it’s time to dare,  Please let us know your inputs, just write a word or leave comments, that will boost our performance.
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharepoint records management feature are many, it also fulfills the regulatory compliances requirements of organization. Sharepoint recently certified on DoD standard, you check out the information listed at DoD site other vendors already certified on DoD standards are Documentum and Meridio these vendors are the oldest one and Meridio is already deployed in USAF, another vendor HP TRIM was also certified on it – but recently it is acquired by HP so it became HP TRIM –provided record management feature based on DoD. You can check out the entire list of vendors they are certified.
Microsoft has released a resource kit to manage records according to DoD standard check out the site and download the Office SharePoint Server 2007 DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit here.
Resource kit is available on Microsoft site.

Who should use this resource kit –organizations likely to enhance record management functionality with specific feature available in resource kit but not required running their system in a certified discipline NEVER used this product anyway.

Few listed features available in DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit-

Put multiple items on Hold in Sharepoint Record Center -once you put record on hold it will not go into disposition process and all expiration policies are suspended until HOLD removed.  So this feature available to select all records put them on hold.

Prevent document modification with WSS3.0 by the way this version is free so they can have RM feature – NOT to modify in WSS3.0

Another feature is – You can Create Document Library from a list item which is a handy feature.

Basically Microsoft has extended Sharepoint’s Record management features by just implementing add-on that is called DoD 5015.2- .

 Your comments are very important for us – please tell us, and let us know your feedback on it, you will read more stuff on RM in coming days.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Evidence of an activity executed by organization is called a record, and record management is the mechanism of maintaining the records of  an organization from the time they are created up to their disposal. In other word records management is the mechanism of determining the type of information should be considered as a record than a document.
If you want to understand sharepoint record management with a simple example -let's say your organization deals in cars manufacturing, every year management issues a new car price list and according to the policy it changes every year – because you see when you purchase Toyota in 2008 and want to buy again in 2009 it’s price probably changed, so the bottom line is- car price changes every Year. So how to handle this issue? Means very difficult to handle new car price which has to be issued in 2009- so  Management basically declares 2008 car price list as record if you are working with sharepoint- I think sharepoint will give you great feature for record management. So just have to click on a car price list 2008 and declare it as a record- now what happens, once you declare it as a record – nobody can make changes in car price list 2008 once it is declared as record- this is the basic difference between document and record management. Although current working copy is editable – but through some coding logic you can delete that 2008 car price list automatically from workspace. Once you declare 2008 care price list as record so your organization record managers have access to record vault developed in sharepoint and it will give you entire audit trail who has access this records.

Sharepoint will make your life much easier, new car price for 2009 issues management starts working on it and they collaborate it and finally archive back into repository.
To achieve this functionality you have to be a jack of sharepoint- define content type and define routing table and things get going. Define document library for care price in sharepoint workspace, store care price for editing there- then define content type and create a document library in Record Repository site and define routing table as well. Now few more steps at Sharepoint Centeral Admin home page then – it’s done.

Please let us know your feedback or any issue - or your suggestions.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Email is rapidly becoming the main channel of communication between customers, partners and suppliers, it's also becoming a key part of many business processes.
An email is often the only tangible record of a discussion, an agreement, or the delivery of electronic document.
You will use sharepoint to use and manage email in a record center site.
To manage email in your record center site, you need to work on exchange server 2007, that includes various features of record management.
Like you can create folder in exchange and push these folder into user's mail boxes, we call it a managed folder.
You can assign policies to these manage folder like retention policy,
expiration schedule and so on.

This process of managing email to the folder can be managed by users manually, or automated when You create rules there.
These rules might allocate the email to a folder based on the subject line, or other properties like sender's email.
although you can get the real record management environment when you have established a record repository site in sharepoint and move manage folder from exchange 2007 to this site.

