March 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It’s been so messy earlier for everyone to store photos on cloud and taking backup of photos – this was everyone’s issue when people using smartphone and struggling with cloud storage like icloud or drop box, because they wanted to store their photo on cloud so they could access them from anywhere and another issue was photo has never given you that freedom to store high resolution images using any service you have been struggling with – for example professional photographer might be ending up with space issue on different service after storing such photos on cloud like icloud or dropbox etc.
Google has been so successful with a service called photo cloud google, absolute service from google to manage your photos from different devices like android phone, any smartphone or tablet or ios as well.
And these photos would be sync from your smartphones and would be stored automatically online making a photo cloud on google. If you are looking for online photo storage with high res so this option is absolute answer of your all troubles because photos sync automatically and backup on cloud with unlimited space online.

Google photo album app:

Google photo is a smart app that can recognize your photo content using algorithm somehow, and  google photo can generate auto album so eventually this service will give you Google photo album app with albums automatically where photos would be stored. And all photos will be sync automatically from your smartphone having  photo app on your devices, basically it’s a default on any android phone and recently google has release this app stable release  for iso, additionally you can browse and sync photos from your pc desktop after downloading app which we have done for you as shown in picture below.
Google photo app is giving you Google photo backup storage with unlimited free space,

Eventually you are uploading all your photos online which can be shared with others and videos also could be stored online.

photo cloud google and google photo absolute service so far
photo cloud google app version for desktop

How to access Google photo backup storage or photo cloud Google or google photo:

1) You can access Google photo directly from
2) You can tap into your smartphone having and android  os and tap into google tool icon and then photo
3) Tap into your ipad or iphone and tap into photo in g tools.
4) If you want to store photo online from desktop so you can download Google photo app for desktop as shown in picture above.

Some shortcut keys sequences to access and manipulate google photo or google photo backup storage area or photo cloud google:

1) [<--- nbsp="">]  : arrows key for previous or next photo
2) [X ] : key to select photo or video
3) [ESC]  escape key for back close or deselect photo
4) [/] slash key to search your photo
5) [#] hash key to delete photo
6) [e] key to edit photo
7) [Z or +-] z key or +- key to zoom
8) [d] key to download photo

Conclusion photo service:

We have seen this photo cloud Google as google photo service so far the best service against the other services like dropbox, apple icloud, amazon etc.