Sharepoint Records Management with DoD

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharepoint Records Management with DoD

Sharepoint records management feature are many, it also fulfills the regulatory compliances requirements of organization. Sharepoint recently certified on DoD standard, you check out the information listed at DoD site other vendors already certified on DoD standards are Documentum and Meridio these vendors are the oldest one and Meridio is already deployed in USAF, another vendor HP TRIM was also certified on it – but recently it is acquired by HP so it became HP TRIM –provided record management feature based on DoD. You can check out the entire list of vendors they are certified.
Microsoft has released a resource kit to manage records according to DoD standard check out the site and download the Office SharePoint Server 2007 DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit here.
Resource kit is available on Microsoft site.

Who should use this resource kit –organizations likely to enhance record management functionality with specific feature available in resource kit but not required running their system in a certified discipline NEVER used this product anyway.

Few listed features available in DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit-

Put multiple items on Hold in Sharepoint Record Center -once you put record on hold it will not go into disposition process and all expiration policies are suspended until HOLD removed.  So this feature available to select all records put them on hold.

Prevent document modification with WSS3.0 by the way this version is free so they can have RM feature – NOT to modify in WSS3.0

Another feature is – You can Create Document Library from a list item which is a handy feature.

Basically Microsoft has extended Sharepoint’s Record management features by just implementing add-on that is called DoD 5015.2- .

 Your comments are very important for us – please tell us, and let us know your feedback on it, you will read more stuff on RM in coming days.

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