Please let us know if you need any further information on Record Management or how you can figure out RM site in sharepoint.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

In every organization there are procedures through which they regulate the information or data. And in every organization it will vary according to the industry. The following table detailed the entire compliance requirements. First you will understand how the acts work. I have discussed few acts mostly are common in United States and few are famous in UK.
Sarbanes oxley is an act and has been implemented in many organizations worldwide  mostly publicly traded companies uses this act to control their formation and its privacy and data integrity. External auditor
must attest financial data and ensure that data is protected from alteration or unauthorized access.

SB 1386: Basically its a California States bill that applies to any company that does business in this state.Its all about customer's personal information stored correctly or not.

HIPAA: It's a common act and widely used in UK.

What sharepoint does with it?

Sharepoint provided you record management feature and all these features apply  in the record management solution.
Only with one record center site -you can do the entire practice without any programing- hope that thing are cleared Now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I would like to mention few facts about site provisioning - how it works with Sharepoint and WSS as well.

Site provisioning in sharepoint is the process of creating sites for your audience, but you can do it through administration model that is provided in Sharepoint. Site provisioning is the art of delivering usable sites for user.
Provisioning a single site is easy with WSS -you can create site template which can contains the information of the site to create and finally make it available for users to choose from a provisioning process from a web based provisioning dialog box.
With MOSS2007, instead of site template from which you can create site in WSS – you create a kind of portal site definition file that contains complete hierarchy of site provisioning process.
Here I have mentioned few tasks level in order to work with site provisioning.
Tier one Task:
This level of administration is used for administering server farm, and a tier one administrator must be responsible for creating new web application, you should have ample idea of creating web application why user create web application.
Tier 1 administrator will be responsible for managing site collection, managing incoming email and out going emails settings for the farm and also manage server farm topology.
Tier two  Task:
These tasks include administration of share services across server farm.
Tier three Task:
These tasks include administration of functionality for managing sites for within a server farm so administrator should know how many sites has been created in which department.
These types of administrator can create lists, and configure access permission for groups and users and modify site hierarchy.
With this hope you will glue to this blog if you visit again- you will see more detailed and insights of all relevant information about Sharepoint and its exam topics.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Many developers  go for InfoPath forms when they are collecting information from the employee and archive it on portal server. LET me add one more fact about these forms –InfoPath forms can be stored inside office client application “don’t worry” if you don’t understand this.
You are going to send an email that will go to sales department but you have decided to collect some data from sales department because you have no time to correct typos and all that, so you can create infopath forms to collect data from sales department and that forms could be displayed in outlook email which is quite handy, so when you have designed xml based interface means InfoPath form that could be attached and once attached it could be displayed inside the outlook interface so sales department need not to open attachments – they will just submit the form and send it back to the originator.

And after this activity – all information gathered through InfoPath forms can be archived back into outlook folder, more like inbox folder where you could see entire archive of 10 years with InfoPath forms.

This is not the beginning, with InfoPath form 2007 you can collection data and archive back into the SharePoint forms library. So the data should be available for auditing or for any other task through browser only – this is the magic, InfoPath form could be published in SharePoint document library and can be viewed as per requirements
SharePoint utilize office form service to do this job means very simple you can view infopath forms inside browser because of this service.

If you smart enough to customize Document Information Panel, another strong component to store meta data etc, inside office client application so you can bundle content management solution with InfoPath forms 2007 and SharePoint 2007

What DIP is: (document information panel)

Document Information panel is a form which is displayed within office client application like word excel, PowerPoint. DIP allows user to store Meta data along with document like you are saving invoice sheet in SharePoint library and additionally you can store more information about it using Meta data and document information panel will display all these information inside office client application.

In next post I will come up with more UI session, hope you enjoyed your time here, any thing you need please let us know, we can help you in a better way because we have certified staff on board.

