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Saturday, October 31, 2009

In every organization there are procedures through which they regulate the information or data. And in every organization it will vary according to the industry. The following table detailed the entire compliance requirements. First you will understand how the acts work. I have discussed few acts mostly are common in United States and few are famous in UK.
Sarbanes oxley is an act and has been implemented in many organizations worldwide  mostly publicly traded companies uses this act to control their formation and its privacy and data integrity. External auditor
must attest financial data and ensure that data is protected from alteration or unauthorized access.

SB 1386: Basically its a California States bill that applies to any company that does business in this state.Its all about customer's personal information stored correctly or not.

HIPAA: It's a common act and widely used in UK.

What sharepoint does with it?

Sharepoint provided you record management feature and all these features apply  in the record management solution.
Only with one record center site -you can do the entire practice without any programing- hope that thing are cleared Now.