Monday, September 7, 2009

You will understand what is Sharepoint templates and WSS Site templates,  We will outline what type of templates are available in Sharepoint and how to create sites which template is best for your organization need. As per format I have mentioned few sites which will be helpful for you to understand sharepoint and proceed further.
What Types of Sites Can You Create? -SharePoint is bundled with a set of templates that you can use to create web sites without any hurdle right out of the box, and many more are available as downloads or from third-party vendors sites.
Before we discuss those templates, following is the category of the templates given.

Publishing sites type
It helps to provide corporate communications (newsletters, press releases, events, holidays,
announcements) through one or more web pages. This category also
includes communication managed by employees through blogs and Wikis,
which may or may not fit in your corporate environment.

Document controlling mechanism
It Manages version and change control for standard forms such as leave request, vacation
requests, and other types. This category also includes repositories for executed
agreements or instances that can be scanned in as PDFs and other supported formats.

Workflow applications classification
Encompass any multistep task that follows a defined process. A common workflow
example is Issue Tracking, where a problem is reported, assigned to a team
member, resolved, approved, and then published to a knowledge base for future
reference with a workflow enabled tracking type.

Dashboard is management type application where related tasks and reports are centralized
for easy access, you can create customized report as well based on BI.

Extranet portals
Provide a contact point among your business, customers, and partners. You can
use these to provide external access to your corporate information in a limited
and secure way.

  Combination of these types are common; when we talk about an application type,
we’re really identifying its primary purpose, not its sole use. You will find list of template below few are available in WSS free version given by Microsoft and few are the pure feature of MOSS/Sharepoint.
You will have a brief overview about site templates and its categories classification:

Publishing Category:
In this category Sharepoint has number of templates given below as per your organization need.

Site templates and List templates
• Wiki Site • Web Pages
• Blog • Announcements
• Meeting Workspace • Wiki Page Library
• Collaboration Portal • Discussion Board
• Publishing Portal • Survey
• News Site • Links

Document control Category: In this category you have following Site and list templates available.

• Document Workspace • Document Library
• Document Center • Picture Library
• Document Workspace • Document Library
Report Center • Slide Library

Workflow category: In this category you have templates based on workflow technology, you can publish site with workflow etc. You have following Site templates and List templates below:

• Publishing Site with Workflow • Form Library
• Decision Meeting Workspace • Issue Tracking
• Project Tasks

Dashboards category has following site templates and list templates:
• Personalization Center • Report Library

• My Site Host • Contacts
• KPI List
Data Connection Library
Extranet portals category has number of site given below, they are exclusively used for publishing site like publishing site template and search template to search document and content and resource on site:

• Publishing Site
Search Center

Navigation category has different tendency to work with, idea is to navigate back and fourth from one place to other or a centralized place for sites that has been created to be displayed:

• Search Center
Search Center with Tabs
• Site Directory

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You will find the most relevant and accurate information about MCTS and its guide and exam and learning recourse for certification. Microsoft Elevate America program is quite impressive Microsoft has released a program call “Microsoft Elevate America”. Through this program you can get free training , but it’s only available in following 4 states in U.S.
If you live in U.S so please use Microsoft site and find "free certification to elevate America" and probably you will find the appropriate link. You also can try finding nonprofits resource on Microsoft site so you will find various links there.

Microsoft will work with a designated agency in each state to implement Elevate America and ensure that the training benefits are delivered effectively and efficiently.
• New states join the program:

  1. Iowa
  2. Illinois
  3. Virginia
  4. Washington
Sharepoint Training Resource:
 if you are in U.S and want to join the best training so you can join Ted Pattison's Co for Sharepoint training. I highly recommend this Co if you are in U.S.

Last but not Least:
I have uploaded a video about sharepoint for your learning please watch and leave your text.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

ECM canvas has been expanded today's world if you want to know ECM feature in  Microsoft Office Sharepoint Portal Server 2007 then this is the right place for you. I won’t go into such details how others are doing in this domain like IBM’s FileNet, I might consider writing something about it in other posts.
Just focusing on Microsoft ECM(Enterprise Content Management)-Content Management includes managing business information in managed repository for web browser delivery , Content management provides a controlled authoring environment, branding, publishing environments. Now the term Content management is very clear to understand.
Now when you include Record management, Web Content Management and document management under one roof that is called Enterprise Content Management where Web Content Management is purely content authoring activity, that includes internet, extranet and intranet environment, as with ECM you can use workflow to manage ECM processes, however – these workflows focus on only content authoring and approval activity.
I have exploited many ECM features provided by Microsoft Sharepoint Server. I have used many feature where I didn’t change my environment I just had to define my content schedule in sharepoint, and I can get my authored content in draft version and then published version and automatically once content authoring activity is done then after final approval the entire site collection was automatically dumped on another site collection which was a online portal, it was user facing area.
I will show you few screenshots, which was completed while I was doing this activity.

First you need to create content deployment path in which you will mention from here to there means very simple, from one site collection ideally it’s a local intranet portal to another site collection means internet facing site path.

You can more important topic about sharepoint certification

Friday, August 21, 2009

Following is the list of accreditation that has been achieved with exceptional score- although we encourage people to go through with various books which are available in the market and then prepare for certification, we can help you and we can mention many books released by Microsoft towards the certification, please read them and prepare for certification accordingly, the certification we have achieved so far:
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Certified Professional (VB)

Microsoft Certified Professional (VB Distributed)

Microsoft Certified Professional (SQL Server)
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist MCTS (MOSS 2007)

We are authorized to use Microsoft Logo’s including MCTS, MCSD, and MCP, so the content  produced here are claimed to be authenticated.

We have a team of  Sharepoint Certified (MCTS MOSS 2007) and  Software Engineers on board, discussing Microsoft's the Giant product Sharepoint/MOSS2007 Certification process. We have honored to work for Microsoft Corporation and conducted Expression Web Training for Microsoft Academia for the region.

How did I certify and How received Sharepoint Certification along with MCSD

I started working for Sharepoint when Microsoft has Released Team Services in 2001, it was the first release by Microsoft to gauge the idea and help people to work on documents and sites as a team.

Now about certification, Sharepoint certification is not as easy as people are trying to explore things, it might give you tough time, I have passed this certification in July 2009, I achieved exceptional score and I strongly believe that Microsoft will not change its policy towards MCTS Exam questions until 2009 Ends, and they will remain unchanged, but in 2010 I will guarantee you Microsoft already started considering the type of questions candidate faces, because Microsoft is planning to launch exhibit based Questions and its answer. Where candidate has to perform some activities based on Sharepoint, like you will be given clean sharepoint installed area and ask you to create site collection underneath another, underneath another, and define SSP separately for the second site collection which you have created earlier.

I have done 4-5 deployment and implementation experience with Sharepoint, you just see I have been working for sharepoint only from 2001 and team services, then sps 2003, then MOSS in 2007. So altogether if you are working for sharepoint since such long tenure you can not have any issue in passing this exam.

I also have been through with Study Guides, thanks to James pyles who has written such a great book for MOSS. Hoping that you will be reading these lines.

MCTS MOSS exam will give you tough time, if you do not have any experience, my advice is to have some hands on, as much as you do hands on, you will have more grip to the Sharepoint.

After all if you don’t hands on and anyhow pass this exam which is impossible, then another trouble will be waiting for you that will be at your job, that might give you trouble in completing task using sharepoint and specially if you don’t work well with Sharepoint 2007, and remember don’t assume this if you know SPS 2003 then you don’t need to learn MOSS, there is a hell of a difference between SPS 2003 and MOSS2007 (Look and Feel level). Even some administrator can not even configure Record Center Site of MOSS 2007 because there was no Record Center in SPS2003.

If you have any query kindly text me in through message.
 Stay in touch because next post will be having more stuff.

You can also read more material about sharepoint certification  will give you more idea of the type of topic you can face.